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Router Up And Running After A Visit From A Computer Cop/ Why The U.S. Intel Community Is Intent On Murdering Victims Of Non Consensual Experimentation

As I stated a few weeks back, the router software in my computer ceased to function as a result of the FEDS' electronic intrusion. Today, I was visited by the friend of some family friends, and he got the system back online within a matter of minutes.

However, there still appears to be a virus on this computer. Ironically enough, this person has recently become a Long Long Island police officer. Given the FEDS attacks on my person, I will not list his name here for his own safety. Although the FEDS most certainly know who he is.

He took the other computer with him and is presently repairing it; the computer that I was on occasion using to access the Web while the router for my computer was out of service. We spoke for a short while in a conversation loaded with psychological triggers, as he was moving from room to room to work on both of these systems.

I told him that with the way that the FEDS attack the software on this computer, it makes little sense to purchase a new one -- I have read of many other TI's who have reported having brand new computer systems destroyed within days of purchasing them because of "federal agents" who did not want them promulgating their information in regard to their COINTELPRO harassment over the Internet.

This is typical of the collective mind-set of these New World Order Nazi's who are electronically accessing and manipulating our thoughts by way of computer to brain link technology, while demonizing us in efforts to obscure their own crimes.

The FEDS are so arrogant in their beliefs that they can decimate the Constitution at anytime they care to, and find plausible reasons in which to do so, that it is this arrogance that is going to eventually lead to their own ruination -- this in spite of the precedent setting smear campaigns that they are subjecting many TI's to.

There is no longer any rule of law in what these agencies are doing, which is why they can no longer be taken seriously as law enforcement. And the more adversarial they become, the more criminal their activities. They are the real terrorists that we must now concern ourselves with.

It would also seem that they're now so obtuse in regard to their actions, that they've completely ignored their own criminality, which oftentimes results in the covert murders of those whom they are targeting for such illegal and Orwellian tactics.

In their own words; they are "walls" /"screens" and other such "triggers" which they use in claiming that TI's are not getting their message. However, we are getting their message loud and clear -- they are intent on destroying the U.S. Bill of Rights and are going to eventually regret having done so.

What we have learned about the American people in the past is that they will tolerate just so much government intervention into their lives before they are marching in the streets. And these marches are going to grow considerable in both number and frequency if these Nazi minded degenerate misfits within U.S. Intel don't end their Orwellian attacks on rights that are not a privledge, but a guarantee.

These are psychopaths that we are talking about here. Reprobates with a taste for sadism and a frightening capacity for torturing those whom they attack -- something they have sold their souls for. I have experienced such torture both physically and psychologically for many years, and am well aware of their covert attempts in which to murder me.

However, as I have stated oftentimes in the past, I have no fear of this EVIL, nor do I fear death. These agencies have become total anathema to basic human rights. And their consistent abuse of the people in this country if not ended, will result in a civil war in the future. Those of us who continue to be brutalized by these monsters are well aware of this, given that they seek to destroy every aspect of the persons whom they target for such depravity -- torturing them to the point where they can oftentimes revert back to their most basic instincts.

The only different between the Nazi's of yore and the ones we have in this country are geographical and much more sophisticated weaponry. Their dogmas remain the same -- the extermination of those whom they choose to remove from this planet.

However, it is the predatory nature of the FEDS themselves which is responsible for the changes in the personalities of their victims; this being due to the constant barrage of psychological warfare being deployed against these people.

In truth, this is a cold war that we are presently dealing with that has been occurring since these agencies were first created -- a congenital mistake of Biblical proportions. And there have already been far too many casualties -- those who have succumbed to the torture of directed energy weapons and organized stalking abuse. And those who were covertly murdered or driven to commit suicide long before directed energy weapons were available to these agencies.

