Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Pentagon & World Health Organizations' Connection To The Creation Of The Biological Weapon AIDS -- See The Strecker Memorandum Video

This FEDS have attempted to keep this video from the public since it was created. A documentary which quite literally resulted in the blackballing of Dr. Robert Strecker from the medical community. Strecker is noted prominently for his work in exposing this crime against humanity, in Dr. Len Horowitz' book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola.

In fact, in this book, Horowitz jokingly referred to his first meeting with Strecker as the two black sheep of the medical community getting together to compare notes on the rampant criminal activities of the U.S. Federal Government.

Their pioneering work has gone on to shake up more than a few government agencies; especially with their statement that AIDS was propagated through the small pox vaccine program which was administered to many countries including South Africa and Haiti, and through the Hepatitis B vaccine that was given to the gay population in Manhattan in 1978 and the gay populations in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980. All of which eventually experienced an outbreak of AIDS.

The work of these two researchers has clearly shown us that the National Institutes of Health's World Health Organization as well as the Pentagon had a hand in creating these biological weapons, which were then deployed against the aformentioned nations and gay populations in the United States for the express purpose of committing genocide!

See the Strecker Memorandum here:

Dr. Horowitz' book "Emerging Viruses -- AIDS & Ebola" can be downloaded at the following Website in PDF format for free:

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