Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dr. Nick Begich Junior's Wikipedia Biography Deleted

There's backup for Dr. Begich's information, however his main page on Wikipedia was deleted under protest.

Note that since I visited the page at the following Website last night, the content has been changed claiming that the poster was not a real person. Dr. Begich is a real person and his information in regard to the U.S. Intelligence community's use of "mind control weaponry" is clearly the "REAL" reason for his information having been deleted. Obviously, the FEDS were having some sick fun at Dr. Begich's expense, as well as my own.

Several months ago, author and film maker G. Edward Griffin had complained that Wikipedia had deleted his biographical information without cause. After his complaints, they later reinstated his information. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Griffin, he wrote a very informative book in regard to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, which documents in great detail, the criminal enterprise that this organization is. The book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" can be purchased on the Internet.

Those who are familiar with his work for the Lay Foundation are aware that Dr. Begich has been researching the U.S. Military's involvement in the creation and deployment of satellite based directed energy weapons.

He has coauthored an excellent book entitled "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" in regard to the U.S. Federal Government's high frequency active auroral research project in Alaska -- an installation which many people believe is being covertly used by the federal government for mind control research as well as geophysical manipulation of the weather. More recently, Dr. Begich wrote a book on mind control which is quite interesting. Moreover, it questions what interest the U.S. Military has in having authored the Dosimetry Handbook; a document which lists the myriad frequencies of the human brain.

Perhaps Dr. Begich's research is beginning to uncover certain unsavory aspects of the U.S. Military that they'd prefer the public not know about?

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