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What Is The New World Order's Ultimate Goal In Using Agencies Like The NSA To Remote Neurally Monitor Humans?

Satellite Dish Can Be Used To Intercept Your Thoughts

"It doesn't make noise, doesn't send smoke," he said. "It's almost invisible. The whole agency is virtually invisible."

-- James Bamford in reference to the NSA

"Bamford and others keyed into electronic eavesdropping say the Yakima Research Station has played a major role for decades in Echelon, the global surveillance network operated by the NSA and its counterparts in the British Commonwealth -- Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand."

-- The Associated Press

U.S. Intel's Desire To Play God With Our Lives

When one considers the motivation behind the type of spy technology that the NSA has been availing itself of for nearly thirty years, and its tremendous capabilities, one must wonder exactly what the ultimate goal is with such technology; Artificial Intelligence supercomputer driven satellite based technology capable of not only tracking a human being by their brain's own electromagnetic field, but also intercepting and decoding the thoughts of any person on this planet.

And in addition, being able to implant their information into the subconscious mind of the targeted person.

With this technology, NSA operatives are at once omniscient (all knowing), omnipresent (everywhere at once), and omnipotent (all powerful).

Where have we heard of a being who has such supernatural qualities before?

Oh that's right -- God.

So are the megalomaniacs who operate within the NSA and their Illuminist masters looking to play God with this planet's population? Is that what this technology was really designed to do?

According to two government insiders (both of whom were murdered shortly after coming forward with their information), the Nazi founded and operated National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA), has been covertly planning such an EVIL operation since the early 1980's.

See more on Operation Blue Beam at the following hyperlink:

From my own experiences as a long-term NSA satellite prisoner, it certainly seems that way, since the NSA is capable of not only illegally spying on me 24 a days, but also knowing what I am thinking at all times, as well as implanting their own thought streams (even video-like sequences) into my mind at anytime, without my being able to stop them.

The last aspect of this technology is the most horrifying of all, because the electromagnetic field which our own brains emanate, is making us vulnerable to these hi-tech satellite predators, who have not only invited themselves into our homes, and lives, but also our very own minds.

There is a word for people like these -- NAZI'S.

And there is a place for them as well -- prison as a first stop, and HELL as the second.

Especially when one considers that there is no longer any doubt that these low life reprobates can perpetrate such Orwellian crimes against any person on this planet, should they decide to. And while the targeted person(s) is helpless to stop such a covert, yet intense an invasion and manipulation of their lives.

The NSA's operatives are clearly acting in a predatory fashion here, and one way or another are eventually going to be made accountable for the outrageous crimes that they are presently perpetrating against us. They must be!

It is also little wonder why they would be demonizing those of us whom they have attacked in such treasonous and vicious ways, since these character assassinations amount to little more than an obvious smoke screen in which to obscure their crimes from the public. Horrific crimes which are committed with the use of technology which can be used to attack any person, at any given time; and without their knowledge.

The Entire Congress Can't Possibly Be Aware Of This

Even though it is likely that there are members of the U.S. Congress who are aware of the NSA's Electronic Computer To Brain Link Technology, I find it implausible that the entire Congress is aware that such remote tracking as the NSA is capable of, as well as the remote mind reading/manipulation by way of spy satellite that the NSA is currently perpetrating against myself and myriad other TI's, is actually taking place -- much less on a global scale.

No one except those who believe that they are invulnerable to such technology, would ever want it being deployed on a global scale, knowing that they themselves might be unwittingly targeted by it.

And for this reason, I do believe that if the entire Congress became aware that this technology does indeed exist, and that it can be used against anyone of them at any time, that they would join ranks to expose this technology to the public; knowing full well that when used in the hands of criminal organizations like the FBI, DHS & NSA, it could be deployed to destroy the free thought of the human being.

