Monday, August 18, 2008

There Have Been A Myriad Of Americans Targeted By The FBI For Illegal Surveillance & COINTELPRO -- Amongst Them Several Well Known Citizens

Did you know that the late Charlie Chaplin was of interest to the FBI's head psychopath at the time -- J. Edgar Hoover? Read the Bureau's file on Mr. Chaplin at the following Website. You will begin to realize what a complete WASTE of time and money the FBI has always been, as this Americanized Gestapo sought to destroy the Constitutional freedoms of the American people, under its myriad of LIES and bogus excuses.

The bottom line's that the FBI's no damn good, and never has been. Nothing but a psychotic group of pathological Nazi minded control freaks, who for the past century have for the most part committed their crimes with total impunity. And the fact that the FBI (through the CIA's Operation Mockingbird connections) has nearly complete autonomy over the U.S. Media, has only enabled the Bureau to continue its manipulation of the American people.

For example, just ask a journalist who's attempted to do a damaging expose on the FBI, CIA or other U.S. Intel agency, the type of threats that they received in efforts to make them drop their investigations. Two who did not back down, the late Steve Kangas and Gary Webb, were both summarily executed in made to look like suicides for the important work that they were doing in exposing the rampant criminality within the CIA -- which also included the agency's role as this planet's largest drug trafficker.

And I personally know of several former government agents who became whistle blowers against the respective federal agencies which once employed them (after learning of serious crimes being perpetrated by these agencies) who made useful contacts with members of the media, only to find that shortly after these contacts were made, the agencies (including the FBI and CIA) that they had worked for, managed to intimidate these journalists into breaking off their contacts with them; which prevented these government whistle blowers from having their accounts of government corruption promulgated widely throughout the U.S. Media (something which desperately needs to be done).

However, this media system has now become nothing more than a system of U.S. Intel black propaganda -- a media disinformation system, which U.S. Intelligence has controlled since the late 1940's. As such, the only way of propagating truthful information in regard to this outrageous violation of our once legitimate news gathering system, is through the Internet, where the vast blogosphere, still allows for the alternative and ACCURATE journalism that the U.S. Intelligence community has stolen from us in our own traditional media system.

See what the FBI's brown nosing dirt diggers subjected Charlie Chaplin to here:

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