Monday, November 10, 2008

FEDS Attack Family Member's Computer Again

As my regular readers already know, the FEDS recently damaged the router installed in my computer to take me offline. Recently, I have been using a family member's computer, and now this one is under attack by this Nazi garbage.

A virus was recently detected on this computer, which is now causing problems with its operation. A virus which I am certain was deliberately placed on this computer by the FBI/NSA/DHS team of New World Order reprobates, who continue to attack my person by means of satellite based directed energy weapons and other forms of electronic predation.

However, they are no longer getting away with these crimes, since every aspect of their criminal COINTELPRO operations continue to be documented.

U.S. Intel is nothing but an Illuminati operated criminal syndicate, and a blight on the United States of America and her people. There is no rule of law in regard to how these so called federal agents operate, because they know that the Department Of Justice will not prosecute them for their crimes.

The situation has gotten so bad that even veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are speaking out publicly in regard to the U.S. Federal Government's assaults on the U.S. Constitution, and being attacked for doing so. Into today's Long Island daily paper, Newsday, a veteran by the name of Nicholas Morgan recounted how he was kicked in the head by a police horse, when attending a peaceful demonstration at the presidential debate at Hofstra University last month. Obviously, Mr. Morgan understands the complete and treasonous fraud that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been under the PNAC/Bush run criminal syndicate, and is now looking to set the record straight.

Americans are witnessing a complete Nazi style takeover of this country while the U.S. Congress does absolutely nothing to end these abuses. Further proof that it is U.S. Intel that is controlling the Congress, and not the other way around.

Moreover, the war on terror which the Bush Administration has used to undermine the Constitutional rule of law in this country is OUTRIGHT BULLSHIT!!!!

The Bush Administration's attack on Afghanistan was planned years in advance by the Project For A New American Century, for the express purpose of preventing Argentina from building and controlling an oil pipeline run from the Caspian Basin to the Western world. The Bush Administration attempted on three separate occasions to break the contract that Afghanistan's Taliban had with Argentina's Bridas Corporation to build this pipeline, and failed.

When this happened, the PNAC controlled Bush Administration had no choice but to orchestrate the attacks on 9-11 in order to give them a plausible reason for attacking Afghanistan -- which they did. Later, they went into Iraq under the pretense of looking for Osama bin Laden -- another outright lie. Especially if one considers that the FBI has publicly stated that bin Laden has never even been a suspect in the attacks on 9-11. Like the attack on Afghanistan, the PNAC/Bush Administration attack on Iraq was another illegal war for oil.

See Richard Behan's expose on the PNAC/Bush Administration War For Oil here:

The FEDS' Demonization Campaign Against Myself

Furthermore, the FEDS' demonization campaign against my person remains quite obvious. What continues to be of particular interest to me is how these agents have been able to infiltrate the TI community through their complex utilization of certain members (more than likely provocateurs), used to attack those of us who are propagating accurate information in regard to government sanctioned mind control programs through agencies like the NSA and CIA.

Had I not witnessed this very successful manipulation by the FEDS of these groups for myself, I would have found it extremely difficult to believe that the FBI, DHS and the rest of their minions could have completely misdirected the energies of so many people.

However, they have managed to do so in a myriad of instances through the use of brainwashing tactics, which include the continuous repetition of black propaganda.

Why would the FEDS risk their own credibility knowing that their half baked stories will eventually be exposed as part of their COINTELPRO operations?

A desperate attempt to destroy the credibility of those who understand the extent of the criminality of these agencies, as well as their abject cruelty and psychopathology.

U.S. Intel is a criminal operation through and through; their agents capable of the most despicable and disgusting crimes imaginable. High tech predators, oftentimes, sexual predators, looking to destroy the minds of those whose rights they have wantonly and recklessly disregarded.

Those who spy upon American men, women and children within the privacy of their own homes.

These U.S. Intel predators have spread like a cancer amongst the American Proletariat, and must be exposed for their satellite based crimes of megalomanical insanity.

In their commission of these crimes against us, these agencies remain in complete violation of the U.S. Constitutional rule of law, meaning that they cannot prosecute those whom they are attacking so criminally; so they revert to their use of psychological warfare, and dependence on directed energy weapons in which to covertly torture us.