We have also seen quite a bit of evidence pointing towards the U.S. Intelligence community's attempts to use such technology in efforts to blackmail our politicians, so that agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA can control them. This type of situation is what has allowed U.S. Intel to become the EVIL entity that it has, and a main reason why our government has become so inherently corrupted.

Especially since when deployed in such a massive way, remote neural monitoring of the collective brain of the global population by way of Electronic Computer To Brain Link, could well result in the simultaneous mind manipulation of every person on this planet -- or at the very least the global middle class (Proletariat).

The federal agencies that are looking to discredit those of us who have blown the whistle on this technology will attempt to tell you that we are the ones who are crazy. However, it is those who know about this technology, yet would wantonly deploy it against any person whom they chose to (and in complete violation of the U.S. Bill Of Rights) , who are in fact criminally insane.

As for the FBI/DHS psychological operations "trigger" campaign against me, and their recent concentration on the word dumb, consider the following:

How intelligent could these agents be, if while covertly accessing the mind of a person whom they were illegally targeting for non consensual human experimentation, such as the NSA's Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology, that they would after years of having done so furtively, suddenly allow the targeted person to know that they could see him within his own home as well as read his thoughts?

Not very intelligent of these agents at all was it?

Obviously this was done as a further act of cruelty by these filthy Nazi reprobates, yet which ended up blowing up in their faces, because it allowed me to know that they must have had access to specialized satellite based technology in which to perpetrate such outrageous crimes against humanity (as well as the 4TH Amendment).

And as soon as my research helped me to locate this technology, the first thing that I did in realizing how dangerous it is to the human mind, was to create this Website, so that the public could learn of the extreme ways in which agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS were illegally spying upon them, as well as remotely and electronically tapping into their own minds.

As a U.S. Federal Government sanctioned mind control target, it is my obligation as an American citizen, to alert the public to this insidious technology, and those treasonous government criminals who are deploying it against them, for their own safety.

As for those deploying this technology against my person and myriad others, these are NAZI's that we are talking about here - NOT Americans! And they have harbored themselves within the U.S. Intelligence community.

So are we as a nation going to let them continue to harbor themselves within U.S. Intel or are we going to reactivate the Church Committee Hearings in which to expose these criminals and hold them accountable for their blatant and treasonous crimes against the American people?

For far too many decades, U.S. Intel has operated completely outside the Constitutional rule of law, and without the checks and balances called for in which to make them accountable for their crimes. Which is why they continue to remain unaccountable, and when faced with the prospect of another Church Committee Hearing, cry National Security, in efforts to end such an investigation before it gets started.

To say that the U.S. Intel community is secretive by its very nature is obvious enough. However, what should also be just as obvious to the American people, yet which is for the most part not at all obvious, is that U.S. Intel has been using the cover of National Security in which to obscure their crimes against the American people, since the National Security Act and the National Security Council were first created in the 1940's.

And this can no longer be tolerated.

As for the FEDS' use of the word dumb in which to insult my person, unwittingly alerting me to the fact that they were targeting me for such technology for decades, is the equivalent of firing artillery while radioing ahead.

Just plain DUMB! A George W. Bush Kind Of DUMB!

These FEDS Have Some Set Of COJONES!

As for the FEDS' demonization of my person and their constant and oftentimes ignorant and disgusting insults, the truth is that these ZEROES mean absolutely nothing to me or anyone else whom they are presently torturing. No one who is as pernicious as these federal hate mongers are will ever mean anything to me, or for that matter anyone else, because they are in essence arch criminals -- LYING, torturing, murdering sadistic THUGS without an ounce of conscience or decency.

And as I have stated in the past, they will be remembered as nothing more than a malignant footnote in American History -- that is if they are ever remembered at all.

I have been abused so viciously by these subterranean refuse, that I am ready to die for what I believe in, and at anytime. I have documented the truth about these reprobates, and I go to my death knowing what LYING, torturing, murdering scoundrels these so called agents are. And I take great satisfaction in knowing that in large part because of my work in exposing them, the people around this planet are beginning to awaken to the fact that the United States of America is being run by a very wealthy white collar criminal syndicate, that controls the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Media Complex.

