Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On The Thirtieth Anniversary Of The Jonestown Massacre In Guyana -- We Look Back At This CIA MKULTRA Operation -- A Needless Tragedy

Jonestown -- More Than 700 Casualties Of CIA MKULTRA

Just One Of Myriad Reasons For The CIA's Abolition

In one of the best known disasters in human history -- one covertly perpetrated by the CIA -- we take a look back at the CIA's mass murder of the members of the Jonestown Cult -- a textbook illustration in brainwashing through chemical means.

However, most of Jonestown's members did not die from drinking Koolaid laced with cyanide, as the public had been told, but from single (execution style) gunshot wounds to the backs of their heads. Many of these cult members refused to drink the Koolaid, and were executed to cover up this CIA clandestine operation, which went horribly wrong.

(Today U.S. Intel uses satellite based weapons and psychotronic computer to brain link technology in which to create their "Manchurian Candidate" assassins.)

Over the past three decades I have experienced enough physical and psychological manifestations as a target of the NSA and its psychotronic technology, to understand that virtually any aspect of an individual's brain function can be artificially interfered with by way of such remote means as artificial intelligence computer controlled spy satellite systems like the NSA's Echelon.

These computers are quite a bit more advanced than the ones which we have on our desktops; they can actually think for themselves. Still worse is that these super computers can be used to completely alter an individual's personality for the express purpose of controlling that person's thoughts and behavior -- all without their knowledge or consent.

Such surveillance and manipulation of the mind has nothing to do with protecting the American people; in reality, the NSA and its U.S. Intel brethren are a New World Order covert operation being utilized to keep tabs on each of us through the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations. An Intelligence community that would use such technology to torture and murder people (even little children) is EVIL. The same U.S. Intel community that brought us the WACO, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee and Jonestown, Guyana massacres.

The Jonestown Massacre - The CIA -- And The Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan


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