Friday, September 12, 2008

More NSA Directed Energy Attacks & A Federal Government That Is Hell Bent On Deceiving Its Own Citizens-- The United Disgrace Of America

"The Illuminati run U.S. Intelligence Community's attempts to hide their treasonous crimes of satellite predation from the American people, have become as obvious as a Rhinoceros attempting to hide its immenseness behind a pebble."

The NSA's Electronic Attacks On My Person Continue

The NSA continues this day to subject me to pulsed and directed radiation by way of Echelon spy satellite, resulting in fatigue, nausea, dizziness and headache. The NSA are like their FBI, CIA, DHS et. al. U.S. Intel brethren, covert Nazi disciples who utilize this technology to torture and murder American men, women and children within the privacy of their own homes, yet with plausible denial, given the furtive nature of these satellite based directed energy weapons. These New World Order mercenaries must be stopped at all costs before they do any further damage to us as both a nation and a people.

As for those who refer to the "SECRET SERVICES" in regard to their harassment, this term is far too generic, and has me wondering if those who have done so may in fact be provocateurs, looking to "BLEND IN" to the TI community, while never specifying a particular agency -- again, a situation designed to prevent these federal blood suckers from ever being identified.

Given the very treasonous nature of what the global intelligence community is taking part in against the citizens of their respective countries, there is absolutely no doubt that these agencies are covertly monitoring with great intensity, those who are legitimate TI's, in order to discredit them.

I also find those who utilize the term normal TI, to be promulgating an oxymoron (much like the incorrect term gang stalking -- instead of the more accurate term of organized stalking) , since there is no possible way that a person being targeted for remote forms of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, can ever be considered as being normal.

There is nothing normal about the life of a TI who is being targeted for mind control research.

Again I sense Intel subversion in many of the groups who have organized to combat the crimes of non consensual human experimentation, in further attempts to destroy these movements, as these government reprobates have done a myriad of times in the past, and with a great many groups focused on human rights and other forms of political activism. The subterfuge caused by these federal agencies, in the ways in which they infiltrate such groups, is akin to a group of small fires which can quickly become a raging inferno if they are not monitored around the clock.

Therefore, vigilance is a must. Especially when dealing with Nazi-minded groups of government agents who have no compunction about demonizing those whom they target for such illegal activities, in efforts to destroy their credibility -- and the TRUTH along with it. All while attempting to use a variety of illegal tactics in which to covertly torture and murder these people.

The repugnant behavior of these agents and the cells in which they operate as groups will be remembered as nothing more than a malignant footnote in American History -- that is, if they are remembered at all.

Moreover, there is nothing NORMAL in regard to one's life when one is being targeted by secreted Nazi filth within one's own government, who have access to Artificial Intelligence supercomputers and spy satellites in which to remotely attack one's mind, while decimating their rights as citizens of their respective countries.

Those who propagate such attacks are truly EVIL and a cancer on the human race. Those agents who operate within U.S. Intel have become such a perversion of humanity, and the most SERIOUS DANGER that the American people now face.

Moreover, what would appear to be abnormal behavior in such situations as the aforementioned, may in fact be perfectly normal responses to such Orwellian attacks on one's life -- especially when psychological operations and psychotronic and directed energy weaponry are involved in these pernicious attacks.

It is these aspects of such covert attacks that U.S. Intel is desperately attempting to keep the public from learning of, since the American people would quickly move to cut U.S. Intel's funding.

An exposition of such treasonous activity would certainly be a benefit to the American people, yet a disaster for the Nazi minded criminals who have subverted our government and country, and whose treasonous crimes are beginning to surface on a national scale.

Crimes which include but are not limited to the NSA and FBIs' use of satellite based remote forms of mind reading and influencing, which are anathema to basic human rights, as well as being illegal in every sense of the word!

What the NSA, FBI and DHS are perpetrating with this technology is nothing less than a hi-tech form of satellite predation! Which is why they cannot face those of us whom they are attacking in such ways, and instead use their dirty tactics to egregiously violate our rights as citizens of this country, since every aspect of what these mercenary predators are taking part in is just further evidence of their intent to destroy the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

The FEDS are breaking the law here in the most outrageous ways ever documented and they REFUSE to take responsibility for having committed such outrageous crimes - including but not limited to those in regard to the 4TH and 5TH Amendments.

And they operate completely devoid of ethics or morality -- in truth, they have no honor.

Moreover, through their covert electronic predation of American citizens, these agents have made themselves the targets of the now emerging scandals which will continue to plague them for the rest of their lives.

The result of their chicanery, and complete and criminal disregard for laws which these agents took a sworn oath to uphold. So is it any wonder why they would now attempt to completely obscure such crimes, by demonizing those who would be able to systematically take their LIES apart in a court of law, while exposing the NSA and its classified technology to a federal jury for the first time?

A situation in which agencies like the FBI and NSA would be exposed in a federal court of law for illegally waging their own personal vendettas against any American citizen of their choosing, while violating the rights of such citizens under the color and cover of law, and with complete impunity for having done so.

It is time for such treasonous organizations to be abolished!

These are public servants who are supposed to be defending the Constitutional rule of law; not stomping all over it, as they continue to do in the present day. And looking to curry favor with a few well meaning politicians is not going to save the TI community from the New World Order government, which is now emerging on an international scale.

For we have already seen what happens to decent federal agents, police officers, journalists and politicians who attempt to expose this New World Order beast for what it is -- they are fired from their jobs, ostracized within their own communities, and made complete pariahs of, as they battle each day simply to remain alive.

Their crime: attempting to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and American people.

The American Proletariat
Not Politicians
Will Bring Necessary Reform

The core of our body politic has clearly forgotten the purpose for which they were elected. And it is up to the people of this country to ensure that those public servants who violate our laws and inherent rights as citizens of this country, in such blatant and vile ways, are made to be held accountable for having done so.

These federal officials must begin to adhere to the Checks and Balances called for by the U.S. Constitution, or suffer the consequences for having failed to do so.

For if these public servants continue to be as abusive as they have been in the past, they will most certainly invite the type of critical responses by the people of this country, that are typical of such tyrannical and abusive government employees.

There is no reason for any American citizen to have to tolerate being spied upon or tortured by way of satellite based electronic warfare within the privacy of their own home, much less, being used by the NSA, FBI or any other government agency for non consensual human experimentation.

And the mere fact that these criminals are covertly perpetrating such crimes against us should illustrate for all Americans, that we do have a core group of Nazi's within the U.S. Federal Government who continue to subvert our government for their own means. A practice which was catalysed through the privately held and Illuminati controlled Federal Reserve Bank in the early part of the 20TH Century.

Still worse is that the current standing president and vice president are serving this core group of subversives, which clearly explains this country's horrific downward spiral over the past eight years. And what's worse is that if the next presidential election takes place (meaning that those who gave us 9-11 decide that another attack in unnecessary), the future president and vice president will be just as controlled by this group of Illuminati as the current president and his cabinet have been for the past eight years.

And it is time to do something about it.

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