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Former NSA Agent/Whistleblower Russell Tice Never Testified Before The Senate In Regard To NSA Scandal Story Broken By Democracy NOW!'s Amy Goodman

"We are asking for a congressional hearing based upon what Richard Tice former NSA told the senate behind closed doors."

The aforementioned comment was made on the Website of another TI, in regard to a public meeting of TI's pertaining to directed energy weaponry, which is to take place on October 11TH, 2008.

However, to my knowledge, back in 2006 the FBI served former NSA operative Russell Tice with a subpoena, while preventing him from testifying before a senate subcommittee in regard to what he knew about the NSA.

He missed the first scheduled date, and as far as I know, never rescheduled to testify, stating at the time, that the FBI was all over him, threatening to arrest Tice if he disclosed any classified information.

Tice himself, said that the FBI was doing this in efforts to intimidate other NSA employees from corroborating his information. As usual the FBI was obstructing justice instead of helping to expose serious crimes being perpetrated within the U.S. Federal Government.


Russell Tice getting the Sibel Edmonds' Gag Treatment:


Given that the person who made the above quote is interested in having a Congressional hearing based on testimony which has yet to have even taken place, it would appear that they are putting the cart before the horse.

And in all likelihood, given the scandalous and possibly treasonous information that Russell Tice has to offer as evidence of the crimes being committed by the NSA, the FBI will see to it that he is never allowed to testify, and with the Congresses blessing.

A further indication of the criminal element which has completely overrun the U.S. Federal Government and now seeks to destroy any persons who can corroborate these crimes.

I have a strong suspicion that Tice's information has to do with the NSA's illegal use of its Echelon satellite SPY network, in which to track Americans by way of their own bio electromagnetic fields. And if this is the case, then much of what Tice would be testifying to, will be a rehash of what John St. Clair Akwei has already covered in his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, as well as what I have discussed in depth on this Website.

As for the NSA and FBI, they will continue to block legitimate investigations into these crimes, because as I have stated myriad times in the past, their use of this technology to remotely track Americans by way of their own electromagnetic fields is a scandalous enough crime, to topple the U.S. Federal Government.

There is absolutely no question, that the NSA's predation by way of satellite is this outrageous.

So the FEDS continue in their efforts to destroy the credibility of legitimate victims of these crimes of satellite predation, while attempting to white wash what is certainly the greatest scandal in American History.

A scandal, that even U.S. Intel is no longer able to contain. Nor should they be, given the number of agents who would like to blow the whistle on the NSA, if given the opportunity in which to do so (this according to Russell Tice).

As American citizens ask yourselves the following question:

If there wasn't something seriously wrong within the United States Intelligence community, would you have more than 100 former government agents joining forces to expose these crimes, as well as those of a treasonous government which now seeks to completely undermine our Constitutional rule of law?

Of course not. However, such a coalition now exists, and is clear proof of the collapse of our Constitutional rule of law.

Can all of the members of this coalition be wrong? It's highly unlikely.

Website for the National Security Whistleblower's Coalition. Another manifestation of the Illuminati's designs on our government and country:


As many Americans begin to awaken in this country, to what is truly an impending disaster, they are going to wonder how it is that the United States ended up in the dire straights that it has, and why most of them never even had an inking that anything was wrong.

The following E-book is perhaps the best primer on the Internet at this time which describes how the United States ended up in the shape it's in; a victim of the Jesuit run Illuminati, and their global banking criminal syndicate. A syndicate which has many locations around the world, and in the United States, resides within the privately held Federal Reserve central bank in the modern day.

The Illuminati is as firmly entrenched in the United States as they are in many other countries. And a collapse of the Federal Reserve Bank would not only in large part restore the American economy (by completely eradicating the federal income tax and the IRS) , but also send the Illuminati packing, until they could find yet another angle in which to defraud the American people of their sovereignty.

Illuminists have been invading and getting driven out of countries who recognized their pernicious intents since Adam Weishaupt first created the organization at the request of Mayer Rothschild, more than two centuries ago. And it is time for them to be kicked out of the United States.

Free yourselves from the Illuminati induced matrix that has tarnished this planet, by beginning your odyssey here. It begins with something the Illuminati driven U.S. Federal Government has been keeping from the American people for more than a century: the truth. And once you've learned of this mass deception of the Proletariat, you can begin to understand that the Illuminati has always been about class warfare -- it is the wealthy educated class that is constantly finding new ways in which to burden and enslave the middle class.

For the past few years I have spent countless hours researching myriad topics, as pertain to the Illuminati and their dramatic influence on the people of this planet.

However, the following E-book offers years worth of research in nine easy to read chapters and subchapters. See for yourselves why the Illuminati is such a formidable force to be reckoned with, and (if you are like most people) how it has deprived you and your loved ones of a better of quality of life.

"Final warning: A History of the New world Order -- Illuminism and the master plan for world domination " -- by David Rivera, 1994

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