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Emerging Viruses: AIDS & EBOLA -- Why Does The U.S. Federal Government Find It Necessary To Create Bioweapons & Then Covertly Test Them On Us?

Because We're Not Going To Volunteer To Be Guinea Pigs

U.S. Intelligence agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS operate in a similar fashion. They don't want any person whom they are targeting for illegal surveillance or non consensual human experimentation to be able to challenge them, so they wage their own demonization campaigns against us, in which they seek to destroy our credibility, while preventing us from being able to defend ourselves.

These campaigns always focus on the machinations of these organizations, while completely obscuring the facts behind their own rampant criminality.

And the truth here is that this situation has gotten so bad, that many of us have now been forced to take to the Internet, in order to report what have become the most outrageous invasions of our privacy (and violations of our Constitutional rights -- especially as they apply to the 4TH Amendment), ever documented in United States History.

There is no longer any rule of law in what we are experiencing at the hands of these secret police forces, federal and otherwise, which have clearly become usurped by those within the New World Order, and its Nazi dictates, for their own nefarious agenda.

The hierarchies within these federal agencies are not only completely out of control, but clearly operating under a Nazi ideology, in attempts to destroy the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. Many of us are now experiencing their crimes against us, being committed within the privacy of our own homes, and deployed by way of satellite tracking systems like the NSA's Echelon.

As a result of our testimony, there can no longer be any doubt about the U.S. Intelligence community's complicity in these treasonous crimes, and their blatant deception of the American people, with regard to their own vulnerability to this remote tracking/mind reading - influencing technology.

Which is why the testimony that you will find on my blog, as well as those of myriad other targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, is so critical to educating yourselves in regard to these treasonous crimes.

And in understanding how the bio electromagnetic field which emanates from your own brains makes you extremely vulnerable to the NSA's satellite tracking & monitoring systems.

Moreover, there is not a Website on the Internet that does a more credible and in depth job of documenting this in great detail than this one, given my nearly three decades of experience as the target of a protracted and illegal FBI COINTELPRO Sting operation; as well as that of NSA satellite prisoner, in which I have been subjected to myriad forms of satellite based electronic harassment, by these hi-tech satellite predators.

Intel predators who are so abjectly cruel, that they can covertly torture and murder their victims while taking sadistic enjoyment in doing so. These agents are amongst the sickest people on this planet, and shouldn't be allowed near a can opener, much less weaponized satellites which can kill their targets at the push of a button.

I am also a victim of the U.S. Military's foray into the creation of biological warfare, in that in 1993, after being bitten by several deer ticks, I became infected with one of their biological weapons -- Borrelia Burgdorferi -- more commonly known as Lyme Disease -- a devastating illness which has since destroyed my once excellent health -- as well as that of millions of other Americans. Many chronically ill Lyme Disease patients have since died from this illness.

Thus, a primary focus of much of the research that I do, concerns the creation and dissemination of such biological agents, since you are not likely to ever witness the mainstream media in this country admitting to the fact that the U.S. Federal Government is clandestinely creating these weapons, and then heartlessly using them on the American people, to determine their effectiveness.

A travesty which has been occurring in this country since the 1940's.

I have also found that the more credible you are in your testimony of such horrific crimes (including that of satellite based non consensual human experimentation), the more aggressively agencies like the FBI and its Intel brethren become in demonizing you with the public, in attempts to destroy your credibility.

Americans Are No Longer Even Safe Within Their Homes

The truth of the matter is that Americans are no longer safe from the prying eyes of this government, even within their own homes.

And moreover, because of the NSA's remote neural monitoring of our own brains through Electronic Brain Link technology, even our own thoughts can be intercepted and decoded by the NSA's cryptologists, whom for the past thirty years have been able to electronically read our minds by way of Artificial Intelligence computer driven spy satellites.

If this sounds like a precedent setting scandal to you, as it applies to the U.S. Intelligence community, that is because it is.

A horrible situation in which many of us are erroneously labeled as terrorists, so that these federal agencies can then attempt to make an end run around the U.S. Constitution, by denying us our rights as American citizens -- one of the worst acts of treason ever documented. And a complete farce, since most TI's (individuals targeted for government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation) don't even have criminal records, much less ties to any terrorist groups.

And it is quite clear that if the U.S. Federal Government was not complicit in these crimes, there would be no reason for such outright aggression on the part of these Intel agencies; nor the calculated and vicious smear campaigns which they orchestrate against us.

Campaigns designed with the express purpose of driving us to the commission of suicide.

However, testimony like mine is not only credible as it pertains to these government created weapons, but also corroborated by thousands of other people; many of whom themselves have been infected with these debilitating and sometimes deadly biological agents; others who have been targeted by government agencies for illegal surveillance and electronic harassment -- and in some situations as the one which I experience, targeted for both.

Some Brave Researchers Speak Out

Dr. Len Horowitz has done an excellent job in identifying the U.S. Federal Government as the source of a number of such biological agents, including AIDS and Ebola. And other researchers, including Dr. Donald A. Scott and writer Michael Christopher Carrol, have also done credible jobs in exposing our government's participation in the creation and propagation of these weapons, as well as the subsequent cover up in regard to its own complicity in the participation of biological, chemical and electronic warfare.

Someone has to tell the people in this country the truth about this shadow government and its rampant criminal assaults on human rights, because this government sure as hell isn't about to do so. And neither is its puppet media disinformation system -- a casualty of the CIA's 1948 Operation Mockingbird; a clandestine and treasonous usurpation of our own media system, for the CIA's own pernicious means.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note:

Two other excellent books which I have recommended in the past that research the U.S. Federal Goverment's complicity in the creation and dissemination of these covert weapons, include:

The Brucellosis Triangle by Dr. Donald A. Scott


LAB 257, by Michael Christopher Carrol

Both can be purchased over the Internet.

Dr. Horowitz' book, " Emerging Viruses: AIDS & EBOLA" can be downloaded for free from the following Website.

It is a very well written piece of investigative journalism which should and definitely will shock your sensibilities.

*Dr. Horowitz book Emerging Diseases -- AIDS & Ebola can be downloaded at the following Website in PDF format for free:

*Note that while writing this post, I was suddenly hit with directed energy weaponry, resulting in a headache and nausea which commenced shortly after I began this post.

I am regularly covertly irradiated like this, and should I develop any form of cancer, it will be the direct result of such long-term targeting by the NSA/FBI and their Nazi minded staff of torturers and murderers. A situation in which there is absolutely no semblance of the Constitutional rule of law; and an illustration of just how criminal the FBI, NSA, DHS and the rest of their Intel brethren really are.

They are abusing their authority like never before, and it is time that we put an end to these criminal and treasonous abuses.

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