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FEDS Use Of The Airwaves In This Aspect Of Their Psychological Operations Becomes Far More Aggressive - However, This Too Will Fail

My regular readers are well aware that back in 2005 I all but gave up watching TV because of the FBI/NSA/DHS usurpation of our programming, and its replacement with programming which was and for the most part continues to be used as part of the precedent setting COINTELPRO attack on my family and person.

Over the past few years I began listening to FM radio as a source of entertainment, only to find that the FEDS immediately moved into this venue in which to further their psychopathic attacks. Whether or not they have actually utilized the entire radio network within the Tri-State area to conspire in these attacks, or if they are just embedding their own programming onto the carrier waves of these radio stations for the purpose of such psychological warfare, remains to be seen.

In either event, what is clear is that this treasonous conspiracy in which to deny us our Constitutional rights has become completely out of control; orchestrated by those within U.S. Intel who are without a doubt criminally insane, and murderous by nature.

Over the past three years these Nazi criminals have increased their attacks during the Holidays, in efforts to further exploit the depressing atmosphere which they are responsible for creating year round.

As such, their use of psychological triggers continues unabated, as they undoubtedly obsess over attacking a group of people who have no criminal record, no intention of harming anyone, own no firearms of any kind, and have no connections with terrorist organizations -- domestically or internationally.

However, we are being aggressively attacked by THREE terrorist organizations -- The FBI, NSA and Department Of Homeland Security -- whom through their despicable activities continue to illustrate that they are incapable of operating legally; a situation in which they consider themselves to be above the Constitutional rule of law, while violating every aspect of our inherent rights as citizens of this country.

Moreover, it is these federal agencies who continue to commit the most serious crimes against us, as well as the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

The only situation which has changed over the past six years, since this aggressive assault morphed out of the more covert attack that the FEDS have waged against us, is that THEIR CRIMES and those of their provocateurs continue to get worse, as I document them in even greater detail.

The Nazi tactics of these agencies are by far the best illustration of why they should be abolished -- their pathological deception of the American public, as well as their cruel actions and complete disregard for their own rule of law, defines them as domestic terrorists.

Furthermore, their use of religious doctrine in which to demonize my person is not only a complete perversion of such doctrine, but also a pathetic and desperate attempt by these low federal reprobates to salvage their own sagging reputations, in light of the unprofessional conduct that they continue to propagate.

As for their usurpation of these radio broadcasts, this is handled easily enough with the mute switch on a hand held remote. As is their contamination of basically well meaning groups in which to promulgate their own outrageous COINTELPRO's.

And since the E-mail accounts of the TI make for yet another easy venue for such COINTELPRO attacks, using the filter feature goes a long way to destroying yet another covert method for such psychological warfare.

As for the FBI agent who began this psychotic attack on my person many decades ago - a marathon of wills -- he will find that no matter what he and his cronies do, their own abject lies and criminal activity will eventually serve to bring about their own unraveling -- which has already begun.

My blog documents accurately, coldly and rationally, classified satellite based technologies which are being used by the Nazi's within U.S. Intel to perpetrate their egregious crimes against humanity in the new Millennium -- a Fourth Reich if you will.

These monsters are now using the same types of psychological warfare in the way of disinformation and blatant black propagandized smear campaigns, in which to demonize many of us, in the way that they've demonized those at WACO, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee and myriad other Americans, who have been denied their Constitutional rights as citizens of this country.

And as usual, these federal agencies are using the U.S. Media in which to covertly carry out these attacks, through the utilization of code words which are meant to represent those whom it is their intent to eventually murder.

Unfortunately, those who aid and abet these federal agents are still living in a Matrix. And they are easily misled because they remain heavily indoctrinated in religions. And this renders them incapable of seeing through this Matrix, because it is their own belief systems which continue to enslave them; fearing that if they act out in a way which is incompatible with the teachings of such dogmatic thinking, they will indeed be punished in the next life.

As a result of this, anyone who attempts to rationally challenge these beliefs is demonized, even when there is compelling evidence to prove that religious doctrine is in fact not only incomplete, but seriously flawed.