This is further evidence of a conspiracy in which to destroy the U.S. Constitution; perpetrated by these Nazi minded miscreants. A situation in which they have become the very criminals whom they claim to have an interest in prosecuting.

However, such outrageous actions will eventually result in the abolition of these agencies and the incarceration of those agents who are convicted of such crimes of predation.

Any organization that would electronically tap into your mind and torture you should be abolished. And those who take part in such abhorrent crimes imprisoned.

So would the FEDS fabricate information in order to demonize those of us who have been targeted for such crimes of predation?

You bet they would! And they would use every piece of advanced technology available to them in which to do so! As NASA has also unwittingly revealed to us through its absolutely diabolical machination -- a covert project known only as "Blue Beam," these agents will utilize religious doctrine in order to control the thoughts of others, as well as to demonize those whom they cannot legitimately arrest.

Consider that with "Blue Beam" NASA's intention is to beam the holograms of the God of each major religion into the sky, while this agency's operatives speak through these holograms, telling those who believe in a particular doctrine that the only way that they can avoid the complete destruction of this planet, is to follow the instructions from their own federal governments. This is the most outrageous violation of those who maintain religious beliefs -- U.S. Intel agents posing as the very Gods of these respective religions, in order to deceive those who've adopted these beliefs for themselves.

And these citizens would blindly follow these directives regardless of what they were told to do.

These agents are without a doubt that dishonest, vicious and Nazi minded. And if they believe that they can covertly murder you in a plausible manner, they will commit that crime as well. This is why if you learn that you are being targeted for mind control research, you should make your case public as quickly as possible, documenting every aspect of their predation -- especially as it applies to violations of the U.S. Constitution.

However, in my opinion, it is a complete waste of time going to the mainstream media with such allegations, since they have already been told to ignore them. The Internet blogosphere is a far better place to promulgate such information; especially in seeing so many new groups of activists joining forces in which to document their own experiences with these crimes.

However, be aware that many of these groups are heavily infiltrated with federal agents, posing as provocateurs, in which to misdirect the positive intentions of these groups. Any person, no matter how credible they may appear to be, may well be one of these agents, looking to gain your confidence in efforts to covertly misdirect you.

So keep that in mind. Especially if they attempt to disparage the reputations of certain other TI's. The FEDS are notorious for perpetrating such EVIL machinations.

The judicial system in the United States is always spewing rhetoric about the importance of protecting and defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights, while the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS have a policy of violating every aspect of both and destroying the reputations of those whom they victimize.

What TI's must focus on first and foremost in these Intel attacks, is how egregiously these agencies are violating their own rule of law. And no matter what their excuses are for doing so, if any federal agent denies you your Constitutional rights, then that agent should be arrested, indicted, and tried for a federal crime under the color of law statutes in this country.

In their crimes against many of us, these agents have forgotten that their job is to enforce the Constitutional rule of law. They don't make the rules, yet by their outrageous behavior, it is clear that they believe they're entitled to do so.

They're not!

Moreover, these agents despise anyone who stands up to them because they are bullies by nature, and seek to intimidate others through the use of fear, knowing that they will not be prosecuted for having done so.

However, if more agents were made accountable for these color of law crimes, and imprisoned for committing them, Americans could finally put an end to such unforgivable violations of our rights by the U.S. Intel community.

For instance, if an FBI agent like the one who's been violating the rights of my Family and self for many decades was indicted for these crimes and sent to prison, it would certainly send a message to the FBI that their crimes committed under the color and cover of law will no longer be tolerated.

In the future, this is something which we must all strive to accomplish, since the crimes of the U.S. Intelligence community have become an intense threat to our very freedoms; completely undermining the Constitutional rule of law.

Either they operate within the Constitutional rule of law, or they face the future prospect of abolition; or perhaps even a civil war initiated by those whose Constitutional rights have been completely disregarded.

If there is one aspect in this nightmare that is for certain, it's that no one is going to tolerate being abused by these agencies in the ways in which they are presently attacking many of us.

And there will eventually be a significant price to pay for having perpetrated such violations of basic human rights.

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