Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Venue Of U.S. Intel Harassment For TI's Calling Businesses -- The Caller ID Tag

U.S. Intel NAZI's Shameful Tactics

Many individuals targeted for the crimes of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking have also mentioned being subjected to psychological trigger terms and other phrases by perfect strangers whom they call to conduct business.

Many have wondered exactly how it is, that they can be calling someone whom they have never spoken with before, and within seconds have the distinct impression that the typical gas lighting tactics that they have grown accustomed to, are again taking place.

But how is this possible?

The CALLER ID TAG which lists the TI's phone number for the store clerk who is taking the call. Moreover, the *computers of sales people in a myriad of organizations can be equipped with called ID software, so that when a call comes in they can immediately see a caller's phone number on their computer screen. Federal agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security will contact organizations that the TI may consider calling -- either by taking this information directly out of their minds (NSA satellite based Remote Neural Monitoring by way of Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology) or even **watching them surfing over the Internet.

* The following link contains information on caller ID software for computers:

** Note that with the NSA's RNM technology, an NSA operative at the National Security Agency's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters can see what the targeted person is seeing through their own eyes, by tapping into the visual cortex region of their brain -- talk about an Orwellian invasion of privacy by these covert Nazi THUGS! This means that the NSA doesn't even have to set up a remote way of watching the targeted person's Web surfing, because they see EXACTLY what the TI sees through their own eyes!

The NSA is clearly using this technology in efforts to turn the global Proletariat (middle class) into cybernetic robots to be used for their own pernicious agenda.

Once the FEDS gain the information they are looking for in regard to the TI's future plans, they will then call any businesses which the TI may contact, with explicit instructions on what to say during the conversation. A situation in which the TI will immediately realize that something is anomalous with the conversation, and that it is quite clear, that the store representative is actually taking part in a piece of federally orchestrated street theatre, in a vicious attempt to further damage the TI's mental state.

This complete usurpation of society by the FEDS for their own nefarious means, is just a further illustration of the New World Order's adverse impact on the United States -- especially under the present covert dictatorship/criminal syndicate being run out of the White House - or what I refer to as the AmeriNazi Connection.

The U.S. Intelligence community and those New World Order Illuminists who control it, are by far the greatest terrorist threat that the American people and our brothers and sisters around the rest of this planet face in the present day.

New World Order Nazi's looking to continue the work of Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich.

And we are not going to let the progeny of these soulless psychopaths get away with it again.

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