Tuesday, September 23, 2008

U.S. Federal Government's Century Long Deception Of Its Financial Woes Finally Ends In A Wicked Backlash -- An American People Again Victimized

The U.S. Congress Attempts To Stick It To Americans Again

The complete division between Congressional members in regard to the latest recommended bailout of the financial economy is just a further indication of the desperation that these politicians are experiencing, the result of the U.S. Congresses treasonous deception of the American people, with its criminal passage of the Federal Reserve Act back in the early 1900's..

As such, the U.S. Federal Government, and more importantly, the American people themselves, are now facing the most turbulent time in the history of this country; a situation in which the LIES of the U.S. Congress and the privately held Federal Reserve System and IRS, have mounted to such an extreme level, that the aforementioned can no longer hide the true reasons for the present economic collapse in this country.

Although that hasn't stopped them from trying to.

The American people sense this, and are now beginning to understand just how dire this situation is. For example, after George W. Bush spoke to the nation earlier today in regard to an economic bailout plan -- Wall Street again tanked -- a further indication that the American people have absolutely no confidence in this lame duck of a president or his administration, and even less in the U.S. Congress or the privately held Federal Reserve System.

(This suggested bailout plan is essentially just more smoke and mirrors put forth by the Federal Reserve System, since the more funny money they pump into the U.S. economy, the more damage they are doing to the already nearly worthless Federal Reserve Note.)

And while many Americans are now expressing legitimate concerns for what comes next, myriad others continue to stick their heads in the proverbial sandbox, hoping that some miracle will take place.

However, it is the American people's having ignored this situation for so long, hoping that someone else would solve the financial woes of this country, that have in large part gotten us to where we are today.

Moreover, it has become quite obvious that our so called economic pundits on Wall Street don't know what the hell they are talking about, and are so steeped in the Federal Reserve System's corrupted way of running the financial system in this country, that they have no concept of how to get out of the following economic disaster which is now plaguing the American people.

One analyst who stated that the Federal Reserve might pump a trillion or more dollars into the U.S. economy before this situation is through, only revealed just how inherently ignorant he and myriad other analysts really are, in spite of their claims of being financial experts.

There is no easy fix here.

The only way in which to put the American economy back on its feet is to abolish the Illuminati owned and operated privately held Federal Reserve System, while taking back the gold bullion which it began looting from us in the early 1930's, when America was still a prosperous manufacturing nation.

It is this gold which will return our currency to its former value, and RID US of the inflation that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank has been responsible for creating since taking us off the gold standard in 1935.

At no time while we were on the gold standard did the United States ever have inflation. And that is the best illustration for the importance of having gold as the backbone of our currency and financial system.

Nothing less is going to save the U.S. economy. And the truth of the matter is that the Illuminati don't want to save our economy. They in fact created the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 with the express intention of one day destroying the U.S. economy and are now sitting back watching joyfully as our economy is crumbling under the weight of a currency which has become virtually worthless.

This while our politicians, many of whom have quietly sanctioned this treasonous betrayal, attempt to put on a show for the American people in regard to how they are going to breathe new life into a financial system that was doomed to failure a Century ago.


Americans must learn more about the Illuminati's creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, for the express purpose of taking over the U.S. Federal Government, in efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic, and the freedoms which Americans have always associated with the United States.

The Illuminati has been attempting to destroy this country since our forefathers first broke away from England, because they understood that a Constitutional Republic was the best form of government for protecting the rights of all citizens, and if successful, would threaten the tyrannical monarchies which dominated the globe.

Since that time, they have murdered any president who has attempted to restore the United States to her former days as a constitutional republic -- including John F. Kennedy, Warren G. Harding, and Abraham Lincoln.

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