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2003 Article Citing The FBI's NWO Nazi Plan To Use Aircraft Fleet To Spy On Americans Under The Pretense Of Searching For Terrorists

The FBI's Nightstalkers

You're an American citizen. You have no criminal record. Like a good and ignorant American you pay that extortion that the privately held Federal Reserve System & IRS steal from you every two weeks in the way of an unconstitutional tax on your wages. Yet as you *sleep soundly in your beds, the FBI and its stalking contingent are flying in the skies over your home under the New World Order's pretense of looking for terrorists. The cruelest of ironies here is that it is the FBI whose turning out to be one of the worst of these terrorists.

*maybe not so soundly given the present U.S. economic woes

The following 2003 article is yet one more of myriad illustrations of the New World Order's usurpation of the FBI to conduct spying which virtually destroys your 4TH Amendment rights.

In post 9-11 Amerika (SIC) the Bush Administration's Nazi credo "if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about" rings out across this nation, while since 2003 a fleet of FBI aircraft which are taking part in these privacy assaults from the sky, have become an adjunct to the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations; including the remote tracking of our own unique bio electromagnetic fields by way of the NSA's Echelon satellite spy system. And all under the pretense of protecting America from the "war on terror."

However, like George W. Bush himself, the PNAC controlled Bush Administration's war on terror is nothing but a MEGA LIE similar to that of the Federal Reserve System's usurpation of our government through its counterfeiting of currency and fractional usury lending practices -- all of which are unconstitutional, yet authorized by another branch of the Illuminati called the U.S. Congress.

Like the NSA and the rest of the Nazi formulated Intel community in this country, the FBI has become nothing but an Illuminati pawn which is now attempting to destroy the United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights. The FBI has many excuses for its flagrant violations of the Bill of Rights, however, most of which would never hold up in a court of law. Especially the remote forms of satellite based torture that the Bureau routinely commits against those whom it victimizes in such ways.

Such crimes are only further punctuated when one considers the FBI agents' propensity for committing perjury under oath. The best quotation in regard to just how dishonest the FBI is in American courtrooms was made by the ecoactivist whom the FBI targeted for years for COINTELPRO, and eventually attempted to murder by blowing up her car; the late Judi Bari.

"These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form."

-- EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari

The PNAC/Bush Administration's Propaganda Machine

The White House Iraq Group

What can the American people do when it is their own terrorist government that is conducting a covert terrorist operation done in which to disenfranchise them of their rights as U.S. citizens, and under the pretense of protecting them by waging a precedent setting, yet fraudulent war on terror?

What is perhaps most troubling here is the Illuminati's post 9-11 subversion of the U.S. Federal Government, and its use of the FBI to orchestrate the organized stalking crimes which myriad American citizens are not only reporting, but also forming groups in which to combat.

Yet few of these citizens still appear to realize that the FBI is in fact a major component in such egregious violations of their rights as Americans -- once again, under the Bush Administration's pretense of a war on terror; this insidious piece of black propaganda made popular by the public relations people whom George W. Bush himself put together to promote the Illuminati's final act in destroying the United States Constitution -- The White House Iraq Group.

This is also why the Bureau now endorses the communal organized stalking crimes which are taking place around the United States, and why not one target of organized stalking has ever gotten any help when contacting the FBI.

Simply put, criminals are not about to help those whom they victimize, and this is especially true when taking into consideration the cadre of evil minded misanthropes who take up space at the FBI. There can no longer be any question that the FBI is playing a major role in initiating these hate crimes against Americans, while using groups of completely brainwashed citizens who routinely spout off the *White House Iraq Group's propaganda in which to perpetrate these crimes -- something the FBI can later hold against these people should it find the need to.

*Given their own ignorance, it is highly unlikely that those taking part in the crime of organized stalking have ever even heard of the White House Iraq Group, or understand its primary function as propaganda minister for the Bush Administration.

Throughout its history, the FBI has encouraged its informants to break laws (what are organized stalkers but citizens who are being used as FBI snitches and whom through their organized stalking of others are in fact committing serious crimes).

And as we have seen in the case of former FBI agents John Connolly and Lin DeVecchio, FBI agents have in the past aided and abetted the murders of a number of organized crime members by their rivals, while in some cases allowing innocent men to be prosecuted for the murders of these people. All while the FBI protected the snitches who were actually involved in the murders.

It would appear from my own experiences as well as those of many others targeted for the crime of organized stalking, that these "FBI snitches" are also being protected by the FBI and our own state and local police. A further sign of the "Brown Shirt" syndrome which once plagued Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich, and which has now become a major problem with the United States as well as many other countries.

