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Another TI Finally Arrives At The Conclusion That Spy Satellites & SQUID Technology Can Be Used To Track & Read People's Minds From Outer Space

NSA & FBI: LYING Lords Of The Cesspool

TI Community Begins To Realize AKWEI VS NSA Is Plausible

This was a person who only a few months back was posting on the forums of some mind control Websites, that a target of thought reading and remote satellite tracking had to be implanted with an RFID tracking chip. So it is very encouraging to see that he has now realized that no implant is necessary, and promulgating information which documents this.

Many other TI's are now doing the same, understanding that the electromagnetic field which emanates from their own brains is all that is needed for agencies like the NSA to track citizens in both the United States and other countries.

The most important aspect in all this, is that these people now acknowledge that the testimony in regard to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is plausible. And moreover, that since no tracking chip is necessary to remotely follow a person while reading their thoughts, any person on the face of this planet can be tracked at anytime, without their knowledge or consent; while being exposed to such remote forms of thought reading/mind manipulation. (A phenomenon which I have been subjected to for the past three decades, and a violation of the 4Th Amendment that now sets a precedent).

I also found the explanation by the person who cites phased array technology, to be profound, in that it does correspond nicely to the type of classified technology that John Akwei discusses, as it pertains to the National Security Agency's "radiation intelligence" program.

The NSA, FBI, DHS and other agencies who rely on such covert and illegal spying of our persons, must be infuriated in regard to the truth behind this technology being promulgated on a larger scale than ever before, because their "dirty secret" (one of myriad actually) is now being circulated. And citizens are beginning to realize that the very agencies whom they have long believed were created to protect them, are in fact covertly using technology in which to not only abuse them, but also enslave them.

WE DON'T HAVE TO TOLERATE THIS ABUSE! U.S Intel, take those spy satellites that you use to covertly rape and torture men, women and children with AND SHOVE THEM!

And this is why such technology and the agencies responsible for its use, must continue to be exposed globally, regardless of the smear campaigns that these agencies wage against us, or the crimes they commit in efforts to disenfranchise us of our rights as citizens of this planet.

We will tolerate this abuse no longer -- nor those who blatantly disregard our Constitutional rights. Any government officials who do so, are guilty of the most serious of crimes under the color of law. And they should be subjected to the most severe punishments as prescribed by U.S. law, for having perpetrated such crimes against humanity; including but not limited to their torture of our persons by way of weaponized satellite networks like the NSA's Echelon.

Again I state that I am extremely encouraged that so many TI's who were at first reluctant to acknowledge that the information contained within AKWEI VS NSA (as it pertains to remotely accessing and manipulating one's thoughts) are now realizing that the satellite tracking technology discussed within John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is not only plausible, but also being used in their own electronic harassment.

This, in and of itself, should be seen as a watershed event, in that TI's are now focusing on the right source for their harassment -- federal government agencies who are illegally deploying this technology against us; not the malcontent (with the jury-rigged microwave) down the block whom we have never had any contact with -- another clever red herring which these FEDS propagated in their illusory game of smoke and mirrors.

U.S. Intel has a history of such pathological deception, in which to obfuscate their own criminal activity. That's how they have been able to perpetrate Orwellian and EVIL types of programs like MKULTRA and its myriad incarnations.

Just as important, this information is now being propagated on a much greater scale than it was two years ago, when I not only corroborated John Akwei's information regarding the NSA's radiation intelligence program, but began to post it on the Internet.

As a decades' long target for non consensual human experimentation by the NSA's human refuse, I take immense satisfaction in having helped to expose these reprobates and their Nazi minded New World Order technology, given their threat to the future of the global Proletariat.

No one has the right to electronically access or manipulate your thoughts. And their having done so under the pretext of protecting Americans from terrorism is pure BU(LL)SHIT!

What these Intel agencies are doing has nothing to do with protecting anyone, and everything to do with grabbing ultimate power over the people on this planet for themselves. Spying on us within our own bedrooms and bathrooms; remotely reading and manipulating our thoughts?

These pieces of NWO refuse are not only anathema to the very freedoms which belong to each person on this planet; they have absolutely no right to be perpetrating such crimes against us - and what's more is that they know it!

These agents of the NSA, FBI, DHS, as well as the rest of their criminal Intel brethren, have as much to do with legitimate law enforcement as the legitimized mobsters who run corporate America. And the truth is that they are all operating under the same shadow government -- one which promotes those who commit human rights violations, while destroying those who attempt to defend such human rights.

Their masquerade as legitimate protectors of America, as well as purveyors of the truth is now becoming recognized globally, as these federal agencies and their employees squirm to avoid what has become unavoidable. Complete exposure of their decades long rampant and treasonous criminality.

The satellite raping & bathroom peeping voyeuristic PIGS of U.S. Intel are finally being seen for the Nazi idealized criminals that they are. Agents who covertly torture and murder people through the use of psychological warfare and directed energy weapons -- psychopaths whose minds are so warped that they truly believe that they have the authority to perpetrate such egregious violations of human rights.

Remember that these are the same miscreants who develop biological weapons like AIDS, Ebola and Lyme Disease, and then disseminate them throughout the human population in efforts to determine how effective they are in destroying the health of those person's being adversely affected by these Satanic creations.

I have seen this misery for the past 15 years. I have witnessed everyone from young children to the elderly, and everyone in between, tortured mercilessly by chronic Lyme Disease. Many are no longer with us, having succumbed to this biological weapon. However, a myriad of chronically ill *Lyme Disease patients continue to suffer each day of their lives; many of whom have no idea that their suffering was caused by the very government whom they believe is protecting their interests.

* See the following trailer for the new documentary on Lyme Disease entitled: Under Our Skin here:

However, the truth is far uglier than one might imagine, because it was agencies within the U.S. Federal Government that have deliberately infected American citizens with AIDS, Lyme Disease and other man made biological weapons, in order to see how well they work. And as one of their victims, I will not rest until those who are responsible for our tremendous suffering are made to pay for their crimes.

Moreover, these federal scoundrels and their New World Order dogmas have through such EVIL acts, illustrated time and again, that they are the real terrorist threat that we should all be made aware of, since they have the technology to destroy both our free thought and humanity, unless we figure out a way in which to stop them.

And they will deploy these weapons just as they have their biological agents, knowing full well that millions of people will be tortured by them and eventually killed.

These are the kind of monsters that we have operating within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

In utilizing such technology, the governments who continue to do so (including the U.S. Federal Government and its Intelligence community) are in the commission of HI CRIMES OF TREASON; those which are on par with that of the late Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party -- only far more covert and sophisticated.

New World Order Nazi Whores

The mere fact that these New World Order Nazis would attempt to violate our rights as citizens of our respective countries, while imposing their sadistic and psychopathic collective will on our persons, is clearly indicative of shadow government activity within these countries. And this means that never before has Darwin's theory regarding survival of the fittest been more applicable.

As citizens of these countries, we have been betrayed by those whom we elected to represent us.

And that is treason.

So we must now seek to expose these crimes globally, and to document every last detail in regard to the electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes which we are being illegally subjected to.

As for those who demonize us, the fact is that much of their information is fabricated, and those whom they lay claim to have testimony from, have been coerced into lying for their own safety. I have witnessed such situations in which those being coerced into remaining silent have completely denied that these crimes are happening, out of fear that they may become subjected to them at anytime, should they fail to comply with these government criminals and their provocateurs.

Through their own chicanery and extensive and treasonous criminal activity, those governments who once represented our collective interests as their citizens, have now destroyed their own credibility. And there is no going back.
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