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Barack Obama In 2001 States On NPR That The United States Is Like Nazi Germany & That The Constitution Is Egregiously Flawed

There's no doubt that President Elect Obama was correct in this statement, since several amendments to the U.S. Constitution have indeed been unconstitutional -- in particular the 14TH and 16TH Amendments. Our Federal Government has used the 16TH Amendment to create the Internal Revenue Service.

However, this a private corporation -- not as the Congress would have us a believe, a part of the U.S. Federal Government. No more so than the privately held Federal Reserve System is a part of the our Federal Government. The word federal in Federal Reserve System was deliberately used by the Jekyll Island 7 and the U.S. Congress to deceive the American people into believing that the Federal Reserve System was part of the U.S. Federal Government.

Once again, it is not.

Moreover, in the late 1800's and again in the early part of the 20TH Century, the Supreme Court ruled that the 16TH Amendment did not confer any new powers of taxation on the U.S. Congress.

However, the Congress went ahead and allowed for the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve System and IRS, even though the U.S. Federal Supreme Court (the highest court in this country) ruled that it was illegal to do so.

Once again for emphatic purposes, the U.S. Congress deliberately violated a Supreme Court ruling, through the creation of two privately held organizations which since 1913, have been used to steal trillions of dollars from the American workforce.

The Federal Reserve System and its Internal Revenue Service collection agency.

So the President Elect is certainly right about the U.S. Constitution being egregiously flawed, even though he never bothered to mention the aforementioned during his election run. And Americans could go along way towards correcting these flaws if they forced Congress to repeal the 16TH Amendment (as well as other amendments which can be used by the U.S. Federal Government -- the Intelligence Community in particular given their penchant for covertly utilizing many of us as unwitting human lab rats for non consensual human experimentation -- to cause harm to American citizens).

Unfortunately, and once again for emphatic purposes, the new President Elect was not referring to the aforementioned Federal Reserve/IRS/Congress treasonous fraud when he spoke of flaws within the U.S. Constitution. If he had done so on National Public Radio, he most certainly would have made himself unelectable, as Dr. Ron Paul did when promulgating this inconvenient truth to the American people during his presidential run this past year.

However, where Mr. Obama -- whether he realizes it or not -- is correct in regard to his comparison of America to Nazi Germany, is as it pertains to the U.S. Intelligence community's complete disregard for the Constitutional rule of law in this country; an extremely bad situation in which these agents will covertly torture and murder American men, women and children with complete disregard for their rights as citizens of this once great and now foundering nation.

Will Barack Obama be able to gain control of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex in efforts to restore America to her former Constitutional republic?

Not likely, since this Complex (even before the days of U.S. Intel) has controlled our three branches of government. Of course, this situation has only grown far worse since the advent of the U.S. Intelligence community in the late 1940's, and the Nazi influence which they represent to us. Moreover, it would seem that Mr. OBama is unaware that the United States was in fact created as a Constitutional Republic, and not a Democracy, since he has on more than one occasion referred to the United States as a Democracy.

However, perhaps he can institute social programs which will be able to help the middle class down the road. That is, if he can first restore the value of the U.S. currency.

And in order to do that, with or without the privately held Federal Reserve System, we must go back on the gold standard. If we fail to do so, the current economic recession will most certainly eventually become a depression.

However, and unbeknown to most Americans, the Federal Reserve System long ago looted the U.S. Treasury (which it quietly controls for its own means) of most of our gold bullion, and is not about to give it back to us.

Of course, this privately held and Congress approved counterfeiter does claim that they are holding onto this gold as collateral for what the U.S. Federal Government owes them in debt.

A very interesting situation since the Federal Reserve Bank prints money based on nothing of intrinsic value (thin air is more like it), which it then charges interest for, and takes real gold for this perceived and fraudulent debt. No one ever accused these bankers of being stupid. On the contrary, they have been diabolically clever in stealing from the American people and propagating a very successful fraud in having the American people believe that they actually own the Federal Reserve Bank a dime.

In reality, this privately held and treasonous fraud owes the American people trillions of dollars stolen from their wages, as well as interest on that money. So now you can understand why it is that those of our leaders who have attempted to redress this situation (President John F. Kennedy being the most noteworthy, as well as Judge Martin V. Mahoney of Credit River Decision fame) are either murdered as these two men were, or subjected to character assassination.

Congress Must Be Forced To Repeal The 16Th Amendment

Given how the Federal Reserve System has wrapped its tentacles around the global economic establishment, it would seem nearly impossible to get rid of this criminal behemoth.

So here's an idea. What if the American people take control of the Federal Reserve Bank through a restructured Congress which actually represents our interests instead of the Illuminati controlled banking industry?

We can fold the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury and appoint only government officials to oversee the operations of this organization in the future. The Federal Reserve System would cease being a privately held concern and belong to the American people. This would immediately allow it to operate Constitutionally, coining money through the U.S. Treasury under the auspices of the U.S. Congress, yet the money would again be based on real gold instead of paper, restoring the value of the U.S. Dollar.

The bank accounts of each American citizen would rise in value nearly one hundred times their present worth!

Moreover, the debt to the Federal Reserve -- which is *bogus in the first place because of its fractional lending practices and counterfeiting operations -- will be completely wiped out.

*Because of the Federal Reserve System's treasonous deceit, it has since 1935 -- when it took the American people off the gold standard (the U.S. Federal Government itself went off the gold standard under Richard Nixon in 1971) -- made every American citizen an unwitting accomplice in its global money laundering operations; a situation in which purchases for businesses, homes, automobiles and virtually all other items including food have been a criminal offense.

An entire country unwittingly made into money launderers for the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, because of this Illuminati pawn's treasonous deception of us as a nation.

However, if we fold the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury, the gold bullion which it began looting from the Treasury in 1935 ( and which rightfully belongs to the American people), now goes back to the U.S. Treasury where it belongs, and the criminals who got us into this MESS (at least their modern day representatives) removed from their positions within the Federal Reserve(lucky to not be imprisoned for such a treasonous scheme).

We also repeal the 16Th Amendment which resulted in the creation of the IRS, and abolish the IRS, since there will no longer be a tax on the wages of the American worker -- therefore, no need for an organization which collects such a tax.

President Obama Must Acknowledge The FRS/IRS Fraud

In stating this, I do wish the President Elect much luck in his future endeavors as the leader of this country, because if he believes that this country can continue to operate based on the fiat money which the Fed continues to pump into our economy, he is mistaken.

President Obama will additionally find such luck necessary if he decides to choose Hillary (New World Order) Clinton as his Secretary of State; a career criminal who along with her ex prez hubby has the protection of the CIA and FBI, as does the Bush Crime syndicate.

So why do I have this suspicion that in four years from now Americans are again going to be screaming for new changes that they can "live with?"


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Also see the following on Judge Martin V. Mahoney & "The Credit River Decision" -- Judge Mahoney ruled in a case involving a loan regarding a Federal Reserve controlled bank, that the loan was made with counterfeit money. His ruling found the privately held Federal Reserve Bank to be guilty of creating money based on nothing of intrinsic value, and the bank to be null an void. Judge Mahoney would be dead less than six months later:
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