And it is such religious dogma that agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS rely on in which to exploit such thinking, in addition to justifying with the public, their outrageous attacks on those who challenge virtually every aspect of the status quo within the United States.

Most citizens see politics as the parasitic and inherently fraudulent profession that it is.

However, these same citizens see religion as the guiding light in their lives. Many will not question it; nor will they tolerate others doing so. And it is this powerful influence that religions have over the lives of such people, that the U.S. Intel community seizes on in which to control them.

This is without a doubt the most definitive aspect of religions being used for the express purpose of brainwashing the minds of congregations. And the abject demonization of those of us who refuse to buy into this fraud any longer. For millennia, religious doctrines have been used to create fear in the minds of those who patronize them.

In fact, such an all encompassing fear, that many of these people have been used in which to torture and murder others who did not conform to such doctrines.

And there is no greater indication of just how dangerous these religions have been, then the free thinking women of centuries past, who were denounced by the Church Of England and Roman Catholic Church during the the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The women whom these churches declared to be demons or witches; those who were quite literally subjected to the most heinous of tortures.

A situation where they were subjected to *lication, beatings, drownings and even burned at the stake, as was the late Joan of Arc. These insidious murders were the brainchild of men who were completely immersed in religious dogma. So fearful of anyone who might expose their own fraud, that they were indeed willing to murder these women just to cover up such fraud.

*Google: "The Witches' Hammer" to learn more about this.

Also see:

The Illuminati controlled U.S. Intelligence community remains little different from the aforesaid, with regard to their covert and unconscionable tortures and murders of those us who refuse to acquiesce to their unreasonable and outright vicious ways of running this country. They are just more secretive in regard to how they commit these crimes.

One might think that the human race has come far enough since the 16TH Century to have completely eradicated such inhumane behavior. However, not nearly as far as they might imagine, since the same type of backwards and terrifying thinking remains within the hierarchy of contemporary religious doctrine.

And as a result of this, those who continue to challenge these doctrines will be demonized, dehumanized, and denied rights as citizens of this planet that they are by law entitled to.

Furthermore, any person who would commit such an act against the Constitution itself, is in fact a treasonous criminal who should be subjected to the most severe penalties as prescribed by the Constitutional rule of law here in the United States.

As for those within agencies like the NSA, who've taken it upon themselves to utilize classified satellite based technologies in which to use many of us for non consensual human experimentation; this is especially true.
These so called agents are nothing but Nazi's who hide their crimes under the cover of National Security.

Any federal agents who would utilize their positions in which to commit such abhorrent crimes against the rights of other citizens under the color of law, are beyond redemption. For this is by far one of the most serious crimes that a federal agent can commit, yet, has historically gone unpunished. And because of this lack of accountability, these agents now believe that it is within their purview to act as both judge and jury, as well as executioner of those whom they illegally target -- a wicked abuse of such authority, and one which will eventually be severely punished.

Documentation of these outrageous crimes will continue through the holiday season and the new year. In fact, as long as this author is still alive, such accounts will be promulgated on a weekly, if not daily basis. Especially since my own experiences as a target of government mind control are indicative of what the American middle class has to look forward to in the future, as the Illuminati seek to bring back the feudal system on a global scale.

In this vein, do you honestly believe that the current global economic crisis in which a large percentage of home owners will now lose their homes, occurred by accident? This was no accident. Not in the least.

It was in fact engineered by the Illuminati run central banks in each of our countries; just as the privately held Federal Reserve System engineered the stock market crash of 1929, which resulted in the Great Depression of the 1930's, and the Illuminati's restructuring of our societies by way of the "New Deal."

The Illuminati's wealthy elitists are not only greedy beyond words, they want you back in the role of indentured servant -- a slave -- a serf.

"What do you care about these people; they're only serfs."

- Nick Rockefeller's statement on seeing citizens as slaves

In closing I would like to make the following comment:

To hell with the Illuminati, the New World Order, and their Satanism.

They and their accomplices are the gleoblastoma stage 4 equivalent of a cancer on the human race. And they should be destroyed before they can cause any further damage.

Here is looking forward to a world without the Illuminati or their global network of provocateurs; including that anathema to freedom and basic human decency known as the U.S. Intel community.
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