Saturday, August 23, 2008

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke Uncertain About Future Inflation In U.S. Economy -- However He Knows How To End Inflation But Won't Admit It

The Federal Reserve's Lack Of Candor

Unfortunately, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is not going to cite the real cause of inflation in the United States, because it would place the privately held Federal Reserve Central Bank squarely behind the Eight Ball if he did.

The primary cause for the inflation problem in this country is based on the simple enough principle of supply and demand. Specifically, the Federal Reserve cannot put more dollars into circulation without devaluing the dollars that are already in circulation. The greater the supply, the less these dollars are worth. (Economist Adam Smith.)

However, when one factors in the most important issue here, that the Federal Reserve is printing currency which is based on nothing of any intrinsic worth, it becomes clear why inflation has destroyed the value of the U.S. Dollar.

Like it or not, the Federal Reserve Bank is nothing but a Congress authorized counterfeiter, which prints money out of thin air.

And Chairman Bernanke is not about to admit this, any more than he is going to admit that the gold which the Federal Reserve Bank now lists on its own balance sheet, was stolen right out of Fort Knox. Of course the Federal Reserve chairman might admit that the Fed is holding America's gold for safe keeping, as collateral on the debt that the Fed claims the U.S. Federal Government owes it on the national debt.

A debt which Americans would not have, if the U.S. Treasury had been printing gold backed Treasury Notes interest free; instead of the counterfeited Federal Reserve Notes which the Federal Reserve charges the U.S. Federal Government usury rates to loan it; money which the American people then pay back to the Federal Reserve Bank through the income tax which is levied on their hard earned wages.

Of course if chairman Bernanke were to admit this, he would not be chairman for very long. And from the history of others who took on the Federal Reserve Bank (for example President John F. Kennedy and Judge Martin V. Mahoney -- both murdered for their challenge to the Federal Reserve), Bernanke himself, might become a casualty for his candor in regard to the Federal Reserve's criminal history.

See Aaron Russo's "America From Freedom To Fascism" to learn more about how the U.S. Congress committed treason in passing the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment without the required number of U.S. States ratifying them. Legislation which allowed for the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its Internal Revenue Service collection arm -- neither of which are part of the U.S. Federal Government --and neither of which are operating constitutionally (meaning legally).

See the best documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds ever produced, here:

See Aaron Russo's "America From Freedom To Fascism"
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