Friday, August 15, 2008

George W. Bush Calls Russia A Bully? According To Many Of Bush's Former Acquaintences, It Is Bush Who's The Bully

Also see Raymond Ponzini's article regarding George W. Bush's repeated rapes of a Texas woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger, as well as his complicity in her murder; an atrocity which the U.S. Media disinformation system has deliberately never reported on:

As George W. Bush prepares for his latest vacation (let's face it, Bush has been on an extended vacation his entire life, thanks to his super rich criminal daddy), he should be heeding the very advice that he is now giving the Russians.

A recent comment regarding the nation's first and only non-president.

"President Bush delivered a brief, stern warning to Russia this afternoon, and told Moscow that its attacks in Georgia had 'substantially damaged' its standing in the world and its relations with the West."

American Majority Believes 9-11 Was An Inside Job

And exactly what has the Bush Administration accomplished by waging an illegal war which has been based on a complete fraud, against Iraq and Afghanistan? As a result of this, Bush and Cheney have made us the most despised country on this planet. While many good hearted Americans seek to help other nations through financial donations and organizations like Doctors Without Borders, the corporate/criminal syndicate within the White House and its U.S. Intel corporately driven brethren, continue to destroy our credibility as a nation, through their own heinous chicanery, and covert overthrow of legitimate constitutionally run governments.

The Bush war on terrorism is a TOTAL SHAM, being used to strip the American people of their inalienable rights as citizens of this country.
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