Monday, August 11, 2008

As A Bad Storm Rolls In The Vehicular Stalkers Bail -- Cowardice Thy Name Is Organized Stalker

At the moment, we have a bad thunderstorm rolling in from the West here in NY. And a few organized stalking vehicles (there used to be many more prior to the substantial increase in fuel prices) quickly exited the neighborhood just minutes ago as they headed for shelter. Once again illustrating the complete cowardice of these unindicted criminals, and how their stalking tactics are predicated on convenience. When it becomes inconvenient for them to take part in these crimes, they merely leave the area, only to return when they deem themselves to be safe.

They are nothing but cowardly punks and sick minded miscreants who believe that it is within their purview to deny another person their inherent rights as citizens of this planet. However, they, like the federal agents who are orchestrating this unacceptable, treasonous and pathetic behavior, are in for a rude awakening.

We will not tolerate any government or individual groups who attempt to deny us our rights as American citizens. And if a battle need be fought in regard to this injustice, then it will (like others throughout history) be fought until we gain justice.
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