And while Lin DeVecchio may have gotten away with his crimes when the FBI covertly interfered in his trial, former special agent John Connolly was not so fortunate; after three decades Connolly was eventually prosecuted -- no thanks to the Boston FBI, who covered up for him.

Moreover, through such blatant acts of treasonous criminality, the FBI has demonstrated time and again that as long as it exists, the Bureau will always be a threat to the basic human rights afforded to Americans by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

And I can think of no better reason for why the FBI should with extreme prejudice, be abolished as quickly as possible.

Also notice in the following article how the media is very careful to suggest FBI abuse of its spying technologies, yet literally walking on the proverbial eggshell in avoiding any direct accusations in regard to how the FBI is using electronic eavesdropping equipment (despite its denials of using such equipment -- who in their right mind would ever believe statements made by the FBI when it comes to their use as a domestic spy secret police organization? Many TI's report being stalked by these planes the minute they leave their homes -- at least we now know that many of these are in fact being piloted by FBI and Homeland Security agents).

'Nightstalkers' track terror suspects
Friday, March 14, 2003 Posted: 2352 GMT ( 7:52 AM HKT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The FBI has a fleet of aircraft, some equipped with night surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, flying America's skies to track and collect intelligence from suspected terrorists.

The FBI will not provide exact figures on the planes and helicopters, but more than 80 are in the skies. There are several planes, known as "Nightstalkers," equipped with infrared devices that allow agents to track people and vehicles in the dark.

Other aircraft are outfitted with electronic surveillance equipment so agents can pursue listening devices placed in cars, in buildings and even along streets, or listen to cell phone calls. Still others fly photography missions, although officials would not describe precise capabilities.

The FBI, which has made counterterror its top priority since Sept. 11, 2001, has sharply increased its use of aircraft.

"You want to watch activity, and you want to do it discreetly. You don't want to be sitting around in cars," said Weldon Kennedy, a former FBI deputy director who retired in 1997 after 33 years with the bureau. "Aviation is one way to do that. You don't need to get close to that person at all."

Some critics say the surveillance technology further blurs the boundaries on domestic spying. They point to a 2001 case in which the Supreme Court found police had engaged in an unreasonable search by using thermal imaging equipment to detect heat lamps used to grow marijuana plants indoors.

"The cop on the beat now has Superman's X-ray eyes," said Barry Steinhardt, director of the technology and liberty program at the American Civil Liberties Union. "We need to fundamentally rethink what is a reasonable expectation of privacy."

All 56 FBI field offices have access to aircraft, piloted by FBI agents who have other investigative duties as well. Most aircraft are propeller-driven civilian models, favored for their relatively slow speed and unobtrusive appearance.

Legally, no warrants are necessary for the FBI to track cars or people from the air. Law enforcement officials need warrants to search homes or to plant listening devices or monitor cell phone calls -- and that includes when the listener is flying in an airplane.

A senior FBI official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the FBI does not do flyovers to listen to telephone calls and gather electronic data from random citizens in hopes the data will provide leads. Rather, the planes are used to follow specific individuals, some of whom may already have been bugged or for whom the FBI has a warrant to listen to cell phone calls.

Still, the idea of an FBI air force gives at least some people pause.

The FBI will not disclose where the planes are being used. This month, however, in the college town of Bloomington, Ind., residents spotted a Cessna aircraft flying overhead at roughly the same times every day for more than a week. After first issuing denials, local FBI agents admitted it was their plane, involved in a terrorism investigation.

FBI officials also were quick to say it was not doing electronic eavesdropping.

"There should be no concern that the aircraft is doing anything other than assisting with physical surveillance," said FBI agent James Davis.

The FBI has been using airplanes since 1938, when an agent in a Stinson monoplane helped stop an extortion attempt that involved a payoff package thrown from a moving passenger train. The first major deployment happened in 1975 during the investigation of the killings of two FBI agents at the sprawling Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The program has been particularly useful in investigations of organized crime and drug trafficking. Mobsters who suspected their homes and telephones were bugged frequently held meetings in moving cars, not realizing that bugs also were placed there and were being monitored from the air.

Aircraft are now seen as ideal in the FBI's domestic war on terror. FBI Director Robert Mueller said last year there was a 60 percent increase in field office requests for airplanes in the year after the September 11 attacks, with almost 90 percent of air missions now dedicated to surveillance.

"You don't have a criminal case. You don't necessarily have a terrorism case. You want to know what they are doing, who their associates are, who they are meeting with," retired agent Kennedy said. "Surveillance is going to have a pretty big role in that."

Congress approved this year a $20 million increase in the FBI's aviation budget but denied a request for two new Black Hawk helicopters. It also ordered the bureau to develop a master plan for its aviation program.I

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