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How The FBI Benefitted By The Attacks On 9-11 & Why The Agency Is Now Completely Out Of Control

Editor's Note: As many other individuals targeted for non consensual human experimentation will attest to, a primary focus of the attacks on our persons is to create intolerable living conditions in which family members are quite literally brainwashed (by those Intel agencies orchestrating these attacks) into using psychological warfare against other family members who are being targeted for these psychological operations. These attacks are perpetrated in efforts to drive these TI's to suicide, while their own family members are blackmailed by agencies like the FBI into completely surrendering their freedom in which to make their own choices, while being brainwashed into following the dictates of these Nazi run organizations.

There is no Constitutional rule of law in what these federal agencies are doing, because it is the agencies themselves who are committing these outrageous crimes, while demonizing many of us on an international scale, in order to obscure their own treasonous criminality. However, when U.S. Intel attempts to covertly destroy the American people through its utilization of such mind raping technology as the NSA's remote neural monitoring of our minds via the National Security Agency's computer to brain link technology, it is the FEDS who will ultimately be demonized for eternity.

The absolute magnitude of this tresonous U.S. Intel conspiracy has yet to be exposed to the general public, and will have the most devastating of consequences for the agencies involved; including but not limited to the NSA, FBI, CIA and Department Of Homeland Security.

*Many TI's have also reported being watched and videotaped within the privacy of their own homes by federal agencies that are using their satellites to illegally spy on these people, then placing these videos in areas where others may access them -- including the Internet. This is without a doubt one of the most despicable and depraved violations of the rights of these citizens imaginable, and a further indication of the outright garbage that is operating within the FBI, NSA, DHS and other Intel agencies. Garbage which has clearly benefitted by the garbage that has ruined the White House over the past eight years!

These agents are nothing but unindicted and heavily subsidized criminals who should rot in prison.

As for U.S. Intel's blackmailing of our own families in order to cover up the crimes of these agencies, the end result here is that in order to save themselves from the types of vicious attacks which they are now forced to subject us to, many of the family members od TI's are quite literally stripped of their own decency and morality, often times forced to take part in these crimes. Once again, this is the result of the brainwashing tactics being used by these federal agencies against family members who have become nothing but pawns in these criminal attacks, while the FBI and its criminal cohorts remain completely immune from prosecution for perpetrating these color of law crimes.

And this is being done in order to cover up the NSA's use of its Signals Intelligence operations in which to electronically tag every American citizen by way of their own bio electromagnetic fields. A scandal great enough to bring down the shadow government which has covertly taken over our own. A shadow government which must be destroyed.

As it stands, the FBI and NSA have colluded for decades in which to covertly spy upon my person and family by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations, while setting one precedent after another in their violations of our inherent rights under the United States Constitution. With the NSA's illegal tracking of our own electromagnetic fields, and their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation, these agencies have opened themselves up to the greatest scandal in human history. And one which will eventually result in an equally precedent setting civil suit against themselves and the U.S. Federal Government for these color of law crimes.

These agents are nothing but hi-tech satellite predators, who commit their crimes through the infrared spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye.

Moreover, the FBI's use of constant psychological warfare is meant to destroy the relationship between the TI and their family members, and unfortunately usually succeeds -- especially when given the fact that these people are under enormous psychological pressure themselves. The end result is that oftentimes the family of the TI and the TI themselves end up despising one another.

* I have been wilful enough to avoid this pitfall of the FBI's; however, many other TI's have not been. The U.S. Intel community's Illuminati attack on the American family is absolutely monstrous.

Moreover, in order to coerce the family members of a Targeted Individual into taking part in these vicious attacks, family members are often blackmailed with the threat losing their jobs, homes, or for retirees even their pensions, as an inducement for them to take part in these hideous government sanctioned crimes, while the FBI or other federal agencies set precedents in violating the Constitutional rights of these people.

Another clear sign of the Nazism which exists within the bowels of these federal agencies.

Moreover, it is U.S. Intel agencies like the FBI and DHS who conspire to create all of the havoc in the lives of the people whom the TI is associated with (including family and friends), yet it is the TI who is blamed for the depravity of these federal agencies and the devastation which these irresponsible and evil minded agents seek to propagate; while taking no responsibility for their own actions, even when covertly torturing and murdering these citizens.

As for the federal agent who is responsible for creating the present COINTELPRO attack which my family and I remain subjugated to, he is a worthless and evil minded reprobate who belongs in prison. He is a criminal whom the FBI has covered up for, as they do for all agents who commit criminal acts under the color of law. Agents like John Connelly, Lin DeVecchio, Richard Held and myriad others who are responsible for making the FBI the modern day cesspool that it continues to be.

