Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who's Really Controlling Our Politicians? Are We, Or Are Agencies Like The FBI and NSA, Through Their Illegal Spying Operations?

"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic ruthless conspiracy."

-- John F. Kennedy Regarding The New World Order

Former Madam Exposes FBI/CIA Complicity In Extortion

See the following testimony by a former Madam who witnessed the FBI and CIA attempting to shake her down to reveal who some of her influential clients were. Ms. Robin Head has stated that the FEDS were not interested in arresting these politicians for soliciting prostitutes for the express purpose of having illegal sex, but instead, to dig up whatever dirt they could on them, so that the FBI and CIA could use this information to control how these politicians voted on a myriad of issues in the future.

This whistle blower offers conclusive proof, that these federal spy agencies are run by Nazi minded control freaks, whose primary interests lie in undermining the Constitutional rule of law in this country. These agencies and the agents who perpetrate these crimes, are in the commission of High Crimes Of Treason.(That is with the exception of the good agents who turn to whistle blowing in efforts to report these crimes.)

See Robin's testimony here:

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