The FEDS Are Cowards Who Will Not Risk Death

And I will guarantee you, that these Guilly suited and cowardly federal miscreants want to live long enough to destroy the lives of millions of others, just as they did two innocent tax protesters by the name of *Ed and Elaine Brown; not to mention three of their loyal supporters: Danny Reilly, Jason Gerhard, and Cirino Gonzalez -- all three of whom were wrongfully convicted, and who will now be spending decades in prison for helping two American Patriots stand up to the criminal and EVIL IRS and Federal Reserve Bank.

* Federal provocateur Daniel Farriogli (AKA DUTCH) will have to live knowing that he setup two decent people who were found guilty of a NON CRIME, while aiding and abetting his criminal brethren, as well as the Nazi run Federal Reserve Bank and its IRS bag man.

And for the record, the FEDS can take the word terrorist and stuff it, because they've completely abused this term for their own criminal means, in which to destroy our Bill Of Rights. They are the enemy of the American people and basic human decency. And they have been getting away with murder. They are the real TERRORISTS!

Spying on people in their bedrooms and bathrooms -- what filth!

Any federal agency that would spy on an American citizen within the privacy of their own home for one minute, much less for decades on end, while subjecting that citizen to non consensual human experimentation, is not only criminal by nature, but complete anathema to the human race!


What The People Of This Planet Must Now Face

The NSA's satellite driven Artificial Intelligence computers are a manifestation of the New World Order's desire to know what each of us is doing and thinking 24 hours a day.

As I have seen for myself, through the NSA's Electronic Computer To Brain Link Technology, this agency can be used to attach an NSA supercomputer to the EMF field given off by the brain of every person on this planet, while completely destroying both our physical privacy as well as that of our own thoughts.

None of you should stand by and take such an abject abuse of your rights without fighting back.

See AKWEI VS NSA at the following Website to learn more about the NSA's satellite tracking systems, and the threat that this Nazi founded and operated agency poses to both your freedom and privacy.

NSA Caught Illegally Spying Again:

NSA listening post in Yakima is secret no more Satellite dish helps White House eavesdrop

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday, January 30, 2006

-- Just a few miles north of town, the National Security Agency is eavesdropping on the world with satellite dishes that pick up satellite and microwave signals from cell phones, e-mails and home phones.

The listening post has a view of Interstate 82 from its location on the Army?s gigantic Yakima Training Center, but it may be one of the best-kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest.

That could change during the debate about the Bush administration?s surveillance of domestic communications with parties overseas.

"In the entire country, it happens to be in your back yard," said James Bamford, a former network news investigative producer who documented the Yakima installation in his 1982 book about the NSA, "The Puzzle Palace."

"It doesn?t make noise, doesn?t send smoke," he said. "It?s almost invisible. The whole agency is virtually invisible."

Bamford and others keyed into electronic eavesdropping say the Yakima Research Station has played a major role for decades in Echelon, the global surveillance network operated by the NSA and its counterparts in the British Commonwealth -- Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

And it has a sister installation in Sugar Grove, W.Va.

Created by a secret executive order signed by President Truman in 1952, the agency spent its early days doing wiretaps of telephones and telegraph lines. By the late 1960s, it had a growing array of listening posts capable of intercepting satellite signals.

Because the Earth is curved, intercepting satellite communications takes teamwork. The result is Echelon and its network of listening posts. The biggest is thought to be at Menwith Hill north of London.

Passers-by can see the satellite dishes from the freeway north of Selah, but that?s as close as they?re likely to get.

Access is severely restricted, enforced by its location inside a 260,000-acre Army base used primarily for artillery training and target practice.

The base?s official Web site does not mention the installation.

"We really don't have any comment about the research station," center spokesman Jim Red*** told the Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper last week.

Spy This, America & Pass it On!
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