Friday, August 15, 2008

Yet Another Example Of The Gaslighting Tactics That The FBI & DHS Utilize Against My Person -- Gaslighting's A Primary Component In Psywarfare OPS

  • "These guys are guerrillas - they can hurt you. They'll lock you in a room and throw away the room."

  • -- John Lithgow in the movie "The Manhattan Project"

    U.S. Intel Agents Are A Danger To Society

    When the NSA began usurping our TV programming in 2003 (once the FEDS' surveillance of my person went from covert to overt mode), they used carefully chosen phrases like the aforementioned one, in efforts to covertly threaten me. They continue to use them through such venues as radio and TV constantly (which is why I hardly ever watch TV any longer, and have learned to tune out much of what they do via radio broadcasts). I document every aspect of these attacks, covert as they may be, in efforts to expose the myriad ways in which the U.S. Intel community works to quietly violate our rights as American citizens. And I have dedicated this Website to every person whose lives have been destroyed by COINTELPRO or government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation. Especially those who've since died as a result of these EVIL machinations.

    -- James F. Marino

    U.S. Intel Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation

    28 Year Target Of FBI COINTELPRO

    The FEDS' Use Of Deliveries For Gaslighting Tactics

    When the FBI or another of its criminal U.S. Intel TERRORIST brethren perpetrate a COINTELPRO illegal assault on you and your freedoms, they will play any and every angle in their efforts to do so, regardless of how treasonous their crimes become. And no one on the face of this planet has documented the FEDS' EVIL machinations, in greater detail that I.

    And while I have documented a myriad of such tactics, one of the more interesting is how the FEDS use the delivery vehicles of other companies, such as United Parcel Service, FEDEX, and even the Post Office, for the purpose of deploying their devilish gaslighting tactics.

    The last time this was done, was when I was awaiting delivery of my ReVox B261 tuner (see the following posts in regard to this earlier target of the FED's harassment campaign against my person, and a postal vehicle passed my home twice (first to deliver the mail), the second time giving me the impression that the postal worker had forgotten the parcel that I was awaiting. Of course, the driver just turned around and quickly drove out of the neighborhood. This went on nearly everyday for a few weeks, until the package finally showed up after I'd given up any future hope of its arrival -- gaslighting at its finest -- and adults behaving about a million times worse than the worst behaved child.

    This morning, the FEDS pulled the same deal again, given that a package is due to be delivered sometime later today. This was yet another gaslight leading me to believe that my parcel was on the delivery truck which went past by my home earlier today, leaving me to believe that the driver forgot (OR deliberately failed) to deliver this parcel.

    However, in all likelihood, the parcel will show up later on during its normal scheduled delivery. These types of gaslighting tactics are done in efforts to cause the target psychological duress. However, when you become seasoned enough at being targeted for them, you simply learn to acknowledge them as what they are -- machinations perpetrated by some extremely disturbed and immature people who are in need of a good and dependable keeper.

    If it becomes necessary to update this situation, I will do so. However, in all likelihood, the parcel will show up either today or over the next few. And if it doesn't, at this point, I'll just follow the same protocol that I have in the past, when dealing with these New World Order misfits, while documenting their psychopathology, and the horrific Karma which is now heading their way at lightening speed.

    As a result of the FEDS' own EVIL machinations, those who have kowtowed to these badged and wicked demons who masquerade as federal law enforcement, have lost the truth in their own lives, and will eventually realize that they have unwittingly sold out to the dark side of humanity.

    U.S. Intel -- The Federal Sasquatch Squad

    And unlike the abject disdain and disgust that I experience for the Nazi minded federal Sasquatch squad of reprobates who continue to violate in the most egregious of ways, inherent rights that I am afforded as an American citizen, I only experience pity for those unwitting dupes whom the FEDS utilize to do their dirty work for them, while in the process, selling their souls to the dark side of humanity.

    These people should be forgiven for their malfeasance's. However, given the FEDS' complete lack of remorse for their abjectly EVIL and pathetic ways of operating, these insufferable pricks neither deserve forgiveness, nor will they ever receive it from those whom they have wronged in such precedent setting and terrible ways.

    * Note that the delivery van for the parcel which was supposed to be delivered today, has for the third time today, passed my home without stopping -- a further illustration of what I have just written about.

