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A Tragedy That Could Have Been Averted? Was My Cousin's Unborn Child Murdered By Way Of Directed Energy Weaponry?

* I should preface the following by stating that since the FBI/NSA/DHS campaign against my person became overt in 2003, I have been subjected to a myriad of gas lighting campaigns in which to drive me over the edge. Oftentimes I am told of events which I later find have been complete fabrications orchestrated by the FEDS as yet another adjunct in the COINTELPRO operations that they have waged against me for decades.

Their objective remains as follows:

Through the use of as many diabolical machinations as possible, create a horrible situation in the life of a person who's being targeted for such depraved tactics; a situation in which such outrageous violations of both their physical privacy as well as that of their privacy of mind is constantly attacked; so relentlessly, that they become the proverbial "powder keg."

Of course the FEDS will justify perpetrating such vicious crimes, as a result of their own psychopathology, which from what I have observed remains in many of these agents -- even after they have left their positions with U.S. Intel.

I should, however, state that I have no reason to believe that the following account in regard to my cousin is untrue. I believe that it is not only true, but that the FEDS may well have played a role in what transpired in her life at the end of last week.

My Cousin Loses Her Unborn Child

Last week I learned that a cousin of mine who was several months pregnant had been told during the most recent visit with her obstetrician, that her unborn child's heart was no longer beating. She was forced to go directly to the hospital where doctors induced her labor, and delivered her dead baby. To say that our entire family is devastated by this is not an understatement.

From what I have been told, the umbilical cord between child and mother had been badly damaged, and could not carry the necessary nutrients to my cousin's unborn child.

So how was the umbilical cord damaged? Her doctor did not seem to know.

Another anomalous situation. However any TI will tell you that when being attacked by government agencies in efforts to cover up their treasonous crimes against you, that such anomalies become common place.

Could the umbilical cord have been remotely damaged by way of directed energy weaponry?

One of many common characteristics that TI's have noted in their own harassment is that those who attack us, also oftentimes perpetrate covert attacks on our loved ones as well. Especially when their demonization campaigns against ourselves are failing.

I will now be left to wonder if this latest tragedy in our family was not an accident, but instead a covert murder -- deliberately caused by way of the same technology that I experience daily.

If these pieces of subhuman refuse can murder an unborn child within its mother's womb, there is no depth to which they will not plumb. And here, I refer directly to the NSA and FBI.

And if they have in fact perpetrated this crime against my cousin and her unborn child, these Illuminists will have only served to further prove how abjectly EVIL they really are.

Since 2003, when the harassment of my person went from covert to overt mode, a constant theme of the FEDS has been: "you are killing your family."

However, it is painfully clear that it is the FEDS who are intent are covertly murdering both my Family and self. And over the past several years, I have done everything possible in which to alert the public to the crimes that these federal reprobates have been subjecting my Family and me to, in efforts to force them to cease and desist in this rampant and treasonous criminality.

A situation in which there is absolutely no due process of law, because it has been the FBI, NSA and DHS who have been committing these crimes, and attempting to obfuscate the facts through their own black propaganda, as well as their use of psychological warfare in which to drive me to a state of instability in which I will FINALLY fit the profile which the FBI has wrongfully saddled me with.

As I have said in the past, this is what happens when a federal agent decides to use their position in authority in which to violate your Constitutional rights under the color of law. Something which an FBI agent by the name of Ray Migliore perpetrated against my person many decades ago. And which the FBI must now cover up for by destroying my Family and self.

The FEDS are not about to admit that one of their agents is guilty of such a hideous crime, and will go to great lengths in which to deny these allegations -- including claiming that Ray never worked for them. Another outright LIE.

As a result of this cover up, the FEDS' attacks on us as a Family continue to establish new precedents of cruelty, as well as violations of the Constitution and basic human rights. Which is why they will never be tolerated.

Moreover, the FEDS covert attacks on us have become a declaration of war on our rights as well as that of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. And this situation has clearly become a watershed event in regard to how government agencies like the FBI and NSA, will plumb new lows for themselves when attempting to cover up their own outrageous crimes.

