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Another Example Of The Sick Mindedness & Arrogance Of The New World Order's Mercenary Squad (Formerly Police)

Why Are So Many Suspects Running From Police?

Unfortunately, on far too many occasions, police officers like Lance Corporal Steven Garren have unwittingly showed us why. A sick minded and sadistic enjoyment in hurting others, and looking for plausible reasons in which to do so -- a defining characteristic of agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA.

Many suspects will tell the public that they ran from a traffic stop because they were afraid that the cops in hot pursuit were going to taser them, or beat them mercilessly; even if they had surrendered peacefully. In recent years, Americans have seen an increase in such vicious attacks in which while on the ground and in total submission, suspects were cruelly beaten, while putting up no resistance at all.

*One suspect was even shot by a female officer as he laid face down on the ground in handcuffs, when her firearm accidentally discharged.

*See this suspect laying helplessly on the ground as he is shot by a police officer:

Such cops are becoming the types of mind controlled robots that many activist organizations looking to expose the government sanctioned crime of non consensual human experimentation, are now condemning as nothing more than New World Order mercenaries, who will torture and kill on command.

This is a form of brainwashing which the police are being subjected to in the modern day. Many decades ago, I went to school with someone who would later become a rogue police officer with the type of mentality that Lance Corporal Steven Garren displayed in the following article.

His name was Bruce Mckay, and he was a Lance Corporal in the Franconia, New Hampshire police department. In 2007, Bruce was shot to death by a man whom he had been intimidating in such rogue fashion for years. A man by the name of Liko Kenney, who was the cousin of Olympic skier Bodi Miller.

Bruce did not start out as someone who sought to impose his will on others in such an authoritarian way. I can say this for certain, since I knew him from the time that he was 15 years of age. Like most young males, he could be a ruffian at times, but was basically good natured.

If there was a tendency to control people, he certainly did not display it back in high school. And in my opinion, if such a tendency was carefully hidden, it only became far more pronounced when he became indoctrinated in this way, through the use of the type of brainwashing that has taken place in the law enforcement community since the days in which there first was such a community.

Of course you still have some good police officers who are able to avoid becoming so tyrannical in their daily treatment of citizens. However, there are far too many officers who end up like Bruce McKay and Steven Garren -- using their badges not to enforce the constitutional rule of law, but to instead victimize every day citizens whom they seek to impose their will on.

In the case of Lance Corporal *Bruce McKay his own brutality would come back to haunt him, when one of these citizens became so terrified and enraged at being the focus of such attacks, that he decided to conduct his own brand of vigilante justice - a tragic situation in which both Liko Kenney and Bruce Mckay would end up being shot to death. Their deaths were completely unnecessary and could have been avoided, had McKay not used his authority in which to drive Kenny to such a state of terror, that he was motivated to purchase the handgun which was eventually used to take Mckay's life.

*See more on Bruce's death here:

The recent case of a South Carolina State Trooper's admission of deliberately running over a suspect, and later bragging about it, has become typical of the depraved mentality of many of today's so called police officers.

Lance Corporal Steven Garren's behavior is a terrifying example of why more suspects are now fleeing the police, instead of pulling over for simple traffic stops. And in all likelihood, he will probably walk away with either a slap on the wrist, or minimal time in jail for intentionally running over a suspect.

Many people have become so frightened of the police and the flat refusal of the criminal justice system to prosecute such acts of vigilantism, that they are instead willing to take their chances in attempts to get away from situations in which they may be completely denied their rights as U.S. citizens. And as we have already seen in far too many instances, murdered by such cops; even when these suspects are unarmed.

We have become a nation whose federal, state and local governments have allowed for the complete destruction of the checks and balances that the Bill Of Rights calls for. And what is most horrifying here is that these cops are reveling in their ability to attack citizens so wantonly, without having any accountability for doing so.

So is it any wonder why a black man who gets pulled over is more likely to flee the scene than take a chance on being beaten, tased, or even murdered, depending on the mood of the cops who pulled him over?

Statistics have shown that African American males are far more likely to be pulled over by the police, even when there is no probable cause for having done so. And this situation has only grown worse since passage of the Illuminati created Patriot Act -- the new Constitution of the United States -- except that Congress has neglected to inform us that our old Constitution is no longer in effect.

However, their treasonous actions and repeated attempts to destroy what little is left of what was once a constitutional republic, have become a constant and painful reminder of this.

Many years ago I was friendly with an interracial couple. Two very nice people who had more than one story to tell in regard to such racial prejudice by the police. In fact, the husband (who was African American) was a respectable member of the business community. He liked automobiles and had owned several nice ones while living in the State of New York, including a Lincoln Town Car and Chevrolet Corvette.

Over dinner one night, he recounted how on the very evenings that he had purchased these cars, he was stopped by police while driving home from the dealership. He said that he was doing nothing wrong at the time of the trafffic stops and was pulled over for one reason and one reason only-- he was an African American man driving an expensive car.

It is this complete lack of accountability which has allowed for the "attitude" that far too many state and local cops (as well as many U.S. Intelligence agents) now have in regard to being able to wantonly commit such violations of the U.S. Constitution without having to answer for them.

A situation which has become so outrageous, that many Americans are now reporting being spied upon and subjected to psychological warfare by their local police. Others have reported even more outrageous crimes including those being committed within the * privacy of their own homes, and by such agencies as the NSA and FBI; U.S. Intel agencies which deploy the use of satellite based tracking systems and directed energy weaponry, in which to brutalize these citizens as they go about their daily lives.

See how the U.S. Intel community uses satellite based directed energy weapons to remotely interrogate and torture an American citizen whom the FBI cannot legally arrest. The physical burns and scars on this person's body are indicative of the ruthlessness of those agents who operate within such U.S. Intel agencies. And there are a myriad of ways in which they can torture their subjects without leaving such physical scars.

Such illegal surveillance and torture are outrageous crimes and in complete violation of the 4Th and 5Th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as well as such human rights legislation as the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention. And our complaints in regard to such wanton attacks on our inherent rights as citizens of this country continue to be completely ignored by our own political representatives.

A sure sign that our entire governmental structure has already been subverted by the Illuminati, and for their own EVIL agendas.

(I have been illegally targeted in such ways for decades, while my complaints to a myriad of New York politicians have gone unanswered . And I know of many other American citizens who are also documenting similar violations of their rights, which have also been ignored.)

This is a sign of the complete collapse of legitimate law enforcement, and in its place a system of vigilantism which has now overrun the United States of America.

It is a truly disturbing and horrifying situation which if not ended, will eventually provoke an appropriate response by an American middle class that has been completely disenfranchised of their rights as U.S. citizens. Those of us who will no longer tolerate being treated so wickedly (And by the very people and organizations who've been charged with protecting our rights) .

SC trooper says he couldn't avoid suspect with car
Oct 1, 4:29 PM (ET)

(AP) This July 25, 2008, file photo shows South Carolina Trooper, Steven C. Garren , as he leaves...

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina state trooper accused of deliberately running down a suspect with his patrol car says it was an accident and he regrets bragging about it afterward.

Lance Cpl. Steven Garren testified at his federal civil rights trial Wednesday. He says the suspect ran in front of his cruiser in the blink of an eye and that it was an unavoidable accident.

The crash was captured on a police video that also taped Garren saying he meant to hit suspect Marvin Grant, who had been running from police.

Garren says his boasting about the crash was stupid.

Garren is charged with using unreasonable force and depriving a suspect of his civil rights. A conviction could bring up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
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