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An Example Of Art Imitating Life

Ode To The U.S. Intel Community

You cause subversion

Spreading countless lies

You torture people

Until they die

You turn families against each other

Without ever showing remorse

While you use covert weapons

To steer your course

Psychotronic and Electromagnetic weapons

Torture devices that's what they really are

And you repeatedly use them leaving your

Victims dead or permanently scarred

Do you care at all about the heinous crimes you commit?

Or is your humanity so far gone that

You simply just don't give a shit?

Copyright © 2006 -- James F. Marino

How Far Would The FEDS Go To Profile You?

Unfortunately, there have been too many instances in which the FBI went crazy in its attempts to manipulate a situation in which to force a person whom they were targeting to behave in a way which was compatible with the FBI's profile of that person.

In such instances, the FBI relies heavily on the use of psychological warfare in which to target the psyche of a person whom they are looking to setup for entrapment. Such psychological warfare can occur on occasion or even daily.

Those of us who've experienced such EVIL machinations with great frequency understand their brutality, and the very demented nature of those within the U.S. Intel community who deploy such inhumane and ILLEGAL tactics against us.

The FBI and NSA are also not above using the NSA's satellite tracking systems to electronically "hookup" their Artificial Intelligence computers to the unique bio electromagnetic field which emanates from a "satellite-targeted" person's brain.

Something which enables the NSA to both extract and decode what the person is thinking, as well as through the use of psychotronic technology, implant their own thought streams into the person's subconscious mind -- thus being able to manipulate the person's thoughts and behavior by way of remote means. (Again, something which as an NSA satellite prisoner I have been experiencing since 1980. And in order to discredit my truthful and devastating testimony, the FBI, NSA, DHS and the rest of their U.S Intel criminal brethren, have now created a "NASTY" smear campaign against my person for, in order to discredit my accurate and devastating testimony them.)

Obviously, U.S. Intel's use of this technology is not only scandalous, but serious enough to challenge the viability of the U.S. Federal Government as it presently stands, should this horrifying information become common knowledge within the U.S. civilian population -- something which must happen if the American people are to learn of this covert betrayal of their privacy, safety and trust, and take evasive action in which to protect themselves in the future!

Would U.S. Intel Agencies Murder A Target?

Actually, volumes could be written in regard to how many millions of men, women and children from a myriad of nations have been covertly murdered by the U.S. Intelligence community.

Of particular interest in regard to such murders as they apply to the FBI, is how extreme the behavior of a cell of FBI agents would be when attempting to prove to the public that a person whom they are targeting is dangerous.

The real question is will the FBI draw the line at some point, or continue its operations until they get what they are after? Even if this means covertly murdering the person they are targeting.

The answer is that the FBI will murder a person targeted for such an illegal operation, if they can get away with it.

The FBI's Attempted Murder Of Judi Bari

There are many instances which have already been documented in regard to such situations. However, perhaps none is more compelling or chilling than the FBI's attack on the late Eco activist Judi Bari, of the EarthFirst! movement.

Bari was a very talented young woman, and one of the best organizers that EarthFirst! had ever had. She was a constant thorn in the side of the California logging community, in her attempts to save the beautiful California Redwood Forest from destruction.

As a result, FBI Special Agent, Richard W. Held (one of the REALLY BAD GUYS and an agent who'd taken part in many of the FBI's COINTELPROS) orchestrated a COINTELPRO operation in which to covertly murder Judi Bari, by having a gravity sensitive bomb planted under the front drivers seat of her Subaru station wagon. Held was meticulous in his plan, in that in the way it was to play out he would kill the proverbial two birds with one stone.

Having labeled Judi Bari as a terrorist, a bomb which blew up in her car would not only kill Judi, but also allow the FBI to prove its claim that she was in fact an eco terrorist who was carrying the bomb to a particular destination, in which it was to be secretly planted and later detonated.

However, as is typical of the FBI and its EVIL machinations, the bomb went off alright, but not exactly as the FBI had planned. Instead of killing Judi, she was instead critically injured and placed under hospital arrest.

When she regained consciousness, she was in agony, however, a police officer would not even allow her family members to comfort her. Yet, this federally imposed alienation would not last for long, since a federal grand jury refused to indict Judi, clearly understanding that the FBI was being less than candid in regard to how the bomb got into her car.

This in addition to the fact that there was an enormous hole under the front drivers seat of Judi's station wagon, disputed the FBI's claim that Judi had left the bomb behind the front seat.

Months earlier, the FBI had used a former friend of Judi's as an agent provocateur in which to allow the FBI to smear Judi, since they couldn't dig up any dirt on her.