These agencies are complete anathema to basic human decency. And their cruelty is characteristic of the Nazi dogmas which they espouse for themselves. Torturing, murdering, LYING, treasonous THUGS whose megalomanical characters typify the very essence of psychopathic behavior.

One day soon, the U.S. Intelligence community will have its own rampant criminality to thank for its eventual and just abolition.

However, until that day, I will spend my days documenting every aspect of one of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights in this country's history.

And in doing so, I will also establish a precedent in which every American citizen will begin to realize that agencies like the FBI and NSA have covertly destroyed any sense of privacy that the American people had left, through the EVIL use of satellite networks like Echelon, which are being utilized to remotely track and electronically TAG Americans, by way of their brain's own unique electromagnetic fields -- a crime against humanity and Hi-Tech form of electronic satellite predation, which will NEVER be tolerated!

These Illuminati run agencies now threaten the free and creative thought of the individual, and in doing so, announce their intentions to destroy humanity for their own insidious agendas.

Remember what the *CIA's Dr. Jose Delgado once stated in regard to the free thought of human kind?

*The CIA was created by the Illuminati and has always been one of its strongholds here in the United States.

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

-- Dr. Jose Delgado

The Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118

February 24, 1974

In making his statement, Delgado also clearly espoused the Illuminati's desire to destroy the free thought of humankind, while turning humans into a sort of cybernetic being that would be controlled by way of an advanced computer driven satellite spy network.

Essentially what the NSA is presently attempting to do with its Echelon Satellite SPY network; one that relies on Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology, which can decode the thoughts of any person being targeted.

This same system can also be used for the purpose of brainwave entrainment, in which to remotely enter a targeted person's brain in which to implant messages into the subconscious mind of that person, in order to manipulate their thoughts and actions. (Once again, a crime which I have been subjected to for the past 28 years).

Why Is The NSA Doing This?

Why do you think that all Americans have been catalouged into the NSA's database by way of their brain's own bio electromagnetic fingerprints?

The reason for this is that the NSA is the information hub of the New World Order, and is presently being used to electronically tag us so that real time dossiers on all American citizens can be compiled by way of the NSA through its Artifical Intelligence supercomputer database.

With this technology, the NSA is now able to become a physical part of each of us, without our knowledge or consent. And this means that this Nazi run agency can know what we are doing as well as thinking 24 hours a day, while conducting covert experiments on each of us (as they have done with me for decades).

This, while circumventing every aspect of our Constitutional rule of law.

And this is no longer a situation in which NSA employees themselves are free to blow the whistle on such crimes, as we have now seen in regard to John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice. Both of whom the NSA and FBI have neutralized with extreme prejudice.

However, at least John Akwei was able to file a lawsuit against the NSA, which was in part published by Nexus Magazine back in 1996.

*See AKWEI VS NSA here:


Russ Tice has been hounded by the FBI for the past two years in efforts to prevent him from telling the public what scandalous information he has in regard to the NSA.

Information which I believe concerns the NSA's illegal electronic tagging and monitoring of American citizens by way of their brain's own unique EMF fields, without their knowledge or consent. If so, this would corroborate what both John St. Clair Akwei as well as myself (and now myriad others) have stated in regard to the NSA's use of Echelon, for the purpose of satellite predation, and other forms of Hi-Tech crimes.

However, what Tice was able to reveal to the American people before the FBI was called in to neutralize him, was that many NSA employees know that this agency is committing horrific and treasonous crimes against the American people, but have been intimidated by the hierarchy within the NSA into not speaking out about them.

This is how Holocausts begin.

This is also a clear sign of the tyrannical nature of the U.S.Intelligence community, which has been known to destroy the lives of many of its own agents, when they attempted to expose treasonous crimes which were occurring within the walls of these agencies.

Tice also said that many NSA employees who did speak out, lost their clearances, and in some cases, as is the case with Tice himself, were also fired from their jobs.

The NSA is hiding a lot from the American people, and Americans must enforce their rights under the U.S. Constitution in order to expose what is going on behind the walls of the NSA, as well as its criminal Intel brethren.

As Americans, we cannot allow these covert Nazi's to get away with these crimes, and must do everything within our power to expose them globally, for their very existence has become nothing more than a treasonous LIE.
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