Thursday, August 21, 2008

U.S. Intel Nazi Refuse Continues To Find New Venues In Their Electronic Harassment Of My Person

The New World Order Nazi trash squad that the American people are for the most part unaware of , continue their depraved and pathological electronic harassment of my person, as they open and close Windows programs on my computer, open advertising windows (oftentimes porn sites -- they have been doing this for many years) while I am surfing the Internet or working on this Blog, and flash a virus warning in an attempt to have me download a virus that they seek to plant on my computer's hard drive. Typical of the complete lawlessness which characterizes these bathroom peeping and satellite raping reprobates, and their Nazi minded behavior.

As another government whistle blower once stated to me, the laws in this country are for us, not those within this government who consider themselves to be above these very same laws. And from my own experiences being a long-term target of COINTELPRO, as well as non consensual human experimentation, I agree with his statement.

The entrapment scams of the FBI alone, must be experienced first hand to be seen for the complete Nazi minded dogmas that they represent.

Back in 2003, the FBI and its EVIL machinations drove me to such despair, that I was manipulated into seeing a psychiatrist who was being used by the FEDS in an effort to entrap me. From the very first office visit, this psychiatry punk was actually looking at his computer screen, while an FBI agent was seated in his waiting room with a laptop computer, typing the questions that she wanted the shrink to ask me.

I suspected this was the case when I left said shrink's office, and saw this FED sitting in the waiting room attempting to appear as if she was just doing some work on her laptop. However, the look of guilt when I stared directly at her with a knowing glance, made it quite evident that she had been exposed for her complicity in this treasonous assault on my rights. Not to mention that she had colluded with this psychiatrist, to defraud me, while violating my rights to privacy.

The FBI is as dirty in their tactics as any organization in existence. And if they think they can get away with a crime, they will readily perpetrate it, regardless of how egregious such a violation may be to a targeted person's rights as an American citizen.

Which is why the FBI MUST BE ABOLISHED!

It is this type of wanton violation of the rights of American citizens by Nazi minded organizations like the FBI, which motivated me to create this blog, and to begin my research into the rampant criminal activity of the U.S Intelligence community. Since that time, I have read of FBI agents who are pedophiles, rapists, torturers, murderers, sex addicts, and basically every type of degenerate freak that one might imagine.

Moreover, most of these agents never get caught, and move on from the FBI to other jobs in which they can continue their crimes away from the watchful eye of the public.

These agents as well as their predatory brethren have become nothing but HI-TECH sexual predators who use satellite networks like Echelon and Tempest to commit their crimes of predation with anonymity. They are as disgusting as they are both cowardly and criminal -- degenerate freaks who spy on American men, women and children within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, while videotaping them; oftentimes utilizing satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weapons to covertly rape their victims.

These so called agents are anathema to basic human decency, and at the very least should be sentenced to life in prison, without the chance of parole. In my opinion, any agent who uses such technology to commit these crimes of predation should be given the death penalty.

For many years I was unaware of how the NSA (oftentimes at the request of the FBI), was illegally spying on my person by way of spy satellite, while subjecting me to non consensual human experimentation. This is a sick minded game that these covert Nazi's play with our lives, where they use these satellites to spy upon us 24 hours a day, while electronically accessing our thoughts, and manipulating the outcomes of our lives without our knowledge or consent.


This Orwellian crime has been perpetrated by the NSA for many decades, and against a myriad of unsuspecting citizens, both in the United States and abroad, as this New World Order criminal entity continues to refine its satellite based mind reading "raping"/influencing technology.

As far as I am concerned, any employee of the U.S. Federal Government who is convicted of such treasonous and heinous crimes, should be given the death penalty, as a warning to all government employees, that such outrageous abuses of our rights as American citizens, will never be tolerated.

These agents are not legitimate police or intelligence officers; they are despicable criminals who are electronically attaching themselves to our bodies, while targeting the unique EMF fields that our brains emanate. These are dyed in the wool Nazis, who've been allowed to get away with these covert tortures and murders for far too long.

And it is up to those of us who have first hand knowledge of what these government criminals are doing, to expose them globally before they can cause any further harm.

We will no longer tolerate these Nazi intrusions into our lives, and we'll work to see that those within this government who have so wantonly disregarded our rights as American citizens, are punished for having done so, to the fullest extent of the Constitutional rule of law.

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