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How The FBI Protects The Youth Of America -- For Many Decades The CIA's Furnished Our Youth With Easily Had Drugs -- What Does The FBI Do For Them?

The FBI's WACO Holocaust

Autopsy Photo Of FBI WACO Murder Victim

How The FBI Protects Children

Amongst the 80 or so victims of the FBI's Gestapo style attack on the Branch Davidians were those of 26 children whom the FBI burned alive. If this were not bad enough, the FBI then attempted to destroy the credibility of the few surviving Branch Davidians by blackmailing many of them into blatantly lying, in order to cover up the facts behind the FBI's cold blooded murder of these people. This while the U.S. Congress and Media propagated a vicious smear campaign in which to demonize the Branch Davidians in efforts to justify the FBI's horrific crimes against them.

The FBI is doing the same with many of those whom it continues to wage its illegal COINTELPRO attacks against, blackmailing the families of victims of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, in efforts to keep this precedent setting and treasonous scandal out of the public eye. All while the FBI's vermin continue to snake their way around a deceptive obstacle course of their own creation; a proverbial mine field of FBI criminality which now threatens the very existence of this stain on the United States Of America.

Just How Low Will The FBI Go?

If The FBI Can Justify Burning 26 Children To Death What *Crimes Against Humanity Won't It Justify? Here we have a situation in which the FBI shamelessly attempted to blame the Branch Davidians for the murderous nature of its own pathetic and sadistic agents. Moreover, this was not the first time that the FBI burned children to death. In the 1970's, they burned the three young daughters of American Indian Movement leader John Trudell to death only hours after Trudell led a peaceful protest against the FBI which ended on the steps of the J. Edgar Hoover Building.

Trudell's wife and mother in law were also incinerated in a blaze started by the FBI, and in which to get even with Trudell for telling the ugly truth about this anti-American parasite of an organization; an Illuminati pawn which in the modern day remains as an abject danger to the United States Constitution and American freedoms.

In its latest crime against humanity, the FBI is presently attempting to cover up the NSA's illegal surveilling of American citizens by way of their own bio electromagnetic fields -- the greatest scandal in human history and without a doubt one the most egregious violations of basic human rights in history, since the NSA can use this "mind raping" technology against entire countries without their knowledge or consent.

Further evidence that the NSA has catalogued the unique bio electromagnetic fields of each American citizen within its vast computer monitored database. At the very least this constitutes electronic trespass & at most it's an abject crime against humanity.

"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

-- Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei

In Simple Terms -- The FBI's Tyrannical & Deceptive Legacy

The FBI and its agents are one of the greatest frauds in United States History. A Nazi run organization that has both the U.S. Congress and Department Of Justice, as well as the CIA controlled media system in this country covering up for the agency's crimes, instead of exposing them as they should be. A situation which has only allowed this Nazi run secret police crime syndicate to remain unaccountable for its rampant criminality for nearly a Century.

Moreover, when the FBI's COINTELPRO operations against a targeted individual fail to result in federal indictments of that person, the FBI will then wage a black operation in which to convince the public that this person is mentally unstable. This is done in efforts to have the person committed to a psychiatric facility. However, this is clearly a conspiracy on the part of the FBI in which to utilize the police, psychiatric profession and communities in which these targeted individuals reside, to take part in the psychological warfare against said targets, in which to drive them into such states of despair; when in fact the targets were committing no crimes, and instead being harassed by government sanctioned communities of organized stalking criminals, which now like the "Brown Shirts" of Hitler's Nazi Party of the 1930's , are taking part in these Orwellian types of crimes.

And in the modern day, it is the American version of the Gestapo -- FBI, DHS and NSA that are taking part in orchestrating these Nazi style attacks on American citizens and the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights. This is truly the ugliest time in American History, and a clear sign of the Nazi shadow government which is attempting to destroy what is left of our Republic.

The FBI is a corporately financed criminal enterprise. Yes, corporate, since this agency like the rest of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is financed not through the federal income tax on your wages, but instead the corporate income tax. The federal taxes on your income go straight to the privately held Federal Reserve System -- not a penny of this money goes towards any government services.

These agents have historically proven themselves to be torturous, murderous and hellish psychopaths who are an affront to humanity itself.

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Letter To The FBI:
Why do you protect criminals instead of catching them?
By John Kaminski

Letter To The FBI
Why do you protect criminals
instead of catching them?
By John Kaminski

In Ray Bradbury's famous sci-fi novel "Fahrenheit 451," firemen didn't put out fires, they started them. They burned books - which were banned - and the houses that held them, and then giggled salaciously as the dreams of innocent people went up in flames.

This is an apt portrayal of what today's FBI has become, a cowardly secret police protecting the evil interests of the powers that be at the expense of ordinary citizens trying to live decent and honest lives.

You trumpet your astute captures of spies such as Regan, Hanson, and Ames, but you ignore the real spies, who are Perle, Wolfowitz, and Kissinger, as well as the Democrats' golden Chinese geese, because you are too corrupted and too chicken to confront the people with the real money whose psychopathic agenda you preserve and protect.

To preserve and protect the rich and persecute the poor, that's your motto. Destroy the Constitution to increase profits of the wealthy? No problem for the FBI. Never has been.

Why else would Dick Simkanin be imprisoned for decades for merely trying to prove a relatively trivial point about withholding taxes, and Dick Cheney be running fat and free and still stealing billions from the American people?

