Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dr. Robert Strecker Focuses On The Creation Of The AIDS Virus As Well As The CIA's Likely Murder Of Theodore Strecker & Representative Douglas Huff



This site is dedicated to the hundreds of millions of innocent and unknowing victims, who have or will die of this Man-Made Genetically Engineered Disease called AIDS, or HIV. Documents clearly suggest its Prediction, Request, Production, relationship to Animal Viruses, Animal Retro-Viruses and the intent to inject AIDS and other cancer causing Viruses into unsuspecting, men, women, children and babies, during preventative vaccination projects world wide.

Attorney Theodore A. Strecker and Robert B. Strecker M.D. Ph.D. became involved in AIDS research while doing a Health Maintenance Proposal for Security Pacific Bank in California. The Strecker's believed gay men were injected with the AIDS Virus during a "Hepatitis B" Vaccine Campaign. All Gay Males who participated in that "Hepatitis B" experiment died of AIDS according to the Strecker's, which resulted in their efforts to help save humanity from this Genocide by writing "This Is A Bio-Attack Alert".

Special thanks to Attorney Theodore A. Strecker and Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago, both deceased, possibly as a result of their evolvement in revealing the Truth about AIDS.

Special thanks to those AIDS advocates willing to answer my questions

See more on Dr. Robert Strecker and his investigative research into the World Health Organization/Pentagon connection in the creation of the AIDS virus:
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