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A Thirty Minute Interview With LAB 257 Author Michael Christopher Carroll -- Learn More About The U.S. Government's Plum Island Bioweapons Facility

*As a result of the following post, the NSA has subjected me to heavy amounts of directed energy induced Ultra Low Frequency waves since yesterday, causing dizziness, nausea and heart palpitations. These covert and satellite based attacks are quite common, and indicative of the Nazi presence within the U.S. Intelligence community; a community of like minded criminals who covertly control the U.S. Congress through the use of blackmail (and quite possibly satellite based psychotronic weaponry). As I have stated in the past, given the outrageous crimes which the FBI and NSA have colluded to perpetrate against my person for the past three decades, they continue to search for a way in which to covertly murder me, in the hope that they will be able to get away with these Orwellian crimes.

However, far too many people from around this planet are now aware of the FEDS attacks on my Family and self (as well as those of many other TI's who are subjected to similar electronic warfare), so the FEDS are finding themselves in an untenable situation, since they must routinely LIE in regard to what they have done, and deny that they are using the EMF fields emanating from the human brain, in which to catalogue and track us as if we were cattle.

Obviously, the implications here are as serious as they can be, and in spite of the FEDS' attempts to make them disappear (their precedent setting smear campaign against my person is an example of this), that is simply no longer going to happen.

Americans are in the midst of learning about the greatest betrayal of their trust by a government in this history of all governments. And those within the U.S. Federal Government who have perpetrated such a treasonous and Nazi minded betrayal of the American people as a nation, must now answer for this betrayal. Murdering me, is no longer going to obscure such outrageous crimes against an entire nation of people. Nor is blackmailing my Family into their remaining silent about such terrible crimes -- including those which these agencies have perpetrated against them.

There is no semblance of law here, because it is the FEDS themselves who are the "lawbreakers and EVIL doers."

The Nazi Influence Behind Fort Detrick

Plum Island - A Modern Day Devil's Island

As a 15 year sufferer of the biological weapon Lyme Disease, I read this book with great interest, and found it to be an excellent exposition in regard to how the U.S. Federal Government camouflages some of its criminal operations behind the mask of more benign sounding agencies. In the case of LAB 257, what we have is a biological weapon's laboratory being hidden under the auspices of the U.S. Department Of Agriculture. The USDA sounds benign enough, doesn't it?

After Michael Carroll wrote "LAB 257" the U.S. Army called it pure science fiction, in efforts to destroy Carroll's credibility. However, his information is sound, much of it being based on documents that he obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act.

Any person who researches such treasonous government crimes meets with equal adversity, since this government cannot possibly win a rational debate in regard to the crimes against humanity that it has committed throughout its modern history, so it instead seeks to discredit, oftentimes through the use of ghastly smear campaigns in which to demonize and dehumanize those who have told the truth about these crimes.

I am presently being demonized by U.S. Intelligence in a similar manner, because my information is not only sound, but also proof that the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex is operating based on Nazi doctrine. And the information that John St. Clair Akwei has documented in his lawsuit against the NSA (and which I have corroborated) as it pertains to the NSA's ability to electronically attach itself to the brain's own electromagnetic field, is the most devastating and scandalous information against a government by some of its citizens, since their have been formalized governments.

The FEDS only logical choice since they have not been able to drive me to suicide, is to formulate and disseminate such a smear campaign in which to attack my credibility, since they are well aware that I have written a truthful testimony in regard to being subjected to U.S. Government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

In regard to my own personal experiences with this satellite based mind reading/influencing technology, there is no longer any doubt in my mind that every American citizen can be remotely tracked by the NSA without having to be implanted with some type of RFID chip.

This information is only further infuriating the Intelligence community, since people are now beginning to understand that it is the unique bio electromagnetic signature which emanates from their own brains, which makes them vulnerable to the NSA's satellite tracking technology -- a devastating revelation, as well as betrayal by an agency which Americans had been told that they could trust to respect their privacy.

This also means that the FISA ACT and Its corresponding secret court have been meaningless all this years since the NSA and FBI have been conducting these illegal and protracted fishing expeditions on unwitting American citizens, who clearly had no connections to any form of terrorist organizations.

Congress Aids & Abets U.S. Intel's Treasonous Spying

Now do you understand why Congress was so quick pass the recent "Spy Bill" which allows for such unconstitutional and treasonous spying? Because the NSA and FBI have been spying in such illegal ways for years, and can no longer be prosecuted for it!

And once again, it is the U.S. Congress that is guilty of passing such treasonous legislation, and in doing so, taking another bite out of our U.S. Bill Of Rights!

All under the pretext of this Illuminati propagated bogus war on terror, for the attacks on 9-11 were an INSIDE JOB!

What the Congress and U.S. Intel Community are getting away with here is outright treason! The Congress shafted the American people in the early part of the 20TH Century by passing the Federal Reserve Act and 16TH Amendment -- neither of which was ratified by the three quarters of the U.S. States necessary to make them into law, and which have allowed the privately held Federal Reserve central bank to steal the wealth of the American middle class through a Communist system of graduated taxation, while again putting it to the American people with the Totalitarian Patriot Act, 2006 Military Commission's Act, and recently passed U.S. Spy Bill -- which were created by the Congress and Bush Administration (criminal syndicate) in an attempt to completely destroy the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

The NSA Now Brands Americans Like Heads Of Cattle

Even worse, is that with access to such advanced satellite tracking technology, the NSA has now electronically branded all American citizens by way of their unique EMF fields, as if we were heads of cattle! (EMF fields which are probably catalogued by the NSA through our own Social Security numbers).

In reality, a more advanced type of cataloguing system, yet basically identical in many respects to the Hollerith machine created by IBM, which was used by Hitler's Gestapo, in which to identify, round up and imprison the Jews during the Holocaust. Will you be the NEW JEWS in the coming New World Order Holocaust?

LAB 257 Offers An In Depth Account Of Government Treason

As you read through LAB 257 (and watch the following interview) you will begin to understand just how dangerous Plumb Island really is, and the myriad of pathogenic and oftentimes deadly biological outbreaks that it has been responsible for since the mid 1950's.

Author Michael Carroll also illustrates for us how the first scientist to head up the Plum Island bioweapons facility was none other than one of the nearly thousand Nazi scientists who were smuggled into the United States after World War II, by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and under a covert program dubbed Operation Paperclip.

Dr. Eric Traub was working at Fort Detrick's Army bioweapons center, located in Fort Detrick, Maryland, when he was assigned to overseeing the creation of a new bioweapons program on Plumb Island.

Of course, none of the citizens who lived in the surrounding areas were notified formerly of this fact. And only learned of it painfully years later, when many began experiencing a myriad of bizarre symptoms, manifestations of the contagion being passed into their communities; in effect, a result of having become infected with bioweapons that were "designed" on Plumb Island.

As a Long Islander, I would prefer to see the Plumb Island facility decommissioned. However, even if this should eventually happen, the FEDS will just setup shop in some other town with citizens who are just as unwitting of their nefarious intentions, as most of those living on the North Fork of Long Island, NY, have been since Traub turned Plum Island into a modern day version of Devil's Island in the midst of the 20Th Century.

Yet, thanks to the excellent research done by Michael Christopher Carroll, many of these people are no longer ignorant in regard to the dangers that Plumb Island represents, and are now interested in seeing this bioweapons facility closed for good. As for those who might think that Plum Island is in safer hands now that it's been taken over by Homeland Security, I would urge them to reconsider -- especially since Homeland Security is nothing but a newly created and very powerful policing arm of the New World Order.

See the interview here:
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