Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The NSA Continues In A Steady Decline As Its Nazi Ideals Are Further Exposed To The American People

For the following post I just received an electronic bullet to the head which nearly knocked me out of the chair I am sitting in. Typical of the electronic terror that I am subjected to by the Nazi garbage operating within the NSA's New World Order Hi-Tech Forte Meade HELL MACHINE.

The NSA Now Brands Americans Like Heads Of Cattle

"Even worse, is that with access to such advanced satellite tracking technology, the NSA has now electronically branded all American citizens by way of the unique *EMF field which emanates from each of their brains, in which to use as a tracking device - and as if they were heads of cattle! This tracking system also allows the NSA to remotely read our thoughts through its Electronic Computer To Brain Link Technology, as well as maintaining "REAL TIME" dossiers on the entire U.S. population!

* Our electromagnetic fields are probably catalogued by the NSA through our own Social Security numbers, allowing for efficient retrieval of information relating to our persons at anytime, by NSA personnel. So much for the 4TH Amendment and our privacy!

In reality, a more advanced type of cataloguing system, yet serving a nearly identical purpose to the Hollerith machine created by IBM in the 1930's, and utilized by Hitler's Gestapo, in which to identify, round up, and imprison the Jews during the Jewish Holocaust.

Will you be the NEW JEWS in the coming New World Order Holocaust?"

-- James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/ Mind Control Target

Read John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit against the NSA

See Akwei VS NSA here:

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