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Before You Proceed Reading Through This Blog Please STOP & Take A Moment To Consider The Following Statement

Please Stop & Take A Moment To Consider This

Far too many Americans are unaware of their rights as U.S. citizens. They have become both ignorant of these rights, as well as made docile enough to believe that the U.S. Federal Government has the right to dictate what they say, do, and yes, even think.

However, the United States of America was not founded by our forefathers based on such government intervention in our lives. They founded America to provide a safe haven for those who could no longer tolerate England's King George III's rule, and the three percent tax which was levied on their earnings.

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The Constitution Evolves Then All But Disappears

In modern day America, the constitutional republic which our forefathers founded for us, and was created to prevent the type of tyrannical rule that they broke away from more than two centuries ago, is no longer being enforced.

In the early days of America, to be an American citizen was to be the proudest of all people, because you lived in a country that guaranteed you rights, that the citizens of other countries did not have. Our Constitution was not perfect. Far from it in fact. For instance, in the early days, it did not allow for African Americans to have the same rights as others. Yet, this too would eventually change, giving our African American Brothers and Sisters the same rights afforded to the rest of the people in this country.

Our Constitution proved that while it was not perfect, it was by far still the best legislation ever created, when it came to protecting the rights of ALL of the citizens in a given country, including those who'd been ostracized for their own ethnicity.

However, because this aspect of the Constitution had suddenly changed, did not mean that the bigotry against certain races of people had. Correcting that perversion in this country would take more than legislation. Such a necessary change would involve rooting out the backwards thinking which served as the genesis for such unwarranted hatred.

The African American

Discriminated Against In The Land Of The Free

There has never been a race of people put upon more unfairly or cruelly than the African people, and in the United States, African Americans.

Yet over these past many decades, the situation for blacks has in some ways become more tolerable. They are no longer discriminated against as viciously as they once were. However, bigotry still exists, and there is little question that in spite of the U.S. Constitution and its attempts to guarantee all Americans their inherent rights as citizens of this nation, that deep seeded corruption within the U.S. Federal Government continues to prevent many African Americans from obtaining the same protections under the Constitution that they are entitled to by law.

And this does not just apply to the African American population in the modern day, as many Americans from a variety of races and creeds are also finding themselves disenfranchised of their rights, as a result of the aforesaid corruption.

However, because certain government officials are wrongfully violating the rights of American citizens under the color and cover of law, does not for one second mean that they have the right to do so. What these federally elected, appointed or hired employees are doing is both an extremely serious crime, as well as breach of our rights as citizens of this country.

Most Americans appear to be of the understanding that being an American citizen affords you the privilege of Constitutional protections. However, this is an erroneous assumption.

If you are a youth, staying up past your bedtime is a privilege. Obtaining a drivers license is a privilege. A privilege is something that you earn, and that can be taken away from you when you in some way violate that privilege.

However, if you are an American citizen, your inherent rights under the United States Constitution are NOT a privilege -- they are guaranteed rights which you are afforded as citizens of this country, whether you were born here, or became a citizen after emigrating from another country.

These rights are inalienable, which means that they cannot ever be legally taken away from you.

However, the current Presidential Administration, Congress and Intel community appear to be colluding with one another in violating every aspect of our rights as Americans, while propagating a deceptive "war on terror" campaign, to covertly deprive us of our inalienable rights as U.S. citizens.

And none of us should tolerate this.

This war on terror is a fraud. It is a covert business arrangement for oil and domination in the Middle East, perpetrated by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex, and sanctioned by the U.S. Media disinformation system, which has gone to great lengths to circulate this complex's black propaganda, as they all quietly take a torch to our Bill Of Rights.

And for this reason (as well as myriad others) it is time for ALL Americans to learn what their rights are under the Constitution and to ENFORCE them, while once again standing strong as a nation, and challenging those within this government who are clearly no longer acting in our best interests.

For anyone who denies another American citizen their inherent rights under the Constitution, the grandest of all legislation, is in fact a treasonous criminal.


The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Bill Of Rights

The Declaration Of Independence

The following link is to the Patriot Act -- If you don't want to read through all of this fascist legislation, just read Section 215 in regard to the "SNEAK & PEAK" clause to understand why those of us who've read through the Patriot Act refer to it as nothing but expensive TOILET PAPER. This Illuminati created legislation is an overt attempt by the wealthy Illuminists in this country to disenfranchise you of your rights as American citizens, and an intrusion by federal government against the people of this country only seen in dictatorships like Nazi Germany and the former (yet soon to be reunited) Soviet Union.
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