Why else would you have ignored esteemed General Benton Partin, who proved conclusively that the courthouse in Oklahoma City was blown outward by bombs inside the building, and not by some ineffectual truck bomb that didn't even knock down a nearby tree?

Why else would you have the twisted temerity to pronounce the pre-9/11 investments as "not suspicious" when everyone in the world knows that the ruthless manipulators who made those investments know exactly who arranged the demolition of the World Trade Center towers that caused the deaths of 3,000 innocent people? Even you know they sure weren't Arabs. Nor Afghanis. Nor Iraqis.

There are thousands of people right now, members of the Council on Foreign Relations and trustees of the big banks and financial houses, who know exactly what happened on that terrible day, but you won't go after them because they sign your paychecks. You love your paycheck. To hell with the little people. Constitution vs. paycheck. No contest.

You played right along with all these ruses, and so many, many more.

You promoted Ricks, supervisor of the senseless Waco slaughter, and imprisoned Charles Sell, the hapless dentist who took those X-rays of the corpses of the children who had bullets in their brains.

You gave a medal to sniper Lon Horiuchi for putting a bullet through the head of Vicki Weaver while she was holding her baby in her arms, then paid off her husband to keep quiet and got a whore judge to say it wasn't Horiuchi's fault.

You didn't say a thing when the Bushes and Scalia stole the 2000 election. Never an investigation into the minus-17,000 votes Gore received in Volusia County.

And never an investigation into the World Trade Center catastrophe. Quite an enviable record. America's finest law enforcement agency. Just like the fire department in Fahrenheit 451! Let 'er burn.

I guess I'm writing this in hopes of reaching some young agent not yet curdled by the perverted protocol that enables the FBI to create Muslim terrorists in a Filipino terror training camp, where the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombing schemes were first hatched. But when Michael Meiring blew his legs off, the cat came out of the bag, and now millions of astute people around the world know that this bogus Muslim terror threat has really been created by certain special departments of the FBI, the CIA, the NSC, the NRO, MI-6, the Mossad, and other intelligence apparatuses privy to this demonic agenda.

Most intelligent people around the world have figured out that the bombings in Madrid, Bali, Istanbul, Yemen and elsewhere were not accomplished by Islamic terrorists, but by highly paid cynics from a number of different countries - Israel, South Africa, and Chile, to name three - working for the same group that invented the idea of false flag terror in Afghanistan, and perfected some techniques in the Philippines, under the watchful eye of the organization you work for.

Probably young FBI agents haven't figured this all out yet. They haven't reached that Faustian point where they either sell their souls to the devils incarnate named Ashcroft or Mueller, or get booted out of the bureau.

This is really who I'm trying to tweak, trying to penetrate the armor of their conditioning and make the point that if they don't honestly try to defend freedom - and not this rhetorical George W. Bush zombie freedom concept, because that's the lie that's accounting for all these needless murders all over the planet .... if those young people who joined the FBI to do the right thing still retain a scintilla of integrity, I need to ask them: who is going to protect our liberty, pursue our justice, if you don't? Does it matter to you?

You need to know Army intelligence killed Martin Luther King. You need to know Bobby Kennedy was shot by his bodyguard from behind. You need to know JFK .... well, there's simply so much to say, a lot of it involving Israel, the Dulles brothers, and the Bush family.

You get brought into the FBI in a totally brainwashed state, believing the Bureau acts for the finest motives and highest ideals of law and order. It can't be very long before you begin to realize a lot of the law enforcers act like crooks, including, very likely, a lot of your own supervisors. The anthrax killer was very likely one of your own.

You need to know one of your brethren could have stopped the 1993 World Trade Center truck bombing, but chose not to. You need to know a lot of your brethren are into drug-smuggling up to their shoulders.

Is this what you signed on for? To become part of America's ruthless and heartless and brainless and spinless and gutless Gestapo? Well, in this day and age, perhaps you did.

But just in case you didn't, we need to ask you this. We need your help.

We need courageous individuals who aren't afraid of the consequences to blow the damn whistle on all these coverups. We need to know who made the pre-9/11 investments, because those people know who planned the whole operation.

We need to know - as if we didn't know - who started everyone lying about Iraq, and made it OK to kill 100,000 people in Iraq last year for reasons that we all know are lies.

Hundreds of questions like this are waiting for the right person to come and blow the damned whistle.

Will it be you, young agent? Do you dare risk everything for freedom, or will you keep silent and maintain the 9/11 hijacker fiction? Will you act on your conscience or sit on your wallet? And if you choose the latter, what kind of reputation will that earn you? And how will it mesh with the oath that when you first took it, you really believed?

Freedom is not what someone orders you to do. Freedom, as Ray Bradbury's hero fireman Guy Montag eventually came to learn, comes up from inside you, and ultimately becomes more important than absolutely anything else.

Do you have the courage to do it? It is no exaggeration to say the future of the whole world depends on what you will do.

Guy Montag enjoyed his job. He had been a fireman for ten years, and he had never questioned the pleasure of the midnight runs nor the joy of watching pages consumed by flames ... never questioned anything until he met a seventeen-year-old girl who told him of a past when people were not afraid.

Then he met a professor who told him of a future in which people could think ... and Guy Montag suddenly realized what he had to do!

John Kaminski's essays have appeared on hundreds of websites around the world and have been collected into two anthologies. The latest, titled "The Perfect Enemy," is available at


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