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Why No American Should Ever Believe The FBI Or Accept Its Pathological Deception -- The Same RINGS True For The Entire U.S. Intel Community

Judi Bari - Salt Of The EarthFirst! Movement

The above statement was made by COINTELPRO target Judi Bari, while her attorney's were deposing FBI agents who were involved in a criminal conspiracy to destroy Judi's reputation and the EarthFirst! ecological movement; a group of activists whose goal is to save this planet from the industrial complex which continues to destroy it.

Judi's *trial really should have focused on the FBI's attempted murder of her person, through the orchestration of the bombing of her car; a situation in which Judi was nearly killed, and suffered permanent physical disabilities. I also believe that because Judi had filed a lawsuit against the FBI; one which the Bureau never wanted to see get to court, she was covertly irradiated by way of satellite based directed energy weapons -- a situation which caused the breast cancer which eventually ended her life.

*Ironically enough, Judi's family and friends were so disgusted by the FBI's criminal behavior, that they followed through on her lawsuit, even after Judi had passed away. In 2002, Judi (posthumously) and her EarthFirst! associate Daryl Cherney would go on to win a 4.4 million dollar judgment against the FBI, which sent a clear message to the Bureau -- the jury did not believe their agents' testimony.

Exposing FBI Murders Committed By Satellite Is Problematic

Given the covert nature of these classified weapons, the FBI can easily deny that they had any part in irradiating Judi in the ways in which I have described here. Of course that is the fundamental benefit of perpetrating crimes with plausible deniablity and access to such covert and dangerous technology - those who do so, can always deny what they have done.

I also believe that the late Aaron Russo was given cancer by the same types of satellite based directed energy radiation, as punishment for revealing to the public what Illuminist Nick Rockefeller told him in regard to what would lead up to the attacks on 9-11, as well as the Illuminati's agenda to have the entire U.S. population implanted with RFID tracking devices.

In my opinion, Aaron's legacy is his quintessential documentary America From Freedom To Fascism -- a feature film which has stood the millions who've viewed it on their collective ears, by offering as much shock value as it does educational content, as pertains to the rampant criminality of the U.S Federal Government -- and the Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex in this country.

There is also the fact that alternative journalist/conspiracy theorist Mae Brussell died from breast cancer at the age of 66 (I wonder if her death at this age given the numerical significance (666) is more than coincidental?). Given Mae's extraordinary journalistic abilities in uncovering a myriad of conspiracies, ranging from the real reasons for John F. Kennedy's death, to the CIA and FBIs' role in the Patty Hearst kidnapping, I cannot help but wonder if Mae was also targeted by one of these Intel agencies for irradiation extermination (by way of satellite based directed energy weapons).

Brussell also blamed U.S. Intel for the death of one her daughters, as punishment for her exposition of their rampant and treasonous crimes against humanity.

And while her murder was committed by way of a handgun, the case of Mary Pinchot Meyer is no less terrifying. Pinchot Meyer, former wife of CIA asset Cord Meyer Junior, and lover/associate of the late JFK. Meyer was gunned down execution style while taking a walk one afternoon, after having called the late CIA asset Timothy Leary to state that she thought the CIA was going to murder her, for having enlightened JFK and convincing him to use his position as the most powerful individual in the free world, to take part in the creation of a more peaceful world.

A situation which Meyer claimed Kennedy had taken seriously, and which would result in his attempts to pare down the size of the U.S. Military Intelligence community. Something which he later began to do, with dire consequences to his health.

Like, Mae Brussell, the CIA did not have much use for Mary Pinchot Meyer either. And several years earlier, Meyer blamed the CIA for the tragic death of her nine year old son, who was struck and killed by a car, while riding his bicycle.

In fact in the years after her death, her former husband was asked on his deathbed, who he believed murdered Mary. His response: "The same bastards who killed Kennedy." This in reference to the CIA.

The FEDS do send many horrifying messages to whistle blowers, in efforts to end their journalistic research. However, once one begins to unravel the extensive and criminal web of such agencies, it becomes impossible to ignore the importance of exposing such treasonous crimes, in the hope that the public will eventually wake up from their matrix induced slumber and realize the danger that they are in.