    Have The FEDS Hijacked Another Piece Of Hi-Fi Gear?

    August 16Th, 2008 -- My parcel, a McIntosh MR-65B which FedEx failed to deliver yesterday, is listed once again as being on the FedEx truck for delivery.

    And for the record, there is no obstruction such as a blocked driveway, or gated community to prevent the FedEx driver from delivering this package. If he fails to do so, it will be yet another fraudulent excuse, and result of the criminal activity of the FEDS, who are responsible for this latest of their ill fated machinations.

    And given that this parcel may not show up today, the result of the FEDS' continued interference, I will not waste time waiting for it. If the driver continues to aid and abet the FBI/NSA/DHS criminal conspiracy against my person, he must be considered complicit in these crimes. He should just do his job and deliver the package that I have PAID to have him deliver, and dispense with the FEDS sick and depraved mind games.

    No matter what crimes U.S. Intel continues to perpetrate against my Family, my person or others, I will document every aspect of them.

    It is my right to do so as an American citizen -- especially when taking into consideration, that much of the technology being used by these reprobates to commit these crimes against my person, is also being covertly used in some way or another against the entire population of this planet; these citizens being made vulnerable to this satellite based brain fingerprinting/mind raping technology, by way of the unique bio electromagnetic fields which emanate from their own brains.

    When these U.S. Intel TERRORISTS violate your rights as aggressively and criminally as they have ours, there is only one solution. To fight them equally as aggressively, and to document every aspect of their outrageous crimes and GAUL!

    Status Of Hi-jacked FedEx Package As Of Yesterday

    The following is the status of the parcel which FedEx is scheduled to deliver today. If it fails to arrive, I will document this as well.

    Tracking number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Ship date: Aug 12, 2008
    Estimated deliver:Aug 15, 2008
    Destination: GLEN HEAD, NY
    Service type: Home Delivery-Direct Signature Required
    Weight: 33.7 lbs.
    Status: On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    Date/Time:Aug 15, 2008 9:08AM

    Activity On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    Location: BETHPAGE, NY

    MOST RECENT UPDATE: The parcel arrived today, 8/16/2008 shortly after 5PM. It was delivered by the usual FEDEX driver. The unit appears to be in good working order (something which I was concerned about), and very well boxed by the shipper. Once again, the FEDS chose to delay the delivery to cause me further duress. However, like all of their other machinations, this one, has now also been documented.

    Note: For my regular readers, many people also believe that Federal Express is a government run entity. However, it is a publicly traded company, with no connection to the U.S. Federal Government.

    LAST UPDATE: 8/15/2008 The following message was left on the FedEx Website in regard to this parcel -- according to FedEx, such a delay refers to a gated community, or any such situation in which the FedEx driver is unable to reach someone's front door.

    The parcel never was delivered today, even though FedEx was in my neighborhood at least three times. So this excuse is completely inapplicable, since the FedEx driver had at least 3 chances in which to deliver this package, yet deliberately did not do so. Moreover, FedEx made a delivery here yesterday without any problem.

    *Once again the FEDS have interfered with the delivery of a package, and FedEx has entered a bogus reason for failing to deliver it today. Just as bogus as many of the excuses which the Independent Media Center Websites have used in the past for removing my articles from their homepages (at the covert request of the FEDS), in efforts to prevent others from reading about what these miscreants have subjected my Family and self to. Not surprising at all, given the FEDS' manipulation of businesses in their attacks on those whom they are targeting for COINTELPRO. And further proof of just how inherently criminal these federal agents and their organizations really are, and why these agencies need to be abolished, and their agents made accountable for these outrageous abuses of our rights under the U.S. Constitution.

    These FEDS are blatantly disregarding the rule of Constitutional law in this country, and they are eventually going to have to answer for having done so. They are Nazi's -- not Americans!

    Aug 15, 2008 5:26 PM

    Delivery exception


    Recipient location security delay. Delivery will be reattempted.

    5:29 AM
    At local FedEx facility

    Aug 14, 2008
    10:18 PM
    Departed FedEx location

    4:13 PM
    Arrived at FedEx location

    Aug 13, 2008
    6:53 AM
    Departed FedEx location

    Aug 12, 2008
    6:29 PM
    Arrived at FedEx location

    5:42 PM
    Picked up

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