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Sarah Who? A Vice Presidential Candidate Whose Charisma's Already Allowed Her To Upstage Her Presidential Running Mate

11TH Governor Of Alaska -- 44TH U.S. Vice President?

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin made her debut at the Republican National Convention last night, to the applause of thousands of new supporters.

Seeming down home at times, while at others appearing flamboyant, the Alaskan Governor made no pretense of her dislike or disapproval of Senator Barack Obama. In fact, Palin's speech was an all out character assassination on the Democratic Presidential candidate, whom she repeatedly mocked; and nearly as vindictive as that of Rudy Giuliani's, which also relied on gross hyperbole, while completely lacking any substance - indicative of the character of Giuliani himself.

And while Palin introduced her large family to the crowd of Republicans gathered at the RNC last night, looking to cement her candidacy with good old fashioned values, she could not help but show a less desirable side of her personality; something akin to that of a dictator.

Between her smiles and small town analogies, Sarah Palin was clearly showing her constituents that she was out to win this election at any cost, and regardless of whom she had to crush along the way.

And in spite of her small town Mayberry RFD appearance, Palin came off not as Gerry the soda jerk, but more as Barbara the barracuda.

By the end of Palin's speech, her presidential running mate, John McCain, appeared to be completely overshadowed by Palin's outspoken invective.

Is Palin running against Obama for the office of president, or is John McCain?

Certainly, personalities are issues unto themselves. However, at the end of the day, it is what a candidate stands for that will determine whether or not they will succeed in winning the political office which they seek.

In Governor Palin's case, her rhetoric is essentially no different than that espoused by her Washington colleagues, in spite of her attempts to convince her constituents that she's really an altogether different breed of politician.

And her speech reeked of the type of shameless Americanism that U.S. advertisers (not to mention politicians) have relied on for decades to sell their products (or in the case of politicians -- themselves) -- long on hype, yet short on substance.

Palin Is A Bully

Presently, Governor Palin is under an ethics investigation in the State of Alaska, in regard to her firing of another government employee who refused to fire her ex brother in law from the police force, while he and her sister were in the process of getting divorced.

Moreover, upon winning the mayoral election in which she was running in 1996, Palin also fired most of the existing mayoral staff, and in an even more disturbing situation in regard to the First Amendment, threatened to fire a librarian who refused to remove books from a library, which Palin disapproved of.

However the librarian regained her job, after seeking public support and overruling Palin.

Governor Palin is also no stranger to the wrong side of the law either, having been arrested for drunken driving more than two decades ago. She also has a seventeen year old pregnant and unwed daughter whom she claims is going to be marrying the father of her child shortly.

The real question is does the father have a shotgun to his head like the rest of the American people may find they do, if for some reason seventy two year old John McCain is elected as President, yet unable to complete his term in office?

With the Bush Administration, Americans have already experienced what it's like to desperately want to get rid of a politician whom they can't remove because of partisanship politics within the U.S. Congress. A petition with over a million signatories created to impeach George W. Bush is evidence enough of this. However, as in the case of William Jefferson Clinton, even when an American President is impeached, Congresses partisan politics oftentimes split the Democratic and Republican parties, resulting in a failed attempt to remove the offending president from his remaining term in office.

From this Americans can infer that these parties are far more interested in their hold on the U.S. Federal Government, than they are with what is best for the American people and their nation.

The Same Situation May Occur With Governor Palin

Sarah Palin for all of her rhetoric, is clearly following party lines in deliberately obscuring certain facts from the American people, which they clearly need to know; including the fact that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service are operating illegally, and responsible for both the inflation in the U.S. Dollar, as well as the deplorable economic situation in this country.

Governor Palin, for all of the promises that she made in her flamboyant speech last night, was still the typical politician; using smoke and mirrors to wow her audience, at the expense of giving them the substantive issues which they must have in order to bring about meaningful changes in this country.

She was, like the rest of her political peers, quick to point out the importance of the war on terror, leading us to believe that she will also give the U.S. Intelligence community even greater latitude in violating our Constitutional rights in the future. Something that the American people cannot and should not tolerate.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama Isn't Much Better

Senator Obama, for all of his rhetoric isn't much better than McCain or Palin. And his running mate, Senator Joseph Biden, is a career politician who once plagiarized a term paper in college; something that most Americans have never heard about.

But the real issue here is that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are going to make any meaningful changes in this country, since over the past Century, they never have. They are instead, responsible for the complete mess that Americans now find themselves in, having taken a corrupt government, and making it almost completely useless to the people whom it is supposed to be serving.

Unfortunately, when one weighs the pros and cons of our elected officials, the only politician who if given the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the American people has been made unelectable, because he tells the truth in regard to issues like the criminally operated, Federal Reserve Bank, IRS and *FBI ( all of which Dr. Paul has stated should be abolished), as well as the over bloated and useless government which Americans are now being slowly suffocated by.

*Do you think that the FBI has a file on Congressman Ron Paul? In all likelihood they do, given that Ron Paul is for all of the right issues -- while the "dirt (bag) digging FBI" clearly is not.

Congressman Ron Paul

Congressman Paul may not be a miracle worker. However, he does address important issues that politicians like John McCain, Barack Obama and their respective running mates are not even going to acknowledge, because to do so would be political suicide.

And even if Dr. Paul was able to get himself elected to the highest office in this country, there is no doubt that his attempts to bring about positive change, and the threat to the corrupt status quo that he would represent, would make him a marked man from the time in which he first set foot in the Oval Office.

And that is a sad commentary on the state of deception in this country, when the entire body politic would rather commit treasonous crimes against the American people, than ever admit to their failure to clean up a government that has become nothing but a conduit for those corporate elite to conduct their criminal enterprises through.

As for whomever wins the upcoming election, one thing's an absolute certainty -- the American people will again be getting a royal shafting. The Congresses criminal history has already seen to that.

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