Monday, December 08, 2008

Another U.S. Intel "JERKAROUND" With UPS

* The following should be prefaced by stating that prior to the FBI's COINTELPRO campaign against my person, morphing from decades of covert and illegal operations, to the overt campaign which has encompassed myriad crimes including that of organized stalking over the past several years, that the representatives of virtually every organization which I had dealt with were courteous and professional, including United Parcel Service.

Today I attempted to ship a package back to an Ebay seller who makes cabinets for vintage hi-fi equipment. Unfortunately, the FBI & the rest of its squad of Nazi refuse decided to include this honest person in their criminal COINTELPRO against myself. This cabinet maker is obviously expert at what he does, yet was unable to properly construct not one, but two cabinets for a Marantz FM tuner. Fortunately, one of the cabinets fits another piece of hi-fi gear, however the first cabinet which arrived was absolutely "useless" for the piece of gear that it was ordered for and must now be shipped back.

Of course, the FBI had the UPS representatives primed to take part in yet another psychological operation, by rerouting me to several different people, each of whom claimed that their computer system had "suddenly" gone down! This has happened with other carriers in the past, and such machinations have been documented by many other TI's who experience these types of federally induced psychological warfare campaigns on a daily basis - done in efforts to drive them to commit suicide, or act out in such way that they can be incarcerated, so that the FBI and its criminal brethren can finish them off for good away from the public's watchful eye.

As usual, I was not at all surprised by this latest interference by the FBI, given its Nazi doctrine. This cabinet will probably eventually be shipped back by UPS to the person who sold it to me, and as if none of this had ever happened. At least that is usually the way that my business transactions take place, now that the FBI and its criminal minions inject their demonic selves into these purchases.

However, the fact remains that these federally orchestrated psyops are happening on a daily basis and meant to drive me to a state of mental instability, in order to cover up for some FBI rat bastard (Raymond Migliore) who belongs in prison, but is instead cowering behind the walls of this Nazi crime syndicate, as his fellow reprobates cover up for this roach and another aspect of the FBI's stinking COINTELPRO corpse.

And the more successful I am at thwarting these Nazi's and their COINTELPRO's the more aggressively I am demonized by them, and the more outrageous their criminality becomes.

The FEDS' gigantic, criminal & EGOmanical minds cannot stand the fact that they are the ones here who have and continue to commit these precedent setting crimes, and while every aspect of such crimes is being documented, including how these filthy perverts are videotaping men, women and even young children within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms. These federal agents are not only criminals -- they are absolutely disgusting pigs who belong in prison.

Moreover, the FBI's intention with such demonization tactics is to obscure its own outrageous crimes against my family and person, which include decades of illegal NSA spying, as well as non consensual cover research and human experimentation, by a cadre of degenerate Nazi thugs who are anathema to humanity itself.

I will update how the next call to UPS goes to see if the FEDS will continue with another psyop or let the package be shipped so that they can either:

A. Steal it

B. Damage it


C. Actually allow it to arrive at its destination unscathed by their grubby and criminal paws so that the former shipper (now the shippee) may continue to propagate this demented psyop.

Stay tuned..

A second call to the UPS carrier was placed, only to find that this latest representative could not take the order either. To wit, and I quote her as saying "my computer system was working fine, but it now appears to be down for the moment. Please hold on while I attempt to find out what is going on."

At this point, the UPS employee is told by either an FBI or DHS agent who has called them on the phone, to continue this psyop until I am frustrated enough to give up on the transaction.

Of course the point here is to also get me to complain about the UPS worker. However, in this day and age with such Nazi legislation as the Patriot Act, and a terrified American population, I am certainly understanding of employees kowtowing to such dictates, not wanting to attract the venom of U.S. Intel agencies who are at present experiencing an unprecedented and unaccountable level of authority which they clearly have no right to.

And I don't blame the UPS operators for this FBI orchestrated scam.

I will again attempt to call UPS for the third and last time. If UPS continues to allow the FBI to interfere in this transaction, then I will use another carrier to ship this item. And if the FBI continues to interfere with these carriers as well, this will only serve as further proof that this crime syndicate is interfering with my ability to conduct LEGAL business; hence destroying any plausibility which the FBI mutton heads usually rely upon in order to commit these crimes.

Stay tuned...

The Third Times The Charm?

My "THIRD" "3" "THRICE" call to UPS resulted in their "MIRACULOUS" ability to "FINALLY" take my order and set up a time in which to pickup this package.

The particular UPS employee with whom I spoke this time did not suffer from the same "COMPUTER GLITCH" that the prior two operators reported having experienced.

To wit: Their computers did not "FREEZE" up this time around!

A UPS driver is set to arrive before the close of business today, however I would not be at all surprised to find that they fail to show up; requiring yet another phone call to UPS in the morning.

I will update this latest account of the FBI's COINTELPRO attack against my person once this package has been received in good condition by the seller or is "held up" by the FBI. The item is in perfect condition and has been insured for its full value plus shipping costs, just in case the Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation -- what the acronym FBI really stands for -- attempts to hold this package "hostage" as they have done several times with other shipments over the past few years.

I should also note that the future recipient (the original shipper who sold me the item) of this package is involved in the FBI's chicanery, and as such must now be considered as suspect should he claim that there is a problem with said package, upon its arrival.

However, I have made every attempt in which to insure that the package arrives safely, and insured it for its full value, should the FBI or any of its myriad provocateurs attempt to abscond with or damage this package.

Stay tuned...

As of today, UPS shows this package as having been delivered. Given that the item was in perfect condition when I shipped it, the real question is will the FBI continue to use this person as another provocatorial shill, or just let him fade into the darkness as they have with so many others whom they have illegally utilized in such ways over the past few decades?

Should this person complain of damage to the item in question, one of two situations is possible:

A. Either the FBI intercepted the unit and damaged it.
B. This person will be blatantly LYING in claiming that the unit has been damaged, when in fact it is perfectly fine.

In either event they will be perpetrating fraud.

Moreover, I have also taken the liberty of insuring the unit for its full value, making UPS responsible for its safe delivery.
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