Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Murder Of James Forrestal -- Another Government Official With A Conscience Who Became A Threat To The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex

It would seem that if you are a member of the U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, and become disenchanted with the criminality occurring within these organizations you have two choices -- remain silent, or speak up and risk either being covertly murdered or open to the destruction of your reputation. If you're not killed, you can expect to be blacklisted from the job market and slowly bankrupted, while made a complete outcast within society.

That is the FEDS' standard method of operation with employees who will no longer tow the party line; as many government whistleblowers have now found out the hard way. However, no one should be subjected to such cruelty day in and day out - so much so that they are driven to suicide. Yet, many former employees of the U.S. Federal Government who were forced to turn to whistleblowing are now being subjected to such unwarranted and vicious treatment -- a clear sign that there's something seriously wrong with the agencies who are subjecting them to such depravity. In many respects these agents are cold blooded murderers who can kill without the slightest hint of conscience.

Decades ago, the United States' first secretary of defense, was driven to commit suicide after having such a pang of conscience. At least that is how his death was reported in the media. However, James Forrestal had heard (or seen) something that terrified him to such a degree, that he made the critical mistake of telling some of his colleagues that he could not remain silent about what he had been made privy to. His death (murder) soon followed.

The mysterious death of James Forrestal & the government's concealment of extraterrestrial biological entities. It is time that the U.S. Federal Government admitted to its association with extraterrestrial beings.
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