Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maryland Court Rules That Teen Roughed Up By Psycho Cop Can Sue For Assault -- It's About Time That These New World Order Thugs Were Challenged

In post 9-11 America the New World Order's "Mercenary Squad" (formerly our police force) are taking advantage of their new found authoritarianism by intimidating in the extreme, any person who does not conform (quite literally in a robotic sense) to their New World Order dictates under that piece of toilet paper known as the Patriot Act.

The Nazi idealized Patriot Act is largely responsible for allowing for such abuses by federal, state and local police, of our basic rights under the U.S. Constitution, and why this piece of PNAC-BUSHIT authorized legislation will eventually be repealed.

In a day and age where cops will gang up on a citizen and then sodomize that citizen in broad daylight with the antenna end of a walkie talkie, it is clear that these deranged and vicious reprobates belong not in their present state of uniform, but instead in a bright orange color garb while residing behind bars.

Under the Bush Administration, America has become an Illuminati freak show of the most outrageous abuses of basic human rights ever documented. And those who are speaking out against these abuses are being demonized and suffering the most outrageous abuses of their inherent rights as citizens of this country, by U.S. Intel organizations like the FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS.

The New World Order, like it or not, has become a reality. And as such, will only further such abuses in the future, unless common sense prevails, and those who are entrusted to protect American citizens, yet abuse this trust, are severely punished and made examples of in efforts to end these Orwellian attacks on our persons.

The following *video is of a punk of a police officer who is a disgrace to both himself and any decent and law abiding officers who enforce the U.S. Constitution.

*Ironically, in this case the NWO's use of videocams and cellphones with minicameras just happened to record one of their own cops committing a crime. For those of you who think that the cellphone, much less the latest minicam phones which now dot the global landscape were created for your convenience, you might want to reconsider. These modern day minicam-phones are a very clever device which allows our New World Order controlled government to turn every person with one of these phones into a peeping Tom type of voyeur; a situation in which the NWO now has the global citizenry unwittingly spying on eachother.

I make note in particular of the fact that this is happening within the United States, since the former Constitutional Republic that the United States once was, had by the early part of the 19TH Century become such a threat to the tyrannical mindset and dictates of the monarchies controlled by the Illuminati, that they knew they had to find a way in which to destroy America.

That way turned out to be in the creation of treasonous organizations like the Federal Reserve System, the Council On Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Tavistock Group. Each of these Illuminati controlled entities has and continues to play a conspiratorial role in the systematic destruction of the United States and her people. The Illuminati have decimated our Constitutional Republic -- the best government ever created; and one which so threatened these Illuminists that they were forced to conspire to create a strategy in which to take the American people from within their own borders. Mind controlled cops like the maniac who assaulted this 14 year old kid are a byproduct of the Illuminati's destruction of our country.

So are the so called politicians whom we elect to represent our interests, yet who have clearly sold us out in favor of the Illuminati controlled U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex.

Listen to how this cop talks about this boy insulting his badge, his person, and his group of fellow mercenaries. If this cop is not a textbook example of the brainwashing which the police in the United States are subjected to, I don't know what is. His threatening demeanor is frightening as hell.

Moreover, his maniacal (almost mechanical) diatribe to the youth whom he assaults is not only typical of the type of brainwashing that the police are being subjected to in the modern day through their own training, but also a frightening example of how easily a cop can lose self control. This particular cop was quite literally twice the size of the 14 year old whom he first chastised and then physically assaulted.

This psycho is a bully who has a serious anger management problem. There was no reason for him to hit this boy, since the boy was absolutely doing nothing which was threatening to the officer or anyone else.

Fortunately, a Maryland Court has ruled that this youngster can now sue this lunatic cop for being so abusive. This lawsuit is extremely important because it will now open the door for further lawsuits to commence against those federal, state and local cops who think that they have the right to abuse the constitution as well as the rights that it affords all Americans.

Police officers, whether they work for the FBI, or state and local municipalities, are not above the same laws which they enforce. And this lawsuit will help to clarify this point in the future. If the police want to be treated with the respect that they believe they deserve, then they must act like police officers and enforce the constitutional rule of law in this country, while weeding out thugs like this lunatic cop.

