Monday, September 22, 2008

FEDS Continue To Sabotage Internet Venues -- Ebay Is The Latest

As I have stated myriad times in the past, the FBI, NSA, DHS and their criminal Illuminati provocateurs are responsible for attacking every aspect of my life by way of various means, including electronic warfare.

In the case of the Internet, this means sabotaging every venue which I have access to, including this blog, E-mail accounts, and a number of other Internet locales which I visit. Over a year ago the FEDS began sending me bogus E-mails from Ebay claiming that my account would be closed if I did not update information, or that someone had actually hacked the account -- all of this information was as fraudulent as the FEDS themselves are in their masquerade as law enforcement.

More recently, the FEDS or their provocateurs have been accessing my Ebay account, to delete the items that I have listed in my summary section -- items that I am watching or in some cases bidding on. Such activity is clearly illegal, and a further illustration of the criminal intentions of these Illuminati run agencies.

This harassment is also further evidence of the FEDS' frustration with my corroboration of the information contained within former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, as it pertains to the NSA's illegal satellite tracking of American citizens, as well as their use of many citizens (including Akwei, myself and myriad others) for non consensual human experimentation, by way of Electronic Computer To Brain Link Technology.

The greatest scandal in both American history as well as that of human history.

However, the FEDS will not deter me from documenting every aspect of their criminality, including the egregious violations of the United States Constitution that they have and continue to perptrate against my Family and self.

These agencies and their criminal agents must be held accountable for these outrageous crimes and exposed globally for the Illuminati whom they are.
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