Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Three Of The Many Illuminati Controlled Organizations In The United States -- Also The Federal Reserve Bank and Council On Foreign Relations

The First "THREE" Letters Of The Illuminati
Says Much About Their Mental Health

Read the following E-book to learn more about the COMPLETE FRAUD that the U.S. Federal Government has become under the Illuminati controlled FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM & COUNCIL On FOREIGN RELATIONS.

Final Warning: A History of The New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
by David Rivera, 1994

These treasonous reprobates are covertly destroying the United States from within its own borders and demonizing anyone who reveals this travesty to the American people.

There are so many treasonous crimes that agencies like the FBI alone commit against the American people, while looking to cover them up anyway possible. The FBI has always been just as Illuminati controlled as the U.S. Congress has been for more than a Century, and a political arm of the Illuminati in the United States.

There is no criminal act including murder that the FBI will not commit.

When President Nixon (a closet Communist) was paranoid in regard to the actions of the Brookings Institute, he contemplated having the organization's main headquarters blown up so that the FBI would have an excuse to confiscate the Institute's files.

These are the kind of paranoid cranks that we have running this country. George W. Bush's illegal use of the NSA to conduct his own personal spy campaign on people who have spoken out against him, is yet a further instance of such treasonous abuses and misuses of these agencies.

I have regularly documented the FBI and DHS intimidation of my own Family in the FEDS' covert and illegal attack on my person, simply because these agencies CANNOT afford to have the TRUTH about their crimes against us being acknowledged. And for this reason, my Family continues to be brutalized by them, without being able to publicly disclose what the FBI and DHS have subjected to them to.

It is totally outrageous that such an egregious violation of their inherent rights as American citizens can be perpetrated in such Communist ways!

A situation where the FBI and its criminal brethren continue to abuse my Family psychologically on a daily basis, while using what can be termed as nothing less than EXTORTION in which to force them to remain silent in regard to what they are being subjected to.

The FBI, NSA and DHS are a COMPLETE STAIN on the American people and our Bill Of Rights.

A situation in which these federal reprobates have on a weekly basis demonized my person to my own Family, for many years, while using every form of brain washing tactic and intimidation in which to keep them from speaking out in regard to the vicious attacks that the FEDS continue to perpetrate against all of us.

This is just further proof of the criminal conspiracy that the FBI and NSA begain against my person decades ago, and of the tremendous damage that these Illuminati-whore agencies are perpetrating against us.

My Family is well aware that this blog exists and that I have told the truth in regard to the crimes that these agencies have committed against us. They are also aware that if they corroborate what I have written here as it applies to the FEDS' covert attacks on my person, that they too will become as aggressively attacked as I have been over these many years.

As I have stated in the past, I will not allow these filthy government traitors to violate the rights of my Family or self as they have. And will do everything humanly possible in which to expose every aspect of what these New World Order CRIMINALS have and continue to subject us to as a family!

These are perverted pieces of GARBAGE that are videotaping us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms -- these so called agents are nothing but FILTHY SEXUAL PREDATORS! And there are now many other TI's who have taken to the Internet to document similar outrageous abuses by these Illuminati controlled mercenaries -- THUGS FOR HIRE!

The FBI, NSA, DHS, and their brethren in crime are an outrageous threat to the privacy of the American people!

The FEDS' attacks on us are typical of one of the Illuminati's prime agendas -- that of destroying the concept of family. Such attacks are also indicative of how agencies like the FBI rigorously adhere to Illuminati doctrine, while violating every single aspect of the Constitutional rule of law and basic human decency.

They are despicable! They are monsters! They are Illuminati!

Final Warning: A History of The New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
by David Rivera, 1994
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