I can well understand this, given that I know for certain that I am being electronically tracked by way of the NSA, while my mind is being illegally accessed without my consent. For decades, this was also going on without my knowledge. However, given the astronomical odds of not only learning that this has been happening, but also having had the good fortune of finding John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (which describes in perfect detail the type of technology that I am subjected to 24 hours a day, in addition to many of the manifestations that this technology causes), I know that I can never stop circulating this information; no matter how often I am threatened. There are simply too many lives at stake here.

And as I have said in the past few weeks, the fact that two of the largest activist groups on this planet to expose the crimes of mind control and organized stalking, have now acknowledged that the technology discussed in AKWEI VS NSA is plausible, and that we don't need to be implanted with an RFID chip to be tracked and remote neurally monitored by way of satellite, is the most important move in the right direction since these groups were founded.

Of course, the FBI and NSA (as well as DHS in the past few years) are absolutely furious that they are now coming under the type of scrutiny that they should have been under decades ago. And their attacks of my person via Family members have grown increasingly aggressive and hostile over the past few weeks.

I have repeatedly been told to leave this situation alone.

Yet, this is to be expected, given what is turning out to be the greatest scandal in human history, as these agencies continue to be exposed for the most wanton and clandestine encroachment of our privacy ever documented.

As to the FEDS' aggression and completely reckless and sadistic behavior, it is clear that they have no legitimate excuses for perpetrating such egregious violations of both civil and human rights. And that their viciousness can be attributed to having been caught in the most treasonous betrayal of the American people in this country's history.

The NSA And Their Intel Brethren Will Pass Into History

As Americans continue to learn of this abject deception of their trust, one can only wonder what their opinion of satellite tracking systems like the NSA's Echelon and Tempest will be in the future. And as this realization continues to occur within the rest of this planet's population, one must also wonder if the citizenry of this planet will begin to completely rethink how the U.S. Federal Government and its international counterparts should be run. Especially as they learn of the New World Order and its clandestine plan to completely control the Proletariat on this planet.

In regard to the NWO, one must note that unless you have an RFID chip that says "Kiss My Ass" as was referenced in the video clip of Aaron Russo's interview with Internet shock jock Alex Jones, you are going to be in very big trouble.

In modern day America, we live under the specter of FEAR. Yet, this fear has more to do with a U.S. Intel black propaganda campaign created to disenfranchise us of our rights as American citizens, than it does with any real terrorism - -in spite of what we hear on the evening news.

If agencies like the CIA would mind their own damn business and stop overthrowing the governments of other countries in the interest of U.S. Imperialism and the military industrial hostile expansion into other countries, America would not be despised as she now is globally.

Virtually every thing we see on TV, or read about in the newspaper concentrates on this fear mongering propaganda; dogmas which are meant to scare the hell out of us, so that we surrender our freedoms to the very government that we need to be most fearful of. A government that is no longer operating as the Constitutional Republic that it was created to be. A government that instead protects the wealthy, while breaking the back of the hard working middle class that built this once great nation.

Positive Change Includes Dismantling Echelon & Tempest

A simpler world can be had, if we all take a stand and refuse to accept such invasive technology as that which the Illuminati is attempting to quietly enslave us with in the modern day.

With further contemplation of such technology, will our brothers and sisters from around this planet finally arrive at the same conclusion that many TI's have already reached? That it is well worth dismantling these satellite tracking/ remote thought reading systems (which our governments cannot help but abuse for their own nefarious agendas -- while giving up some of their conveniences -- cell phones -- satellite TV etc.) in order to gain back much of the privacy that has been stolen from us by the global Intelligencia.

Many people would refer to this as thinking outside the box. Ironically enough, the very box that the Illuminati run global Intelligence community is now using to close off our options.

Wouldn't it be nice to again look up into the evening sky like our ancestors once did, and not have to wonder if some of those points of light are really man made spy satellites in disguise?

And just as important, to be able to go to sleep at night without wondering if the NSA is secretly videotaping us while recording (and possibly even programming) our subconscious thoughts?

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