Thursday, November 06, 2008

U.S. Intel Continues To Manipulate Local Shipping Companies Into Delaying Delivery Of Ordered Items/Wishing Barack Obama Well

Update: 11/07/2008

The item which I ordered was delivered more than an hour after UPS' last drop off time, last evening. Today, I was attempting to rest as a result of the directed energy attack on my person (causing tremendous fatigue, dizziness and headache) when I heard a truck accelerating up the driveway at a rapid pace, and then a crash.

When I went to see what had happened, I found a United Parcel Service driver surveying the damage to the front of his truck. He had lost control of the truck while traveling over wet leaves in the driveway and crashed into a large concrete planter that serves as the home for several shrubs. When I asked him why he was travelling so rapidly on wet leaves, he could only point to the driveway. Unfortunately, wet leaves on the roadway are a frequent hazard this time of year, and common sense would have indicated that he approach such a driveway at a slower pace. The driver was clearly negligent here, and caused a noticeable amount of damage to the planter, as well as to his UPS vehicle. He did state that he had called his supervisor and that the supervisor would be out to survey the damage.

However, thus far, neither the driver nor his supervisor have returned. Yet, as a precaution I did take down the truck's license plate and the time at which the "accident" occurred, just in case the driver did not return -- 1:20PM

*** At approximately 4PM, a UPS supervisor arrived to survey the damage to the planter. When I went to meet with him I noticed that he was on a cell phone using the word OK several times. This word has been a trigger that has been used for the past few months by a number of the stalkers who attack my person, and clearly indicative of how the FEDS can manipulate any person for their own criminal means.

The FEDS are clearly concerned that my information in regard to being targeted by the NSA for both illegal spying and non consensual human experimentation is now being taken seriously, and that many other TI's are arriving at the realization that it is the NSA who is responsible for the electronic harassment that they are experiencing.

Given such devastating information, there is no longer any question why the FEDS' attacks on my person are so vicious and relentless -- they simply cannot afford such a scandal. However, the time for avoiding this scandal is over. The FEDS have and continue to commit these terrible crimes against my person (my Family) and myriad others, and must be held accountable, no matter how pathetic their attempts to avoid responsiblity for these outrageous crimes are.

And like it or not, these agencies will be held accountable. In spite of their attempts to propagate their public demonization smear campaigns against the TI community; black propaganda used in efforts to promulgate smokescreens in which to obscure their own treasonous crimes.

As Voltaire stated centuries ago, "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." Based on my own miserable experiences with these satellite raping government roaches, there is no government in history that has been more wrong than the present shadow government which covertly runs the United States.

Yesterday -- 11/06/2008

As for using delivery companies for their own means of psyops, the FBI, in particular, has been perpetrating this type of interference in delivering items that I have purchased over the Internet for several years now -- all done illegally and in secrecy. Oftentimes items are "misplaced" for days or even weeks, in what has become yet another venue for the FEDS' (aka Nazi's) covert psychological operation's attacks on my person.

It would appear that today is yet another of such machinations, from a group of individuals who have absolutely no respect for the Constitutional rule of law in this country, which they violate at every opportunity. In doing so, the FBI and its U.S. Intel brethren in crime have lost any credibility that they once had in regard to being legitimate defenders of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights; especially since they routinely aid and abet terrorist activities in this country, and more times than one might imagine, actually perpetrate such crimes. However, as I have stated in the past, this is not a situation that U.S. Intel can possibly win given their outright and precedent setting violations of the Constitution. Spying that is without a doubt the most outrageous ever documented, while perpetrating some of the most wicked crimes imaginable -- all of which continue to take place under the color of law.

Obama Critics

As President-Elect Barack Obama awaits taking the highest office in the nation, he has many supporters, yet many detractors as well. Unfortunately, racism is a large part of this negativity, with many people who claim that race isn't a factor, having clearly made it one.

However, at the very least Barack Obama deserves a chance in which to prove himself; especially in seeing that he is inheriting this nation at one of the darkest and most divisive times in its history.

Exactly how he intends to take an inherently corrupted federal government and turn it around remains to be seen -- he is a man, not a miracle worker.

And it is quite clear that if he succeeds in disrupting the status quo of this nation in any meaningful way, he will earn the respect of the middle class in this country, while arousing the hatred of those wicked elitists who have run the shadow government which really controls this country, for generations. Barack Obama will likely walk a fine line here, attempting to offend no one. However, at some point he must deliver on his promises to middle class Americans.

Will he do so at the risk of offending these powerful Illuminists?

As I have stated in the past, the only politician whom from the outset of his candidacy told some extremely inconvenient truths about the U.S. Federal Government was Congressman Ron Paul. And in my opinion he should have been the president-elect. However, his valid criticisms of the privately held Federal Reserve System as well as his intention to dissolve it made him unelectable. And if Barack Obama or John McCain had told this unpopular truth about the Federal Reserve System, they too, would have found themselves made unelectable. So they played it safe and chose not to tell Americans the truth here.

In other words -- THEY LIED!

Because in reality and despite the U.S. Congresses rhetoric about getting to the truth, America has long been a nation of complete and utter LIES. So much so, that our own federal government refuses to tell the public that the Federal Reserve System, through its creation of fiat money and fractional lending practices, is actually responsible for the present economic downturn. And moreover, that this recession (which is now heading for a depression) was carefully orchestrated by the privately held Federal Reserve, just as it devised the stock market crash of 1929.

Why would the Federal Reserve do such a terrible thing?

Once again, it is about the redistribution of wealth.

About taking from the middle class and giving to the rich.

In the coming months Americans will have the chance to see what Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are truly made of, as these men are forced to choose between making truly difficult decisions which will benefit the American people, or easy decisions which will benefit the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

Since the days of the last U.S. President who made his own decisions -- John F. Kennedy -- every president since, has bowed to the shadow government in this country. A government controlled by Illuminati sanctioned organizations like the Council On Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, who also run the banking industry in the United States, through the privately held Federal Reserve System.

I do believe that Barack Obama will attempt to come to the aid of middle class America as much as he can. However, in my opinion he is a pragmatist, who will find his attempts met with tremendous adversity from just such organizations. And it will be at this juncture that Obama's mettle will truly be tested.

If he resists the powerful forces which furtively control this government, he will undoubtedly find himself under attack. However, if he is smart, he will make his concessions to them, while ensuring that he is able to keep some of the promises that he has made to middle class America.

I hope that he is able to do so, for if he cannot, then the president elect is in for a tougher time than he has probably ever imagined. As it is, the sharks are already beginning to circle. And there is another component in this situation which the media has largely ignored -- the historical national polarization between blacks and whites; one which could easily again surface if economic times in this country worsen -- a very real likelihood.

Moreover, the ultimate test here will in my opinion, come not with Obama and Biden, but with the American people themselves.

Will they join together as a nation in which to rebuild America, or bear witness to what may turn out to be its final and tragic chapter?

We shall know soon enough.
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