Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's A Miracle! Missing $650 From Desk Mysteriously Turns Up In The Bottom Of File Cabinet Draw

My regular readers are well aware that on my last birthday, an envelope with $650 in cash "vanished" from my desk drawer. Until today, it has been missing. Ironically enough, when going through my file drawer, I noticed white pieces of paper sitting at the bottom of the desk frame, where the file cabinet draw usually resides when the cabinet is closed.

So the envelope must've accidentally been pushed out of the top draw of the desk and fallen into this area, right?


The envelope was left underneath a fairly heavy Scheaffer pen box, and could not have gotten to where it was without someone "removing" it from underneath this box.

It was quite obvious that "whomever" took this envelope merely removed it from the top desk drawer, opened the file cabinet draw, and then tossed the envelope behind the draw where it would sit for the past two months.

This is yet another clear indication of the FEDS' manipulating (coercing) "others" to do their dirty work for them, in the FED's pathetic and vicious attempts in which to drive me to a state of mental instability.

I document this as one of myriad instances over the past (nearly) six years now, in which the FBI/NSA/DHS demonic tag team of torturous and murderous thugs has attempted to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in their ILLEGAL COINTELPRO against my person.

Notice that the money was never "stolen" as they wanted me to believe, but simply placed in an area where it would be very difficult to find, yet offer a plausible explanation for its disappearance -- the kind of plausibility that the FEDS depend on to commit their crimes through the use of psychological warfare.

As many others have stated, including a number of former federal agents, if agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA believe that they can get away with murdering someone with such plausible denial, they will readily do so. And this makes these agents homicidal sociopaths who commit their crimes under the color and cover of law.

More Recent Insanity With The Police

Over the past week, a New York City resident has claimed that he was sodomized by four New York City Police Officers who used the antenna of one of their walkie-talkies in which to attack this man. A grand jury will now decide if there is enough evidence in which to indict these four reprobates. I truly believe that the human race is presently experiencing an onslaught of brainwashing being perpetrated against them in a myriad of different venues, including New World Order (New Age) propaganda through the global media, as well as satellite based forms of remote sensing/influencing of the human brain, in which to completely manipulate and deteriorate the minds of the human population (in particular the global middle class) for the Illuminati's own means.

As for this latest atrocity by the New York City cops, some of you may remember a similar one which occurred during the 1990's, when an African American man by the name of Abner Louima was viciously sodomized by a NYPD officer named Justin Volpe. Volpe was later convicted of the crime and sentenced to prison time. Such viciousness by the police is indicative of their being brainwashed into committing the most sadistic and unconscionable of crimes.

Do we really want a roboticized police force in which cops can be used to torture and murder citizens without the slightest hint of conscience?

To those who are subjected to such mind controlled madness each day of our lives, we are well aware of the type of influence that the New World Order has over the global intelligence community; an influence which trickles on down to our state and local police.

And, moreover, that the U.S. Intelligence community is not immune from such manipulation, instead being used as a pawn in which to remotely influence the minds of the American people through satellite tracking systems like the NSA's Echelon.

There can no longer be any doubt that the NSA is using the unique electromagnetic fields which emanate from our own brains as both a tracking device, and way in which to access and manipulate our thoughts. I live with this nightmare everyday, and have done everything humanely possible in which to inform the American people of these outrageous crimes and invasions of their privacy. And there are many other venues which the NSA and other New World Order controlled agencies are using to covertly attack our minds.

The fact of the matter is that we should all start seeing these ugly and ominous looking cell phone towers for what they really are; a hi-tech electronic ground surveillance network of signals which operate on the same frequency as the human brain, and that can be used to remotely and covertly influence the minds of tens of millions of American citizens at one time.

All while the citizens, themselves, have virtually no idea that such a furtive subversion of their minds is even taking place. We are in a battle in which our enemies are using covert means in which to enslave our minds through such remote means as satellite based predation; an NSA speciality. I have experienced this for years, and have also witnessed the complete denial by the U.S. media, as well as local politicians, that such crimes are even occurring.

Senator John McCain Predicts Win Over Senator Obama

Ordinarily, given Barrack Obama's impressive dominance over John McCain, one might think that McCain was merely being the eternal optimist in predicting such an unlikely defeat.

However, consider that election rigging won George W. Bush both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, and one begins to wonder if Senator McCain might know something that the rest of us don't? As early as 2005, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) stated that there was election rigging fraud in the State of Ohio in the 2004 presidential election. However, the Bush Administration blocked the GAO from conducting any further investigation.

Also consider the testimony by a former Diebold employee (Diebold have traditionally supplied the voting machines used in presidential elections) that whoever has the electronic code to its voting machines can actually rig an election!

