Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The FBI's Historic Battle With Organized Crime -- Fact Or Fiction? Does The FBI Depend On A Myth To Promote Its Faux Sterling Reputation?

With well publicized FBI scandals like those of former agents Lindley DeVecchio and John Connolly, and the accusations of these agents being -- shall we say -- quietly employed by organized crime, giving the FBI more than its fair share of black eyes in recent years, got me to thinking earlier about whether or not the FBI's role in bringing down organized crime families like La Cosa Nostra has been legitimate, or just another in a myriad of smokesscreens being perpetrated by one of this nation's most dangerous and treasonous agencies.

Common sense would leave us to believe that in the more than seventy years since the FBI was assigned the task of getting rid of La Cosa Nostra, that the agency has had more than enough time, and certainly ample enough operating capital in which to do so.

So why haven't they?

Especially when one considers that the Bureau definitely has access to the type of technology in which to spy on the Mafia in cutting edge style -- the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the human brain by way of satellites and supercomputers has seen to that.

Or do you honestly believe that the NSA and FBI were so unimpressed with John Gotti, that they would not have availed themselves of the same type of bio electromagnetic remote feedback that they are presently using on myself and perhaps millions of unwitting citizens in the United States, in order to know what we are doing and thinking at all times?

Those of us who have no criminal records or ties to terrorism of any kind.

The probability of the FEDS not deploying such technology against someone like Gotti would appear to be highly unlikely.

Yet, if one were to watch a made for television movie like HBO's Gotti, they'd be given the distinct impression that the FBI's primary resource for going after the head of a crime family like the Gambino's, was in secreting themselves in some ancient rat hole apartment within a binocular's view of the type of social club in which organized crime has historically conducted business from.

Is such an FBI operation really legitimate, or simply more of the Bureau's propaganda, used to feed the publics appetite for such scandalous situations, as well as the colorful characters whom directors like Marty Scorsese have built their careers bringing to life on the silver screen.

It seems to me, that the FBI has more than enough resources to have taken down the entire La Cosa Nostra many decades ago. If in fact, that was FBI's real intention.

However, with the FBI oftentimes twiddling its proverbial thumbs searching for some situation in which to stick its unwanted nose, it would appear that completely ridding society of the Mafia would not necessarily be in the Bureau's best interests - especially when considering that the Mafia has oftentimes been used as the main focus for the existence of the FBI in the past.

Most FBI agents have proven themselves to be megalomaniacs suffering from a hero complex, wanting to crack the big cases that make the headlines, while real detectives do the tedious and oftentimes laborious footwork which results in the type of arrests that the FBI salivates over.

And when such notable arrests of big time Mafia capos make the headlines, they have served to bolster the FBI's sagging credibility -- at least for a time.

So in retrospect, supposing that we have a situation here, in which an unwitting public is deliberately fed this ongoing war between the FBI and the Mafia; one which goes on forever, so that the American people can never declare an official winner; yet a war in which the FBI wins enough battles in which to define itself as the good guy taking down the bad guys.

This sounds quite a bit like the War in Iraq, doesn't it?

And of course there's also the fact that from time to time the FBI gets some good press when they take down a few members of a prominent organized crime family, leaving the public with the notion that the FBI's doing an effective, yet very difficult job in keeping the streets safe for the good citizens of the United States.

However, based on the FBI's own rampant history of corruption, such a notion would in fact be a complete deception of the American people; yet a useful one in getting the Bureau the congressionally funded billions each year that it needs in order to keep its doors open.

Which is why we can probably expect to see the Mafia (for all of the FBI's rhetoric about its for all intents and purposes being dead and buried), resurrected from time to time when it serves the Bureau's public -- as well as financial -- interests.

After all, the Bureau depends on such carefully orchestrated series of smokes screens in which to survive in the modern day. A situation not unlike that of the CIA and Pentagons' resurrecting of Osama Bin Ladin and the Al Qaeda, whenever they suspect that the American people are becoming a little too comfortable, and need a "Media-Terrorist-Fix" aimed directly at them; one in which to jar their psyches back into the reality of the Bush Administration's bogus war on terror campaign.

Will The FBI Continue To Be A No Show

As for the American people and their interest in protecting society from corruption, it would appear that they are still waiting for the FBI to truly define itself as that super crime fighter that they have always been told it was created to be.

Yet, something which based on the FBI's extremely dark history will most assuredly prevent it from ever becoming.

But then again, since such a public notion is essentially nothing more than a clever piece of black propaganda anyway, perhaps the superhero stereotype of Batman will have to instead do. For it would seem that America's recent fondness for the latest Batman flick, "The Dark Night" has not gone unnoticed by the movie going public -- with "Dark Night" setting all time records at the box office.

Perhaps Americans have given up on real life heroes and seek the fictional kind which rarely if ever disappoint.

As an adjunct there's always the never ending series of crime fighting TV programs used to keep the public in a state of fear, while shamelessly promoting law enforcement as a basically benign profession; albeit one with a few warts.

As for Batman and his dark side, and in spite of all his various incarnations, we've still never deluded ourselves into believing that he is anything but fictional. Yet, even in his fictional glory, Batman has always been far more noble and decent than the late J. Edgar Hoover ever was -- or for that matter, the many successors who've since followed in his footsteps over the last few decades, only to further tarnish the reputation of an agency which now seems congenitally doomed to failure.

As for fiction, perhaps the greatest piece of it in the world today, is of the FBI's being perceived by any American citizens, as a legitimate contender for the title of ultimate crime fighter. Because the Bureau has always been anything but that.

However, a real life history of the FBI as an Americanized version of the Gestapo, created with the express intention of circumventing and undermining the U.S. Constitution, is a far more accurate description of the FBI's real and EVIL history in this country.

And once again, a textbook illustration for why such government intelligence agencies must be abolished at all costs. Americans don't need Illuminati run criminal syndicates like the FBI; we need federal agencies that will enforce the Constitutional rule of law in this country -- not those, like the FBI and the rest of its Intel brethren who spend their time and operating budgets determining the most effective ways in which to decimate our Bill Of Rights.

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