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Former Governor Jesse Ventura Describes How The CIA Has Infiltrated The State Of Minnesota's Government -- The CIA Is Another Illuminati Creation

This type of U.S. infiltration has become commonplace within all U.S. States, because the New World Order has deemed it necessary that each of our States must be controlled by a central organization in which all American citizens can be monitored and manipulated 24 hours a day.

This covert usurpation of our way of life is being done in a myriad of ways which include but are not limited to the NSA's Echelon satellite spy network's constant monitoring of our persons, as well as other satellite based mind control operations such as the cell phone towers controlled by other New World Order pawns like Verizon. These cell towers send out signals which operate on the same frequency as the human brain, so that they can be used to remotely and covertly influence our thoughts.

When we think of mind control, most citizens' perception of such an outlandish concept is that the mind of a person can be completely taken over with the flip of a switch. However, in reality, mind control has historically taken a tremendous amount of time, money and research, in which to brainwash targets of such nefarious operations in order to gradually mentally enslave them to their mind controllers.

Beginning in the mid part of the 20Th Century, the CIA's MKULTRA operations were created in which to achieve such means, through the use of pharmacology (drugs). However, in the modern day the CIA, like the NSA, is using satellite based systems in which to conduct such covert and illegal research, and on an undisclosed number of American citizens (as well as myriad citizens in other countries).

Of course as has always been the case, these agencies will deny having committed such horrific and treasonous crimes. Yet the testimonies of thousands of their victims (both from the early days of MKULTRA into the modern day of satellite based electronic harassment/warfare) can no longer be ignored.

The U.S. Intelligence community in particular has become a horrific nightmare for those of us who are being targeted for these crimes on a daily basis, as our rights as citizens are being completely disregarded, and our relationships with loved ones irrevocably damaged.

What has become quite apparent in modern day America, is that under the inherently criminal and treasonous Bush Administration, there is now a parallel justice system in effect, in which a very large number of Americans are being denied their rights as U.S. citizens, and by a criminal federal government that is as dangerous and deplorable as any to come before it -- regardless of how covertly their Nazi-style operations are being carried out.

The fact remains, that regardless of who you are, if anyone (including our so called government officials) denies an American citizen their constitutional rights under the color and cover of law, it is those who do so who are the criminals in this situation. The U.S. Constitution makes this perfectly clear, as it does that anyone who attempts to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in this country -- including the President of The United States -- is guilty of the high crime of treason.

See ex- governor Jesse Ventura discuss the CIA's infiltration of Minnesota's State government at the following link, as well as the CIA's interrogation of his person shortly after his election as the governor of Minnesota.

And expect to see more former government officials coming forward in the future as they attempt to alert the public to the complete subversion which has now taken place under the New World Order controlled Bush Administration.

There is a shadow government which has existed within the United States for many decades. However, it has become far more overt in its operations since the attacks on 9-11; attacks which it was no doubt instrumental in creating through the PNAC controlled Bush Administration.

There can also be little doubt that many of our present politicians would like to jump ship at this point, however, fear for their own lives should they decide to tell the American people the truth about what is being perpetrated by those within the present and PNAC-controlled White House.

A situation which is not going to change regardless of which Senator is elected to the highest office in the land in the near future. The corruption is far too widespread for any one person to correct such precedent setting and government sanctioned criminal activity. Only a well informed American population can now affect such positive and immediately necessary changes.

And for this to happen, many ugly truths about this government must first be brought to their attention. And these include the U.S. Congresses complicity in aiding and abetting the Bush Administration's cover up of the facts behind the attacks on 9-11, as well as the FBI's obstruction of justice in regard to concealing evidence that it has seized from both the World Trade Center and Pentagon; evidence which would prove that the 9-11 Commission Report was deliberately falsified in order to aid and abet the real criminals behind the attacks on 9-11.

The Project For A New American Century/Bush Administration White House.

The following two links contain another interview with former governor Jesse Ventura, in which he speaks about the Kennedy Assassination as well as a number of other U.S. Federal Government cover ups.

Many of you will remember Alex Jones' interview with the late Aaron Russo, and how Aaron told Alex of his meetings with Illuminist Nick Rockefeller, and Rockefeller's having described for Aaron what would become the inside job that 9-11 was, as well as the bogus and propagandized war on terror which has been directed by the PNAC/Bush Administration through its creation of The White House Iraq Group.

There is no longer any question that the United States has been subverted by this shadow government which now controls the U.S. Congress. Expect to see the complete suspension of the U.S. Constitution within the next year, as the New World Order continues to destroy our government, economy and freedom, through organizations like the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, Council On Foreign Relations and entire U.S. Intelligence community -- all of which are nothing but Illuminati pawns who represent the wealthy Illuminist elite -- instead of those whom they are paid to represent -- THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

The Bush Administration's Failure To Remove Bridas Co.

Once you see *Alex Jones' interview with Aaron Russo at the link below, you'll begin to understand why the PNAC used the White House under the Bush Administration to wage an illegal war on Afghanistan and Iraq, in order to steal the oil reserves from Iraq, as well as destroy the agreement between the Taliban and Argentina's Bridas Corporation. An agreement in which the Taliban had agreed with Argentina to allow Bridas to build the Trans Afghanistan oil pipeline from the Caspian Basin to the Western World. Instead, and after having failed on three separate occasions to negotiate a Unocal deal with the Taliban in which to void its contract with Bridas, the PNAC/Bush Administration orchestrated the attacks on 9-11 so that they would have a plausible reason in which to attack Afghanistan - and later Iraq. This EVIL machination would allow **Unocal to not only build the pipeline and give the Illuminati full control of the world's oil, but also take over the Afghanistan government, which it has since done.

See more about this incredible fraud here:


The readers will also find of extreme interest how since the United States illegally attacked Afghanistan, using the attacks on 9-11 as the excuse for having done so, that three (3) key members of the NEW Afghanistan government are former associates of the UNOCAL corporation!

The PNAC/Bush Administration's illegal war on Afghanistan was perpetrated specifically to prevent Argentina's Bridas Corporation from building and controlling an oil pipeline from the Caspian Basin to the Western World, and to install UNOCAL representatives as the heads of the Afghanistan government, to ensure that UNOCAL would maintain complete control over this new and immensely lucrative pipeline.

The Bush Administration's war on terror is a complete FRAUD! It has always been an illegal war for oil, perpetrated in a way in which this criminal syndicate would have a plausible reason for invading Afghanistan and Iraq, while simultaneously decimating our U.S. Bill Of Rights.

And most Americans (although they are suspicious of this Administration's intentions) still believe that this war on terror is both legitimate and necessary, when it is neither.

**See more on this here:
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