Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy UN-Birthday Number 4 -- No Reason To Celebrate Life When You Are Being Targeted By Nazi Garbage 24 Hours A Day -- FEDS Orchestrate $650 Theft

For The 4Th Year I Refrain From Celebrating

As is typical of the psychopaths within the FBI and those whom they create through brainwashing, I have decided not to celebrate birthdays for the past four years, since the FEDS and their perp's use the day as a further source of aggravation and psychological operations. Of course, I was expecting what I refer to as a negative surprise today; something that happens with every Birthday since the Nazi garbage of U.S. Intel began their overt Nazi attack on my person in 2003.

This evening I went into my desk to take some money out of an envelope in which to pay for some fuel for my car, only to find that the envelope was gone -- $650 has now been stolen from me. As I said, this was well planned in advance by the FEDS, knowing that I deliberately cancelled the insurance on my motorcycle because I was no longer using it, and sought to save a few dollars. So they immediately moved into another venue in which to steal the money.

This a further indication of the federal operation which these agents are illegally perpetrating against my person under the present Nazi staff in the White House. The type of outrageous crimes that the FBI and its Intel brethren are covertly perpetrating under the Patriot Act (toilet paper).

Will The Stolen Money Turn Up Later?

I really doubt it.

For those who regularly read this Website, you are well aware that I was concerned about losing nearly $600 for a piece of hi-fi gear that I ordered from Switzerland -- which the FEDS deliberately held up delivery on, only to later have the shipping company deliver the unit by way of the U.S. Mail.

These FEDS truly are whores, who've sold their souls to the dark side for a paycheck, while using coercion to get other people to do their dirty work for them. Their criminal activities are also indicative of the complete collapse of constitutional rule of law in this country; something that will eventually result in a future uprising by its people against these Nazi traitors.

The FEDS Planned The Theft Of This Money In Advance

From the moment I published the above concern for the possible loss of this money, the FBI and its tag team of subhuman slime began a plan in which to use their provocateurs to steal it from my person.

And now they have done so. The only question is where is the money, and who did the FEDS use to steal it?

These federal agents are the most abject pieces of trash on this planet. There is nothing lower - although there are many who are on equal footing with these slovenly NAZI PIGS; those who contaminate our country and its Constitutional rule of law.

Of course this theft was planned well in advance, and directed by the FBI stain on humanity team, who plays as loose and free with the rules in life as the Devil whom these incarnated EVIL quietly worship.

As usual, nothing surprises me with what these reprobates do, and I was not at all shocked to find this money stolen from my desk this evening.

I certainly did not misplace it, so even if the envelope does eventually turn up, it will be yet another form of gas lighting perpetrated by the FEDS. However, I doubt that it will turn up, since the FEDS are truly enraged at their failure to drive me to suicide, in spite of their extraordinarily aggressive attempts over the past five years in which to do so.

It's just unfortunate that my Family has been intimidated into keeping silent in regard to the FEDS' outragoues crimes against us. For if they were to tell the truth, not only would they corroborate my testimony; they would also expose the vicious ways in which the FBI and DHS have attacked them, in efforts to propagate the criminal and treasonous conspiracy which these agencies continue to perpetrate against my person.

Truthfully, I am surprised that it took this long for the FBI & its criminal cohorts to engineer this theft. It is yet another act of total desperation, in what is turning out to be an epic attempt at covering up their own rampant and treasonous crimes.

Of course, it's quite a way from the tens of millions that the FBI and NSA have pissed into the wind in their failed attempts to entrap me over the past three decades; a precedent setting attack on the U.S. Bill Of Rights, that has not been seen in this country since the days before African Americans were given the right to vote, and were finally able to find a voice within their communities.

But that's what happens when a federal government agency wantonly denies someone rights that they are entitled to by law. Something the FBI and NSA have been perpetrating against me since 1980, and something which I will fight to the death to expose and avenge.

The FBI Continues To Get More EVIL With Age

When we refer to the FBI, we are talking about an organization whose agents have a long history of routinely committing serious crimes, while pathologically LYING about them, and using anyone whom they care to, to do their dirty work for them.

The FEDS' egregious attacks on my rights, while perpetrating the type of demonization campaign which is usually reserved as black propaganda against entire nations that the U.S. Federal Government has wronged, is yet a further indication of just how outrageous the FBI and NSAs' crimes against my Family and self are. As well as their complete desperation at no longer being able to keep these crimes from the public. A public which is now learning that they too are also vulnerable to the same satellite based classified technologies which the NSA is using to attack my person on a daily basis.

The NSA & FBI collusion to use satellite based remote neural monitoring technology against millions of Americans is not only the greatest SCANDAL in U.S. History; it is the greatest scandal in human history, given this covert and abject betrayal of the trust of an entire nation of people, by a government whom they entrusted to protect them.

An ever widening scandal in which these agencies are now finding themselves in the midst of what may well be the most aggressive movement to expose such crimes against humanity, in the history of human kind. That is just how great a threat satellite based remote neural monitoring technology is on the human mind and the future of the human race.

We must put an end to this technology at all costs, and bring those who have betrayed us in such treasonous ways to justice, so that they can be tried for their crimes against humanity.