So perhaps Senator McCain and Governor Palin will be the next Prez and Vice Prez of this country, as tens of millions of stunned voters look back in horror, wondering what happened.

And there is also the very real concern that should Barrack Obama win the election, his days in office would be short lived, with Senator Joe Biden assuming the office of president. I say this because even though Barrack Obama is not the answer to fixing the problems of this country that Congressman Ron Paul is, his intentions (at least what he's voiced thus far in attempting to empower the middle class in this country) are certain to upset the wealthy's status quo. And that means trouble for Mr. Obama. Especially given the prominent racism which still exists in the United States, yet which is carefully hidden by the mainstream media.

Those who are old enough remember the complete about face that Lyndon B. Johnson did upon taking the office of president after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. From everything from extending the war in Vietnam to the undermining of the Executive Order which J.F.K. created to challenge the privately held Federal Reserve Bank's dominance over the American people, L.B.J. proved to us that he was nothing but a pawn in the White House. Many, including myself, believe that Johnson was privy to the U.S. Intel murder of J.F.K. long before it actually took place.

Heaven forbid, but if something similar should happen to Barrack Obama, would Joe Biden do a similar about face, while kowtowing to those whom he is presently thumbing his nose at?

For the sake of his own survival, he most certainly would. Biden is smart enough to know that there are people running this government whom you only cross under the penalty of death. And these are the very people who have destroyed this country -- Illuminati members, and their cadre of treasonous criminals.

The fear mongering which they are notorious for also continues in efforts to keep the war on terror fraud going -- the recent reports of envelopes containing white powder being sent to the New York Times is just the latest in this PNAC/Bush Administration Mega-LIE. And just something else to add to the excitement of the upcoming election.

How much would you like to bet that this latest mailing, like the original mailings which occurred shortly after the attacks on 9-11, is the machination of some core group within U.S. Intel? These people plan their days thinking up such insane ways of corrupting our nation, while we take the blame and shame for their having done so. There's nothing fair about that.

And while we're on the subject, would U.S. Intel help to orchestrate another 9-11 type of scenario over the next week or so, in order to completely uproot the current presidential campaign? This while giving George W. Bush an opportunity in which to become the real dictator that he sought to be upon gaining access to the White House in 2000? I cannot ignore this issue. Especially if those in power who want to see another Republican in office believe that Barrack Obama will be the clear choice come election time.

What options do they have?

If Obama wins, remove him and put Biden in his place?

Rig the election so that the McCain/ Palin ticket wins?

Orchestrate and perpetrate another terrorist attack in which to throw the current presidential race into complete turmoil, while George W. Bush remains as the neoconservative PNAC's pawn in the White House?

Whatever happens, I think that 2009 portends some very horrible realities that have yet to come to fruition for the American people as a nation. And as the U.S. Federal Government's myriad LIES continue to unravel like a cheap piece of twine.

Anyone who's paying attention here has learned that if you want to get along in this country without having agencies like the FBI breathing down your necks, you have to accept these LIES as the truth, and not question the present administration or its inherent criminality.

For those who continue to propagate the truth there is the never ending assault on our freedoms, by those within this government who are paid to deceive, torture and murder.

America has truly become the land of the LIES. And the U.S. Intel community, nothing but a modern day 4Th Reich which continues to decimate the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, while attempting to use any excuses, no matter how pathetic, in which to do so.

And the NSA's electronic computer to brain link /remote neural monitoring of the minds of the American people by way of Echelon is the ultimate form of terrorism -- hi-tech predation by way of satellite, without any form of accountability for those psychopaths who are perpetrating these outrageous Orwellian crimes.

Those whose function is to carry out their orders for a paycheck, regardless of how egregiously they rape their own Constitution and citizens. These are the real criminals; the real terrorists in America.

They're the ones spying on you within the privacy of your own homes, and monitoring your very own thoughts without your knowledge or consent.

Add to this the fact that many of these people are heavily steeped in religious doctrine, and you have a combination which is certain to horrify. Especially when they claim that they are praying to their God for the successful annihilation of their enemies.

Would any God who was all loving condone the torture and murder of people? Of course not. Which only further illustrates the complete psychopathology of those whom espouse such demented ideologies. For they are not really worshipping any noble God, but instead Lucifer himself -- even if Lucifer may in reality be nothing more than a human construct.

As for those who espouse the murders of anyone while propagating their battle of good against evil, they too, have failed to understand that this entire experience that we call life is a test to see who succumbs to the darkness. Those who cannot battle the hatred within themselves will ultimately fail this test; regardless of what or whom fuels such hatred. For it is hatred itself which fuels evil -- another human construct as powerful as its diametric opposite -- good.

It would appear that as Mohandas Gandhi once said, the only true evil which exists does so within our own hearts. And it must be conquered there, and there alone.
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