The provocateur showed up with a rifle, and convinced Judi to pose for a photo, while holding the rifle in an aggressive stance. The FBI ate this up, claiming that the photo showed that Judi was in fact a terrorist. These are the types of EVIL manipulations that the FBI is notorious for perpetrating.

As far as the public was concerned, when they read about Judi's car blowing up, and then seeing the FBI furnished photo of Judi holding the rifle, they were convinced that the FBI had done its job well.

However, the only thing that the FBI had done, was to create a mass deception in which to pull the wool over the public's eyes, while attempting to use covert means in which to murder Judi Bari. A situation which would ironically and justly eventually blow up in the FBI's face, when it became obvious that the bomb in Judi's car had been deliberately placed under the driver's seat so that Judi would not see it.

As Judi lay recovering in a hospital bed, the thoughts of who could have attempted to murder her raced through her mind. And eventually, she could arrive at only one conclusion -- that it was the FBI who'd orchestrated the bombing of her car in an attempt to covertly murder her, and nearly succeeded in doing so.

I've Seen Such Covert Machinations Many Times

I have seen such covert means used in the FEDS' attempts to entrap my person into committing crimes over the years, and ways nearly as aggressive as those which Judi was subjected to; including being crashed into on several occasions by federal provocateurs who deliberately caused car accidents which could have been avoided.

This was also an attempt at provocation - especially when in 2005, after two consecutive years of overt organized stalking harassment courtesy of these federal thugs, the FBI had one of its provocateurs crash their car into the back of my motorcycle, as I waited for a traffic light to change. I knew then and there that the FBI was going to try to murder me, and the following day, began to journal about it on the Internet.

Something which eventually resulted in the creation of this blog.

These agents are a VERY real DANGER to society.

My emphasis here, is that if a cell within the FBI is focused on removing someone from society whom they target, they will in the most egregious of ways, violate that person's Constitutional rights. Moreover, they will readily commit murder if an opportunity which offers them plausible deniability, becomes available.

They will also blackmail the families of those whom they target into acquiescing to the FBI's pit bulls, while the agency continues its covert attempts to murder those whom it targets. This, while using the IDIOT MEDIA SYSTEM to deploy their own version of psychological operations via TV, radio, and print media.

An important issue for the American public to consider:

These agents are terminators; they are quite literally robotic and psychopathic in their functions, and will take part in the sadistic torture and murder of anyone whom they target, provided that they are able to do so with plausible denial.

The FBI & NSA are an abject threat to the U.S. Constitution.

As for the FBI and NSA, are these the kind of agencies that you want having the authority to systematically dismantle your life if you happen to become a curiosity to them?

Because as it stands now, given the Patriot Act, there are no longer any safeguards to ensure your privacy should they decide to investigate you - even if the only thing you have done to attract their curiosity is to be vocal in your criticism of some aspect of the U.S. Federal Government -- a right that you have under the 1ST Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and that these federal agencies are wantonly attacking at every opportunity.

And there is virtually nothing to prevent the FBI from enlisting the NSA to spy on you by way of satellite, while digging through every single aspect of your life, without your knowledge or consent. Not even your bedroom, or for that matter, your own thoughts are private any longer, thanks to the Echelon satellite spy network which can be used to attach itself to your EMF field, for the express purpose of both tracking you, as well as monitoring your every thought 24 hours a day.

It's Up To The American People To Abolish The FBI & NSA

It's time for the American people to take a cold hard look at what the FBI and NSA really are, and whose interests they serve.

And to then petition the U.S. Congress to abolish both of these Nazi strongholds, before they can cause the American people any further harm.

To allow these agencies to continue to operate in the completely treasonous and inhumane ways in which they are, will only allow for greater abuses of your freedom in the future. Their goal is to destroy the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. Your goal must be to destroy those anti-American agencies who would threaten our nation in such outrageous ways.

It has been done in the past.

The late Constitutional activist, Frank Wilkinson spent his days lecturing around the United States in regard to the importance of preserving the U.S. Constitution. Wilkinson was also vehemently opposed to the House On UnAmerican Actives Committee for its Orwellian way of operating, and made it his mission in life to get the Committee abolished; which he eventually succeeded in doing in 1975.

We can do the same with treasonous agencies like the FBI, NSA and their brethren in treason and anti-Americanism.

Frank Wilkinson offers a lesson to every American, in that you must stand up for your rights as citizens of this country and never back down to any person or organization who attempts to disenfranchise you of these inalienable rights. Not even if it means losing your life in this battle.

As the great Patrick Henry once said: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.

More on the House On UnAmerican Activities Committee: HUAC
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