Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NSA - FBI - DHS EVIL Psychopaths Continue To Interfere With My Internet Access

8/28/2008 -- UPDATE: Today the NSA is no longer electronically blocking my normal route to Ebay. They typically cease a particular hostility once it has been documented, in efforts to prevent habituation; habituation can be used by a person targeted for COINTELPRO as a psychological defense.

However these U.S. Intel psychopaths have already moved on to another venue -- Earlier, I made a phone call to a business in which they tampered with the phone line, garbling the conversation. A person returned my phone call claiming to be from this company, and probably was. However, as most targets of COINTELPRO are well aware, the FBI (and its federal brethren) oftentimes intercept phone calls posing as the parties whom a TI had intended to speak with, in attempts to further sabotage them. The ability for the U.S. Intel community to perpetrate such acts of sabotage are quite literally infinite. Even more reason for the American people to concern themselves with the actions of this COVERT SQUAD OF MIND BENDING NAZI APES.


The aforementioned modern day Nazi establishment here in the United States continues in their myriad of psychological operations against my person, as these bathroom peeping, satellite raping anathema to humanity attempt to drive me to suicide.

Their dozens of daily psyops have been occurring for more than five consecutive years, in what has become the most outrageous violation of the 4TH Amendment in American History. A clear case of the FEDS' attempting to destroy one of their mind control targets in efforts to cover up their treasonous crimes.

As I have noted in the past, the FEDS target various Internet locales for such covert subterfuge. A typical example of such machinations, is opening an error message when a TI attempts to access a Website that they regularly use. The FEDS' blocking of a particular Website can last for a short time, or much longer time, depending on their motivations. They routinely, yet sporadically block my hotmail E-mail account, which is also a venue for their dozens of psychological trigger related E-mails each day.

Recently they've been blocking my access to Ebay, triggering the same error message which they used with my hotmail account about a month back. This message would oftentimes come up several times before I would be able to access this account. This is done to cause me frustration. And anytime that I begin to relax and enjoy some aspect of my life, these Nazi-bots and their provocateurs immediately move in to cause further damage.

You will recall the theft this past Sunday (which happened to be my Birthday) of $650 from my desk draw. A clear move by these pieces of Nazi refuse to destroy whatever enjoyment I may have had during that day.

It doesn't matter what venue we are talking about here. The FEDS' attacks are indicative of a clear conspiracy to deny me every aspect of rights that I am by law entitled to. And they are particularly disgruntled that not only don't I acknowledge them as law enforcement (how could anyone who knows about how these U.S. Intel criminals operate ever acknowledge them as anything but treasonous perverts who should be locked up?), I have no respect for them at all, and spend my days documenting every aspect of the treasonous crimes that they have made a career of perpetrating against the American people.

The FEDS also routinely LIE in regard to comments that they make about those whom they target, while fabricating information (and oftentimes evidence) which only serves to obfuscate their own crimes.

However, electronically tracking an American citizen 24 hours a day for nearly thirty years (WITHOUT A WARRANT), while setting precedents in many violations of the U.S. Constitution is so outrageous, that these FEDS are going to do everything possible to obfuscate their complicity in such attacks. Which is typical of the complete lack of morality and ethics that characterizes every aspect of the U.S. Intel community. A community so desperate at this point, that it will actually sink to using religious doctrine to defend its pathetic violations of the both the Constitution and human rights legislation.

As for the electronic sabotage of my Internet surfing, such sabotage often resolves itself as quickly as it begins (much like the manifestations of the satellite based weaponry which I am subjected to daily).

Since the FEDS chose to block my access to Ebay today, by bringing up an error message on my computer screen, I decided to see if they had actually blocked the regular way that I travel over the Web to get to Ebay, by taking an alternate route through the European Ebay Website. If I was able to do so, it would prove that the FEDS *planned this attack out in advance.

*They have planned many covert attacks on us as a nation since their inception many decades ago, including, but not limited to the original attack on the WTC in 1993, the Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995, and the attacks on the WTC Towers and Pentagon on 9-11. Once again, these are Nazi's we are talking about here, who are operating covertly within this country.

Sure enough, I had no problem at all accessing my account through the Euro Ebay Website, which proves that the NSA can target a specific electronic pathway which we use to surf the Web and electronically interfere with it.

This also proves that the FEDS are blocking my regular Internet routes, since I had no problem accessing Ebay through the alternate one which I took today. It's like taking a detour in a car when the road you usually travel on is blocked.