How The Nazi Run FBI Benefitted From The 9-11 Attacks

Shortly before the attacks on 9-11, there were so many complaints about the FBI and its use of Gestapo-like tactics, including blatant entrapment in which to violate the rights of American citizens, that there had been serious consideration given to completely restructuring the FBI.

The same situation occurred in late 1971 after the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO operations were exposed by a group of activists who broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, and shared files that they found in regard to COINTELPRO with the U.S. Media; a shameful scandal ensued in which the Bureau was for a short time seen by the public for the covert terrorist and disinformation network that it in reality has always been.

However, within a short time, the Watergate scandal overshadowed the FBI's own criminality (many people believe that the FBI and CIA were both involved in engineering Watergate), and the Bureau was quickly back to its own despicable tactics.

The same situation again occurred as a result of the 9-11 attacks, when the FBI was again threatened with a meaningful restructuring. Suddenly, a federal intelligence agency which was the focus of myriad citizens' complaints was given unprecedented powers to conduct the most unconstitutional surveillance ever documented.

In the equivalent of giving a homicidal maniac the keys to a munitions' factory, the FBI took to its newly found authority with unbridled enthusiasm. These power crazed lunatics could now abuse the entire American population at anytime they chose to, and without the least concern for being reigned in by the U.S. Justice Department or Congress.

All the FBI had to do from time to time was say that during a time of war (even though the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan are both illegal) the Constitution could be suspended. And they had full support from the criminal syndicate in the White House, under the Project For A New American Century controlled Bush puppet regime.

However, the FBI has always operated as though the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights have been suspended, using myriad forms of entrapment and psychological warfare as standard protocols in their illegal operations. And in the modern day, throwing around terms like terrorist and lone wolf as if the Bureau were giving away candy.

The fact is that the FBI's abuses have been so completely and utterly outrageous, that the Bureau is now attempting to publicly justify carrying on illegal surveillance campaigns which cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars, while spanning decades and hundreds of thousands of hours, as part of what the Bureau would have the American public believe are "normal" investigations.

This, when what the FBI is really doing has nothing at all to do with any legitimate types of investigations, but instead amounts to a criminal conspiracy in which to willfully violate the privacy of American citizens in the most outrageous ways ever documented; including but not limited to going on protracted and illegal fishing expeditions by using tne NSA' s Signals Intelligence capabilities in which to electronically tap into the brainwaves of American citizens, enabling the FBI and NSA to remotely brainscan their thoughts, while denying them their right to counsel and due process of law.

Not only is this a precedent setting violation of our inherent rights as American citizens, it is also proof of the U.S. Intelligence community's use of Americans for a modern day MKULTRA program, in which many of us are being used without our consent (and until we realize what has happened without our knowledge as well) for non consensual human experimentation.

Such a blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution by these agencies is not only the greatest scandal in human history (ironically enough, one that virtually most of the American people don't even know about) but an evident sign of the fall our Republic. And in its place, a furtively tyrannical government which is attempting to mask its tyranny behind the facade of a government which no longer exists. And these criminals are becoming more obvious in regard to these attacks by the day.

Moreover, through such an overt attack on the Bill Of Rights the FBI is clearly telling us, that our rights as citizens of this country mean nothing to them, and that as long as we allow them to continue to get away with these outrageous abuses, they are going to do just that.

Furthermore, through such outrages as the satellite predation being committed against many Americans in the present day, what the FBI and NSA have in effect done here is to provoke us into taking evasive action against them. Something that has already begun to happen, with many of us using our 1ST Amendment rights in which to document and promulgate these attacks over the Internet, in order to educate the citizens from around the globe in regard to the FBI/NSA satellite predation that we are presently being subjugated to.

We will not accept these crimes being perpetrated against us and will fight to the death if necessary to take our freedoms, government and country back from these Nazi minded criminals.

The FBI has also made it clear that when caught in the midst of committing such crimes, this Nazi run agency will attempt to label any American citizen whose rights they have violated so egregiously, as a terrorist in order to justify such blatant assaults on the U.S. Constitution itself.

Further proof of the FBI's abject hatred of American freedom, and desire to take such freedoms away from us.