People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, The Black Panther Party, actress Jean Seberg, the Socialist Workers Party and many other citizens whom the FBI and other members of U.S. Intel decided had to be covertly murdered. These are people who had inherent rights as members of this planet; people whom these agencies chose to kill for their beliefs. My work in exposing these crimes is as much in respect for the memory of these people and the aforementioned activist groups, as it is for those who are still alive and being tortured by way of this technology; as well as those who are unaware that such technology exists, yet are also vulnerable to it.

Sadly enough, there will be many further casualties in the future until such means in which to end these attacks are propagated. One of the most difficult aspects of being targeted on such a constant basis is fighting to maintain your own humanity, when you are being tortured day and night through the use of satellite based and psychological warfare (the myriad of psychological operations that TI's are targeted for during such harassment). It becomes very easy to lose such humanity when you are being treated so inhumanely, and TI's must remember that no matter what they are subjected to, they must strive to maintain their own humanity.

The Insanity Of U.S. Intel Agents

The FEDS are quite clever when it comes to representing TI's to the public as being mentally imbalanced. However, it is these agents who are of a criminal and psychotic mindset; one in which they utilize psychological warfare and entrapment in which to incarcerate those citizens whom they cannot arrest legally.

This system has become so much of a sham, that these agents now have those with whom we are in daily contact taking part in such depraved acts of cruelty; those who are being used as pawns in which to do the FEDS' dirty work for them.

Those who are not only acting in a criminal capacity, but whose prime agenda is the dissemination of lies. In reality, it is only the TI's themselves who are promulgating accurate information in regard to these attacks; those who have been denied their rights by these cold hearted and treasonous lying bastards.

Conspiratorial lies so outlandish that to witness such torture first hand is the only way in which to truly understand the gravity of these situations and what such lawlessness by these agencies portends in the future.

When an Intelligence agency attempts to decimate a citizen's rights in this country, it is the agency itself which is in the commission of a criminal conspiracy. Not the person whose rights are being violated in such egregious ways.

A Conspiracy So Immense That U.S. Intel Must Murder Us

A few years back, I had just become familiar with John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; information so disturbing as it applies to the NSA's satellite predation of the general public, that I sent this information on to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Within months, the ACLU had quietly filed a Freedom Of Information Act request looking to gain any information in regard to radiation technology that several Intel agencies may have been given access to.

And while the ACLU may claim that my E-mail had nothing to do with this information request, I do find it quite interesting that the request was made only after my E-mail was sent to them.

The following is a quote from Dr. Nick Begich's excellent book on the U.S. Federal Government's use of covert mind control research. The book is entitled: "Controlling the Human Mind; The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance."

"'The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on June 26, 2006, filed a Freedom of Information Request with the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Intelligence Agency, (DIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seeking information on 'the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMIR), electroencephalography (EEG), infrared spectroscopy, or other scanning and measurement technologies of the brain that seek to detect the truth, deception, guilty knowledge, accurate recollections or recognition, or to other wise assist in or support interrogations or to identify individuals for follow-up questioning.'

Specifically, they sought 'all records of the agency's efforts to contract with any other entity to study, develop or use such technologies for foreign or domestic use.' The main argument of the ACLU was about the 'effectiveness' of the technologies being used. I am sure, if the ACLU ever receives a complete answer to their request, through this administration's fog of misinformation, it will be an eye-opener of what is really being done in the development of these technologies."

-- Dr. Nick Begich -- Lay Institute

In my opinion, the ACLU is never going to receive a legitimate answer from these agencies if it in fact receives any answer at all. Especially since the technology being used by many U.S. Intel agencies is classified, and there are now thousands of people from the United States alone, who have joined forces in which to document their own electronic harassment under the covert surveillance of such agencies as the NSA.

** It is also my opinion, that because of the ACLU's constant challenges to the U.S. Intelligence community (especially the forever in our faces FBI), that many of its employees are probably being remotely monitored by the NSA, just so that the agency can keep tabs on their thoughts and activities.