My Exposition Of This Technology Gets Me Blacklisted

Given their abject attack on my person with this technology, my exposition of these outrageous crimes will continue to stick in the FEDS' criminal craws until the day they die. For I've exposed these covert and Nazi indoctrinated TERRORISTS for exactly what they are!

Moreover, if they weren't perpetrating such egregious violations against American citizens, while wasting money (or orchestrating its theft as they did with me), they simply would not be U.S. Intel; or for that matter any of the other defects of humanity that parasite themselves off of the American people.

There is no rule of law in what the FBI, NSA or DHS are doing here. They are violating every aspect of the U.S. Constitution and would be appalled if their rights were violated as egregiously as they have violated those of my Family and self. Something I will not tolerate, regardless of their abject and criminal aggression.

These agencies are nothing but a modern day Gestapo, where they will commit the most outrageous of crimes, while attempting to destroy the lives of those whom they victimize.

An Ignorant Population Enables The FEDS' Criminality

The less you know about how U.S. Intel agencies operate, the easier it is for these agencies to commit their treasonous crimes right under your nose. However, the more you know about these criminals and their operations, the more endangered you become. Just ask federal whistle blowers how well they have fared since exposing the crimes of the FBI or some of its Intel brethren. Most were fired with extreme prejudice, while their reputations were destroyed, and their lives systematically dismantled.

The FBI's COINTELPRO operations working as they were designed to --- to covertly torture their targets in an attempt to drive them to suicide. Something I have been well acquainted with for the past five years.


Good bye Money Envelopes

I can see that from here on in, whatever money I have will have to be kept in my wallet, and with me all the time, since the FEDS will simply have someone STEAL any money that I leave in my desk now. I read of a former FBI agent who had a similar amount of money stolen from him. At the time he thought that it might have been his roommate who did so. And it may well have been, if the roommate had been used by the FEDS in which to do so. The FEDS are constantly blackmailing people in efforts to use them to do their dirty work.

A former hit man even blew the whistle on the FBI stating that while serving time in prison, he was out on furlough during the day doing a hit for the Bureau, only to return in the evening for supper.

It is this buffer that the FEDS use in which to insulate themselves from their own criminal activities. This way they can deny having anything directly to do with such criminal activity -- the Mafia does the same thing, by using their "buttons" to do their dirty work for them. However, in the case of the FBI, the Bureau can blackmail perfectly innocent people into taking part in crimes that they would never have done.

I laugh every time I hear of news reports regarding the FBI's bringing down of more members of Mafia crime families, since the FBI is in many respects only a better financed criminal syndicate higher up in the chain. In fact, there have been myriad instances in which FBI agents have worked directly with organized crime families.

Former FBI agent John Connolly's association with the Flemmi crime family in Boston is perhaps the best known case of such a situation. Former FBI agent Lynn DeVecchio was also involved in such a situation, however managed to cut his trial short, after the FBI totally corrupted the trial.

This while the private eye who dug up enough information on DeVecchio's criminality, to motivate a Brooklyn DA to prosecute DeVecchio (Angela Clemente), was nearly murdered when she fell for a setup in which DeVecchio or his former FBI cronies orchestrated a meeting in which she was beaten, strangled and left for dead.

Miraculously, Clemente survived. However, she is still battling serious injuries as a result of the attack, not to mention the FBI's attempt to bankrupt her, as revenge for her work in helping to prosecute DeVecchio.

The real problem with the FBI is that so many of its agents are criminals, that if one starts to rat out others, there's no telling how great the scandal will become. So they cover up for each other; even if it means murdering those who can testify against them in court.

That is the kind of garbage that we are talking about within this agency. And why I have dedicated my life to bringing about its dissolution, or dying in an attempt to do so. This agency is that EVIL. And I despise them that much. The FBI does not belong in this country and never has. It is a danger to the well being of the American people, and Americans are finally beginning to realize it.

And I will never stop exposing the FBI or its agents for the Constitution raping criminals that they are.

Anyway, I offer the aforementioned as further testimony of what the FBI and its criminal conspirators continue to perpetrate against my Family, self and myriad others.

The FEDS should have made the amount of money they orchestrated the theft of an even $666, since that is certainly their number and without any doubt their well deserved destiny as the abject criminals and deviants that they are.

As for their demonization smear campaign against me, let them hate my guts all they want. I've got their number and they know it.

It's just further proof that I am documenting the truth about their rampant criminality, and that they are clearly nothing but a masquerade as law enforcement.

A group of sexually perverse degenerates who get their rocks off spying on men, women and children within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms. Those of us who've been attacked in such ways know exactly what these federal predators are.

Furthermore, I expect their activities to become even more aggressive in the future in their efforts to cover up their crimes against my person; a situation which will likely culminate in my murder.

But in the mean time, this "dead man walking" is going to do everything possible to show the public just how dangerous this agency and its criminal brethren really are to their well being. And there's also the fact that there are a tremendous number of the FBI's victims whose deaths still need to be avenged.

Like all tyrannical organizations, the FBI will eventually fall. It is just a matter of time before it does so. And the last time I close my eyes, I will do so having the satisfaction of knowing that I took part in bringing down a Nazi juggernaut that left in its vast wake, a myriad of tortured and murdered citizens who suffered more than most people can imagine in their worst nightmares.

Nothing in this life could be more important than that.
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