The FEDS continue to use such desperate tactics, finding themselves behind the Eight Ball at this point in time, since regardless of the demonization campaign which they continue to aggressively wage against my person, I have a substantial amount of documentation which proves that not only have my rights as an American citizen been violated in the most egregious and treasonous ways ever documented, but that through such criminal acts, the FEDS have now opened themselves up to the greatest scandal in human history.

Using satellites and supercomputers to remotely experiment on American citizens. This should be an executionable offense, in regard to those who perpetrate such crimes of Hi-Tech predation.

Which is why there is no due process of law here. For how can there be when those who are authorized to enforce the laws are in fact the ones who are egregiously violating them?

As such the NSA, FBI, DHS and the rest of their brainwashed provocateurs continue in their attempts to set up one smokes screen after another in efforts to negate their crimes. However, spying on someone for nearly three consecutive decades, while covertly using that person for non consensual human experimentation is not only proof of the Nazi ideals of the U.S. Intelligence community, but also an illustration of just how dangerous U.S. Intel and their satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weapons' technology is to the American people.

However, the FEDS' lame attempts at deceiving the public are now wearing thin, since a myriad of citizens are becoming well aware of the extensive crimes that they have subjected my Family and self to for many years, as well as the Orwellian technology that these bathroom peeping and satellite raping degenerate reprobates are utilizing against us.

Which is why the FEDS have been forced to resort to character assassination through intensely orchestrated smear campaigns and other forms of calumny which are done by the NSA, FBI and DHS, in order to cover up their own complicity in these treasonous crimes.

They are not about the truth -- they are in fact a treasonous and utter LIE. And they are using the Patriot Act (toilet paper legislation) to get away with these treasonous attacks on the American people and our Constitution.

However, the positive part in all this is that the public is now beginning to learn about their own vulnerability to U.S. Intel's satellite tracking/mind reading influencing systems, and this information is starting to have a devastating affect on these agent- criminals, who have made careers out of violating the rights of myriad American citizens under the color and cover of law.

These agents are truly an abject disgrace to law enforcement, as well as the American people. They are in fact Hi-Tech satellite predators, who have been committing their awful and precedent setting crimes of electronic predation with complete anonymity for many decades.

These PIGS don't respect anyone, or their rights. And they have clearly demonstrated that they hate the American people, as well as the freedoms which our Bill Of Rights guarantees us.

Moreover, thanks to lawsuits like that of John St. Clair Akwei VS the NSA, as well as the efforts of TI's like myself, who are corroborating this information, the FEDS are now losing the secrecy of this pernicious technology, and with it, their ability to commit these outrageous crimes against humanity with anonymity and impunity.

Their pathetic and vicious smear campaigns against myself and myriad other TI's who propagate this information are clearly indicative of their own desperation at having been caught in such treasonous crimes, and concerns of how the public will eventually deal with them, for such an abject betrayal of their trust.

As it stands, many TI's are witnessing our own Families being blackmailed into remaining silent in regard to the outrageous crimes being perpetrated against us, and oftentimes actually taking part in these sadistic crimes, causing themselves tremendous psychological harm. There is no doubt after having witnessed this first hand, that many of the Families of individuals targeted for non consensual human experimentation as well as organized stalking crimes, have clearly been brainwashed, and are no longer capable of thinking for themselves.

A strong indication of the psychological damage that these government predators have subjected them to.

And as horrifying as this is to admit, we are now witnessing a modern day rise of the Third Reich in the United States. However, this time around we do have the ability to do something about it before another atrocity like the Holocaust takes place.

Yet, in order to do so, those who learn of this technology must speak out against its use, as well as the organizations who are illegally deploying it against us.

Otherwise, we will be party to a modern day Holocaust in which we'll have willfully offered ourselves up as the prey.

So speak out loudly and clearly. And don't allow agencies like the FBI, NSA or DHS to intimidate you, since they are clearly pawns of the New World Order, and a very real threat to your well being in the future.

These agents were hired as public servants, and took a sworn oath to protect and defend the U.S Constitution. And most of them have done exactly the opposite, which makes them guns for hire -- mercenaries. Not representatives of our country, or the Constitutional Republic which this government of ours was founded on.

So don't let them pull the wool over your eyes, using the excuse of some bogus war on terror, since it was the criminal minions within the hierarchy of the U.S. Federal Government who attacked us on 9-11, and in a cold blooded act of premeditated murder, killed nearly 3000 of our brothers and sisters.

And that should infuriate each and every one of you! Because you or your loved ones could have been in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon on 9-11 (perhaps you know of people who were) and murdered by these New World Order monsters.

So speak out on behalf of those who are no longer able to, while you still can. The New World Order is a terrible reality, and its EVIL agenda is to violate every aspect of your humanity.
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