Moreover, myriad men, women and children are reporting being subjected to absolutely horrific crimes perpetrated against them by way of remote means (in all likelihood by way of satellite predation). A number of these TI's have since been murdered as a result of these weapons. Some may have taken their lives, no longer being able to cope with such a silent holocaust, while others have clearly died from cancers, the result of being slowly microwaved to death.

Those operating within the U.S. Intel community in particular, are the epitome of the Nazi's who created this community after being smuggled into this country during the CIA's post World War II operation: Project Paperclip.

My regular readers will remember that I have noted on myriad occasions several different manifestations of being targeted by directed energy weapons, including an acute shortness of breath which can last for months with little or no relief.

The following quote is from Dr. Begich's book on these mind control weapons:

"Going back for a moment to the 1982 Air Force report referred to earlier, the use of radio frequency radiation in the new weapon systems contemplated by the Air Force was intended to change the *central nervous system, cardiovascular system and the respiratory system."

*** Jim Marino speaking here: I have experienced manifestations of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system as a result of long-term directed energy weapons' attacks by the NSA since approximately 1994, when the Pentagon and certain Intel agencies, including the CIA, NSA and FBI, were granted the use of directed energy weapons. Moreover, I have been a target of an FBI COINTELPRO since approximately 1980, as well as a target of the NSA's satellite predation -- non consensual human experimentation.

However, I was not waging war on this country at the time (nor am I now), so why I am being attacked with such weapons? And for that matter why are so many other Americans?

Dr. Begich again speaking:

"I (Dr. Begich) was distressed to read about the idea of using this technology to alter the way we think in order to make the 'enemy' of the government incapable of waging war. This type of use of a technological advancement is inherently evil. Thinking is a fundamental right of all people. No individuals or government should interfere with the free will of individuals in this way. Moreover, the fact that these technologies are classified -- and hidden from the medical community -- denies humanity the opportunity to explore these areas for healing people rather than for destructive purposes. "

What has become quite apparent in the past two decades is that the U.S. Intel community has been endowed with tremendous technology, and completely irresponsible in regard to how it is being utilized. Moreover, there can no longer be any question that U.S. Intel is using its weaponized satellites to illegally and remotely interrogate and oftentimes torture American citizens, in what is the most outrageous violation of the U.S. Constitution ever documented.

It is now quite clear that these closet Nazi's are hell bent on destroying the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights so that they can wantonly attack any American citizens of their choosing, while completely disregarding the Constitutional rule of law.

In other words, a license to torture, maim and murder; something the NSA and a number of its brethren have been covertly perpetrating for the past few decades.

Such intense abuses of the freedoms of this country's citizens are sure to attract an aggressive response in the future. Especially when one considers the high crimes of treason that these agencies are in the commission of.

A response which may well end in another civil revolution.

Given the U.S. Intelligence community's complete disregard for the rights of Americans, and the illegal deployment of these satellite based weapons, Dr. Begich's book on mind control is yet another invaluable resource for educating yourselves in regard to government agencies that consider it within their purview to both torture and murder any citizen residing within the United States (or for that matter any other country on this planet).

Controlling The Human Mind, by Dr. Nick Begich, can be purchased here.

Like John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, this book should be read by every American of adult age. Especially when one considers that it is their freedoms that are in jeopardy because of the technology discussed herein.
Technology that the criminals within the U.S. Intel community are illegally deploying against the American people.

As far as I am concerned these Intel boys and girls can expect a fight to the death on this issue, since I for one have no intention of ever letting them get away with violating my rights in the ways that they have over the past three decades. And unlike these agents, who continue to set precedents in their violations of such rights, my exposition of their crimes remains legal under the 1St Amendment.

One of these days the FEDS should actually try operating legally for a change. They might just find that in doing so they won't have to spend so much time in attacking those whom they are presently committing treasonous crimes against; crimes they are presently spending most of their time hiding from the American population.

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