Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Someone Else Posting Under My Name & Without My Permission -- Clearly Another U.S. Intel Orchestrated Machination

The following post was listed for an activist group which I wrote the following mission statement for several years ago. This group was quickly infiltrated and I refused to have any further association with it given this infiltration. However, someone has recently placed my name on the following post without my knowledge or consent. This is the typical manipulation that the FEDS are guilty of when it comes to using other provocateurs in their attacks on my person as well as other TI's.


The bottom line is that my information in regard to the NSA, is the most scandalous as it pertains to the U.S. Federal Government, ever documented. Especially as it applies to the FBI and NSAs' use of illegal means in which to gain their information (remote neural monitoring) while using their targets for non consensual human experimentation. Therefore, the FBI and NSA, in particular, continue to attack my person through the use of myriad forms of calumny, while deliberately misrepresenting the facts.

These agents cannot afford to have a jury learning about the classified weaponry that they have used against my person for decades, the result of some rogue FBI and NSA agents colluding to violate my rights under the color and cover of law.

As such there is absolutely no semblance of due process of law here, as the FEDS use intimidation tactics in which to silence those who can corroborate the conspiratorial attack that U.S. Intel continues to wage against my person; a clear sign of just how devastating my information is to U.S. Intel (and especially my corroboration of the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's 1991 lawsuit against the NSA; in particular, as it applies to tracking American citizens by way of their unique bio electromagnetic fields.)

The criminality in the FBI/NSA/DHS conspiracy under the color of law, in which to deny my person (and more importantly my own Family) inherent rights guaranteed to us under the U.S. Bill Of Rights is unparalleled, and a clear sign of the blatant corruption within the U.S. Federal Government.

However, the fact that the NSA's high crimes of treason, in regard to their ability to electronically attach themselves to our bodies without our knowledge or consent is so outrageous, that no matter what the FBI or NSA do at this point, they will not be able to conceal this classified technology from the mainstream public for much longer.

And I take great pride in having been largely responsible for circulating this information over the past two years (in particular AKWEI VS NSA), in efforts to bring this horrifying reality to the American people, as well as those from other countries whose privacy and rights are being violated in such egregious ways; and by federal agents who have become so abusive of the U.S. Constitution, that they can no longer be allowed to get away with these crimes.

The bottom line is that U.S. Intel has been attempting to entrap my person for decades, while spending millions of taxpayer dollars in which to do so. Their attempts have not only been illegal, but also conspiratorial; especially in how the FBI and NSA have set a new and outrageous precedent in violating the 4Th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The FEDS are clearly aware of these crimes, which is why they continue in their efforts to make a complete end run around the Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, instead of operating within the law. Hence, they cannot possibly gain anything but further notoriety for such criminal activity, especially as the classified technology which they are illegally deploying against my person becomes better understood by the public.

In complete desperation, the FEDS have now resorted to the consummate demonization campaign, in which to obscure their own outrageous criminality.

Moreover, these federal agents LIE PATHOLOGICALLY.

However, the real damage to their efforts has now been done. The NSA's radiation intelligence program is being exposed globally for its threat to the free thought of all humanity. And there are many other persons now realizing that the NSA, FBI and their cadre of Nazi minded thugs are responsible for violating the Constitution in the most despicable ways ever documented.

This exposition of this precedent setting scandal has just begun and is taking on the momentum of a brush fire.

U.S. Intel has become a very well financed terrorist organization, operating out of the U.S. Federal Government. And a very real threat to every person on the face of this planet. A group of mind raping Nazi PREDATORS (yes these agents are Hi-Tech PREDATORS!) who are not only completely out of control, but in violation of every human rights law in existence. This is why they use intimidation tactics in which to hide their crimes from the American people, and why those whom they attack in such ways often end up being driven to suicide.

However, the crimes of these New World Order monsters will no longer be tolerated. They can be absolutely certain of that.

One again, I urge you to take notice of the following blog post in which some person posts using my name without my knowledge or consent.

Undoubtedly, either a FED or one of their criminal provocateurs. (Keep in mind that anyone can be used by the FEDS for such criminality, since agencies like the NSA and FBI give these people the impression that they can commit such crimes without fear of arrest.)

However, these agencies can now use these crimes as a form of coercion, against those who've committed them at anytime. There is no such thing as making a fair deal with the FEDS, since you cannot possibly make an equitable deal with the devil. Thus any negotiation with them will be tantamount to enslaving yourself to them, and being subjected to the complete immoral and unethical machinations of these New World Order reprobates.

With each subsequent crime that they coerce one into committing, they constrict the proverbial noose which they have placed around the necks of those whom they extort in such ways.

And any person who ends up at the hands of these miscreants is through such compromise, most certain to inevitably suffer a fate worse than death.

The only way in which to deal with these criminal agents is to never compromise, go to whatever lengths are necessary in which to expose their treasonous crimes, while being ready to die in the defense of your rights.

Have no fear of them, because it is such fear which they use to immobilize you.

For if you are not willing to fight to the death to defend your rights, sooner or later you will find yourselves in such a noose. Once again, in this author's opinion, a fate far worse than death.

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