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So In Addition To The DOD, CIA, NSA & FBI Who Else Has Access To Satellites Which May Be Used To Illegally Spy On & Harm You? -- INTELSAT

Intelsat Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

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Intelsat, Ltd. is the world’s largest commercial satellite communications services provider. Originally formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), it was an intergovernmental consortium owning and managing a constellation of communications satellites providing international broadcast services. As of 2007, Intelsat owns and operates a fleet of 51 communications satellites. in June 2007 BC Partners announced they had acquired 76 percent of Intelsat for about 3.75 billion euros.[1]

From John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, we already know that the NSA uses private contractors to conduct some of its spying operations for it. The Kinnecome Group was mentioned in Akwei's lawsuit, as doing an extensive amount of the NSA's covert spying, as it applies to the satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of individual citizens in the United States.

Does INTELSAT Do SpyOp Work For The NSA?

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NSA's Mind Influencing Technology Manifests In Myriad Ways

* Note that for posting this I am now getting a satellite based directed energy weapons' electronic bullet to my skull, causing pain in the right side of my head. Courtesy of the NSA's hi-tech satellite predators, who have also been more aggressive lately in opening programs on my computer -- and recently attempted to download a virus on to my computer's hard drive. Further proof that these so called agents are nothing but well financed criminals who have sold their souls to the dark side for a paycheck -- bathroom peeping and satellite raping anathema that they are.

As I just mentioned, recently the NSA attempted to trick me into downloading a virus onto my computer's hard drive, by sending me a message that the performance on my computer had slowed because of a virus; they sent me this message with a hyperlink to a Website which was supposed to allow me to download an anti-virus scanning program in which to scan my computer for this virus. However, I never went to the site, certain that it was a setup by the FEDS in which to download a virus.

My computer's performance has been just fine. That is, when these NSA operatives don't attack its central processor. Whenever this happens, I can hear the processor laboring -- something which can slow it down to a snail's pace. However, the moment that the FEDS' cease perpetrating such electronic attacks, the CPU returns to its normal function.

If the NSA can do this to our computers, what are they capable of doing to our brains by way of this satellite based technology? I have experienced a myriad of computer to brain link manifestations, including voice to skull technology, video streaming content which manifests itself in your mind as if a movie were actually being played in your head, and myriad other types of phenomena which are now being reported by many other mind control targets from around the globe.

In my opinion, every person being targeted by this technology, should if possible, create their own Blogs or Websites, in which to journal the experiences that they are having as targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation. There are a much greater number of Websites on these phenomena than there were just a year ago, and there will be far more a year from now.

As a group, TI's are now finding a voice over the Internet that has been denied to us by the Illuminati controlled media systems within our respective countries. Having found such a voice, the TI community is flourishing over the Internet, as we alert the rest of the people on this planet to the criminal ways in which the Intel agencies which are illegally spying on us (and subjecting us to non consensual human experimentation) are operating.

As the people on this planet begin to understand that what we are experiencing is a manifestation of the New World Order's intention of controlling our minds through remote means, the battle lines will be clearly drawn, and these Illuminist enemies, more readily identifiable.

Many of us have already identified the U.S. Intelligence community as a clear component in the New World Order's egregious attack on our privacy.

Depending on the extent of a government's harassment of a target of such inhumane experimentation, some TI's may find themselves subjected to precedent setting conspiracies, perpetrated by these federal agencies, in which to orchestrate character assassination smear campaigns, designed expressly to demonize the TI, while creating a smokes screen in which to allow these federal agencies to redirect the public's attention away from their own outrageous crimes.

The rule of law here is completely absent, because such an absence of due process allows these agencies to propagate their own disinformation, while completely denying those whom they are demonizing, the right to defend themselves. This outright blight on the justice system in the United States serves as further evidence of the egregious and treasonous crimes many of us are now experiencing at the hands of Gestapo run agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, MI5, MI6, and other Intel agencies; those agencies which are now being used to destroy those whom they have victimized, while completely circumventing the Constitutional rule of law in these countries.

We are witnessing the brainwashing and victimization of our own Families, in what must be described as nothing less than covertly deployed Nazi attacks on our freedoms. And oddly enough, the United States is turning out be one of the worst offenders here.

Then again, how many American citizens have not already arrived at the realization that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are not only dyed in the wool Nazis like their fathers and grandfathers before them, but also complicit in the attacks on 9-11?

To these two Illuminists, 9-11 was simply the prelude to a very grand business deal which will ultimately make them far richer than they already are. The genesis of a war for oil and global supremacy in which these traitors and their Illuminist masters, plan to use the United States Federal Government and its Military and Intelligence components, as the hub for their New World Order Nazi empire.

One must take note of the cruel irony here, given that this subversion of a people and their government has now taken place in a country that most people assumed would be the last place that such a radical subversion could have ever occurred.

The United States of America.

And while Bush, Cheney had their cohorts have looted the Treasury to fight their illegal war for oil, and sent the American people into the deepest debt in U.S. History, they'll be laughing all the way to the bank carrying the trillions that they've surreptitiously stolen from us in the past seven years. And speaking of trillions, has anyone seen the trillions that disappeared from the World Trade Center on 9-11?

I'll bet these guys have. And I'll also wager that this money is already invested in a myriad of different venues; those which are least likely to raise suspicion.
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