Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The FBI's Connection To The UFO Majic -12 Group -- Authorized By President Harry Truman In The Early 1950's After The 1947 UFO Crash In Roswell NM

In addition to its myriad acts of treason against the American people more then five decades ago, the FBI was used by the then newly created Intelligence community in the United States to aid and abet a U.S. Federal Government cover up in regard to both the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence, as well as a treatise between this government and these EBE's (extra terrestrial biological entities).

As part of its cover up of what is certainly the most treasonous act against the American people (on par with the NSA's illegal satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of our brains by way of Electronic To Computer Brain Link), the FBI was used to create disinformation in regard to the truth behind this treatise, as well as the fact that EBE's do exist.
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