The real problem with federal agencies like the FBI is that instead of having a few bad apples in the barrel, the whole damn barrel is rotten. Moreover, many former FBI agents will tell you that the Bureau's own interpretation of the letters FBI -- Fidelity Bravery & Integrity are in reality complete anathema to how this tyrannical secret police force really operates. The Fascist Bureau of Intimidation is a far more accurate depiction of what these miscreants are really all about -- catering to wealthy and criminal Illuminati like George W. Bush, while covertly attempting to murder a hard working paralegal like Angela Clemente, who exposed former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio for his complicity in the murder of 5 people. As for Bush, he has still never answered for the rape allegations made against him or the covert murder of the woman who made these allegations -- the late Margie Schoedinger.

A situation which the FBI was made aware of yet completely ignored -- especially since Schoedinger's lawsuit mentioned the possibility that several FBI agents took part in George W. Bush's repeated gangrape of Ms. Schoedinger, and the COINTELPRO style harassment of other members of her family in order to silence them.

The following video is a prime illustration of one of the New World Order's "Mercenary Squad" thugs d-e-m-o-n-strating his psychosis on a 14 year old skateboarder. This cop's complete disregard for the rights of this child as well as his abusive attitude are typical of the complete lack of self control that many of these New World Order mercenary thugs are complicit in, in the modern day.

You can see him provoking this kid from the moment the conversation begins, even though the boy was not acting in a threatening manner. This cop also stated that if the boy did not become more respectful he could end up dead.

However, this cop should take his own advice, since rogue cops like himself have been murdered by those whom they have intimidated in the past. And I speak in this case of a former schoolmate by the name of N. Bruce Mckay, a former police officer for the Fraconia, New Hampshire Police Department, with whom I went to high school back in the 1970's, and who was recently shot to death by a man whom Mckay was alleged to have targeted for such rogue abuse over a period of several years.

The shooter, a man by the name of Liko Kenney, the cousin of Olympic skier Bodie Miller, had often complained about Mckay's targeting of his person for harassment. And this harassment escalated to the point where Kenny began carrying a firearm with him when driving, for protection against Mckay. The end result was that both Mckay and Kenney were senselessly murdered because of Mckay's rogue-style, and Kenney's naturally high strung nature.

Why do cops propagate such rogue behavior? Because like their FBI counterparts, they know that they will rarely if ever be held accountable for their crimes.

As for the FEDS, in a day and age where these sick bastards are are using Echelon to videotape men, women and children within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, it has become apparent that these cops are depraved and have no interest in abiding by the constitutional rule of law. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and made an example of so that others within the criminal justice system understand that if they get caught perpetrating these crimes, they are going to prison.

These federal cops need to stay the hell out of our homes and minds before they act as a catalyst for a civil revolution in this country; one which given the present climate of governmental deceit, as well as the covert satellite predation that the FBI and NSA are perpetrating against myriad Americans, is a very real possiblity somewhere down the road.

Moreover, there's nothing worse than a dirty cop who thinks that he or she is above the law. And in modern day America, the premier law enforcement agency in this country, the FBI is loaded with such dirty cops. Those who not only take no responsibility for their crimes, but attempt to destroy those whose rights they violate so egregiously.

And this lack of accountability has only continued to breed further abuses which now include federal agencies like the NSA and FBI using spy satellites in which to track Americans by way of our own unique bio electromagnetic fields, while using many of us for non consensual human experimentation.

These so called cops are nothing but New World Order criminals who anonymously commit their crimes of predation through the infrared spectrum; crimes which include the illegal spying of, as well as the covert torture and murder of their victims by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry.

It is time to hold the police in the United States: federal, state and local officials alike, to the standard which they claim to emulate; yet rarely live up to.

For if they actually lived up to the standard which they claim to adhere to, Americans would not be satellite tracked by way of their own bio electromagnetic fields, in what is an abject violation of their rights under the U.S. Constitution; nor roughed up by scoundrels like the mental midget in the following video, who thinks smacking down a kid half his size is acceptable behavior.

This cop should try sparring with someone of his own considerable girth. However, this coward obviously prefers beating up on those who cannot possibly defend themselves against him. As for his comment about the boy's parents' use of corporal punishment to make their point; this is a further indication of just how screwed up this cop is. Moreover, any parent who hits their child is guilty of child abuse, and instilling within their children the concept that violence is OK; when in fact it is clearly wrong. It is also hypocritical of a parent to hit a child, then to admonish that child when they use violence as an answer to conflict. We live in an Illuminati controlled matrix of such a society in which the elite attempt to impose their so called sense of ethics on the Proletariate, when in reality it is these Illuminsts who are far more immoral and unethical than those whom they ostracize for failing to kowtow to such dictates.

Officer Ribieri's conduct unbefitting of a police officer:


Another complainant surfaces in regard to having been abused by Officer Ribieri:

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