Friday, August 29, 2008

Organized Stalking Activist Loses Job -- Another Indication Of The Pressure Being Placed On Employers To Punish Activists Exposing This Crime

For those who don't know of Gina Romano, she has been very active as a correspondent for the THEEDGEAM Radio Internet podcast, in exposing the crimes of organized stalking. Over the past several months, Gina has done an excellent job of helping to alert the world to this New World Order atrocity which is now taking place around this planet. Through her THEEDGEAM podcasts, Gina (who is also a target of organized stalking) has given yet another venue for many TI's to tell their stories.

It would appear that her activism may have in some way played a role in the recent loss of her job. If you would like to help Gina in some way, you can contact her at the following E-mail address:

From the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Group:


I just lost my job about a week ago. I have no income and did not get any severance pay at all. I would appreciate any financial assistance anyone could give at this time. My Paypal email account is
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