Moreover, in perpetrating such an overtly frightening attack on the U.S. Constitution itself, what the FBI and NSA have done here is to expose their own Nazi roots and clear desire to destroy the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

And now the FBI must suffer the consequences for having done so, through the most meaningful and patriotic act that the American people themselves can demand that the U.S. Congress enforce: -- the abolition of the FBI along with the NSA, CIA and all other federal agencies that are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

If these agencies are not authorized by the United States Constitution, then they should not exist. This statement was recently made by Congressman Ron Paul, who has publicly stated that the privately held Internal Revenue Service, Federal Reserve System as well as the FBI should all be abolished!

The money alone that the corporate income tax amounts to each year in which to finance the U.S. Military Intelligence complex (not counting the black budgets which these agencies raise - for example the CIA's international drug trafficking operations) could be put to much better use anyway, while the Pentagon is streamlined and far more efficiently managed.

The U.S. Federal Government is literally drowning in its own bureaucracy, and would be far more effective once it is greatly pared down and thus made more accountable for its actions.

Moreover, with greater accountabily to the American people (isn't that who the Pentagon is ultimately supposed to be responsible to anyway?) the Pentagon would be utilized more effectively, while weeding out the "Leon Limnitzer" type psychopaths who threaten not just the Americans with their evil machinations, but also the rest of the people on this planet.

The truth of the matter whether they choose to admit it or not, is that it is the Military Industrial Intelligence complexes own Imperialistic agenda which is responsible for the global hatred aimed at the American people, when in fact the American people themselves have done nothing to deserve such hatred.

It is the wheeling and dealing of agencies like the CIA that attract such hatred to Americans. And without such agencies and their evil machinations, Americans would be far better thought of and received by our International neighbors.

Many of you have probably seen yesterday's "shoe throwing incident" on the news by now, in which an Iraqi journalist aimed straight for the head of George W. Bush and threw not one, but two of his shoes at him, while saying the English equivalent of "this is your final kiss you dog!"

Unfortunately, it was White House Press Secretary Dana Perino who was hit in the face by what appears to have been a microphone, during the melee in which Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi was wrestled to the ground after attempting to bean George W. Bush with both of his shoes. Perino now sports a shiner as a result of it.

However, even though Muntador al-Zaidi is now *jailed, he has become an overnight national hero and treasure to the Iraqi people; a further indication of just how much the majority of Iraq despises the Bush Administration for murdering over one million of their own citizens by waging an illegal war against them, and stealing their natural resources -- all done under the pretense of making Iraq a democracy. The truth is that while a democracy is a terrible form of government, Iraqi's are (like their Afghani & American counterparts) not even living in a democracy, but instead a tyrannical police state. In the case of the United States, one in which American citizens are being illegally electronically tagged by their own bio electromagnetic fields, and monitored by way of the National Security Agency's Echelon satellite spy network.

*It appears that this journalist was severely beaten by guards and injured badly enough that a Judge went to visit him in his jail cell for the purpose of arraignment, rather than risk a courtroom filled with Iraqi's becoming even further enraged at the sign of the battered man.

As for the FBI and its U.S. Intel brethren, the American people have the power in which to force Congress to get rid of these unconstitutional and clearly Nazi run organizations.

And the time to petition the U.S. Congress in which to bring about these changes is now.

The following is yet another example of how the FBI manipulates situations through the use of entrapment. For example, for the past six years, the FBI has colluded with the NSA and DHS in which to subject me to both directed energy weapons torture as well as psychological warfare. The directed energy harassment is ongoing, however eases from time to time. The psychological operations have remained constant for more than a decade, and very aggressive since the FBI's COINTELPRO of my person went from being covert to overt in 2003.

The FBI is incapable of operating without resorting to entrapment and psychological warfare -- the psyops in particular can completely alter a subject's personality; many of whom suffer adverse psychological and physiological effects from such repeated cruelty. The FBI exploits these situations in which to claim that a subject targeted for such abuse fits whatever profile the FBI has created for said subject,when in reality, the FBI is utilizing its psychological warfare in which to force the subject to alter their habits in which to conform to the FBI's profiling.This is yet further proof of the complete fraud that FBI profilers propagate, when they must use psychological warfare in which to drive their targets into behavior which conforms to such profiles.

In understanding this, the most pertinent question which arises here is would the subject have acted out in such ways which supported the FBI's profiling, had the subject not been exposed to the FBI's use of psychological warfare?

The answer is clearly that the subject would have likely not done anything which could have given the FBI an opportunity in which to indict them, if they had simply been left alone.

In the following case of Theresa Marie Squillacote, it appears that the FBI took advantage of a psychiatric condition in which to entrap her, while knowing full well that Ms. Squillacote was suffering from a personality disorder.

