Thursday, August 28, 2008

First It Was Bear Stearns That Suffered The Consequences For Ignoring The Subprime Mortgage Debacle -- Lehman Brothers Now Faces A Similar Fate

Since March of 2008, Wall Street has feared that Lehman Brothers Inc., one of the nation's oldest financial investment firms would experience the same fate as Bear Stearns. With its revenues in steady decline, and the likely possibility of the need for a future bailout, Lehman Brothers, its once sterling name now tarnished by similar miscalculations of the risky derivatives market, may soon find itself in the same situation as Bear Stearns did earlier this year.

And amid further speculation, that like the collapse of Bear Stearns, a core group within this organization may have conspired to profit heavily from the short selling of this company's stock; an issue which the Securities and Exchange Commission appears to thus far be avoiding in the case of Bear Stearns.

The recent concerns over Lehman Brothers, as well as the rest of the financial industry hearkens back to the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and offers yet a further illustration of the abject and treasonous disaster that the current White House administration has been for the past seven and a half years. In his acceptance speech last evening for the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination, even Senator Joseph Biden (D Delaware) referred to never having seen a time in which "Washington" had turned its back on so many Americans -- especially the middle class; referring quite negatively on several occasions, to George W. Bush, and his complete ineptness as President of this country.

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