Given this, I also find it hypocritical to say the least, that the FBI would have attacked Ms. Squillacote as it did, while allowing the privately held Federal Reserve System and IRS to operate illegally, and propagating the same type of Marxist ideology which typifies the Communist graduated income tax system that Americans are presently being subjected to.

More evidence that the FBI is nothing but a criminal syndicate and colossal and treasonous fraud.

But then again, what can you expect from federal agents who videotape American citizens using their own bathrooms? These government rat bastards respect no one's privacy and are the consummate degenerate pigs.

Yet one more in a myriad of reasons for why the FBI's Gestapo operations must come to an end.

Source Los Angeles Times

Entrapment Question Spins FBI Spy Case
October 13, 1998 in print edition NA-23

The FBI says Theresa Squillacote and Kurt Stand are “dedicated communists” who hate the U.S. government and betrayed it the first chance they got. Their attorneys say they are an emotionally battered couple who committed no crimes until the government trapped them.

Three days into one of the last spy trials of the Cold War, the evidence of wiretapped phone calls and pilfered Pentagon documents could point either way.

Squillacote, 40, and Stand, 43, are charged with conspiring to commit espionage, attempting espionage and illegally obtaining national defense documents.

Testimony has detailed the FBI sting that prompted Squillacote to copy classified documents and give them to a man she thought was a South African intelligence agent, actually an undercover FBI agent.

“Dedicated communists,” U.S. Assistant Atty. Randy Bellows has repeatedly called the couple.

Defense attorneys deny few of the facts, only their interpretation. Squillacote’s lawyer, Lawrence Robbins, calls the FBI meeting a “textbook case” of entrapment.

Also see:

Source: New York Times

Former U. of Wisconsin Radicals Are Found Guilty of Espionage
October 24, 1998

A couple who were student radicals at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970's were found guilty today of spying for the Soviet bloc.

The two, Theresa Marie Squillacote, 40, and Kurt Alan Stand, 43, were convicted of conspiring to commit espionage, attempting espionage and illegally obtaining national defense documents. They could be sentenced to life in prison.

Ms. Squillacote and Mr. Stand showed no emotion when the verdicts were announced.

Prosecutors had accused Ms. Squillacote, a former lawyer at the Defense Department, and her husband, a former labor union representative, of spying for East Germany, the Soviet Union and Russia.

Witnesses testified that Ms. Squillacote had passed secret Defense Department documents to an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who was posing as an intelligence officer for the Government of South Africa.

Defense lawyers argued that the couple had never provided classified material to foreign agents. A psychiatrist testified that Ms. Squillacote suffered from a personality disorder, and that the F.B.I. had entrapped her by exploiting that disorder in prodding her to give the documents to the undercover agent.

Ms. Squillacote and Mr. Stand were arrested last October along with a third suspect, James M. Clark, and have been in prison ever since. The three had known one another since their days as members of leftist student organizations at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in the early 1970's.

Federal prosecutors said that the East German Government had recruited the three during their college days and that they had sought jobs in and around the Federal Government, and stolen and smuggled classified documents, at the behest of their Communist spymasters.

A 200-page F.B.I. report said Mr. Stand was indoctrinated into Marxism as a child. He never held a Government job but recruited others into spying for more than 20 years, prosecutors said.

Mr. Clark, a former civilian employee of the Army, pleaded guilty during the summer and was a main prosecution witness. He testified that Ms. Squillacote and Mr. Stand had told him they were working with an East German spy named Lothar Ziemer. Mr. Clark said he had passed secret documents to the same man in the 70's and 80's.

But Mr. Clark also testified that neither Mr. Stand nor Ms. Squillacote had ever told him they gave Mr. Ziemer classified information.

Witnesses said the couple reported to Mr. Ziemer until 1990, the year East Germany reunited with West Germany. They remained in contact with Mr. Ziemer until their arrest in 1997, prosecutors said.

The F.B.I. began its undercover operation in the fall of 1996 when agents composed a letter claiming to be from a South African Government official who was also a prominent member of the Communist Party.

Ms. Squillacote was hired as a lawyer at the Defense Department in 1991 and granted secret security clearance. The four classified documents she was accused of passing to the F.B.I. agent, in January 1997, described weapons transactions between various nations in 1994 and assessed United States troop strength and the speed at which troops could be deployed to combat zones worldwide.

One document reportedly included information about United States nuclear weapons.

The case is highly unusual in the recent annals of American espionage because the defendants appear to have been motivated more by ideology than by money.

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