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Is NSA "Insider" James Bamford The "Real Deal" Or A Disinformation Artist For The National Security Agency?

He's portrayed by the media as a crusader of the truth. And with the publication of his third book on the abjectly secretive National Security Agency one might imagine that James Bamford is amongst the pantheon of government whistleblowers who seek to protect Americans from the general perversion of the covert goings on with the U.S. Intelligence community.

That is at first glance.

Yet, while there's no question that Bamford's extensive research on the NSA has certainly made him far more knowledgeable about the agency's history as information gatherer and propagator of clandestine operations, some serious questions remain in regard to James Bamford's veracity. Especially as they concern his reticence in discussing the NSA's global eyes and ears -- a vast satellite spy network based out of Fort Meade, Maryland and Menwith Hill, England, which the NSA has codenamed as Echelon.

While Bamford's work has made him a darling of the U.S. Media, he has never given the public information which even remotely describes the extent to which the NSA is spying on Americans, much less the rest of the planet. Moreover, to my knowledge he has never once mentioned the lawsuit which former NSA insider John St. Clair Akwei filed against the National Security Agency in the early 1990's; nor has he ever discussed the NSA's illegal use of satellite predation in which to remotely torture and murder American citizens within the privacy of their own homes, by way of classified directed energy weaponry.

As targets of the NSA's illegal operations, John Akwei as well as myself and several others who've been used by the NSA for non consensual human experimentation, have documented this information; information which includes the NSA's use of computer to brain link technology in which to remotely access and monitor the neuronal pathways of the human brain.

However, the U.S. media has chosen to ignore our harrowing experiences, while we are neutralized with extreme prejudice by federal agencies like the NSA, FBI and Department Of Homeland Security. All of whom remain complicit in a cover up which is not only treasonously criminal, but also remains as the greatest scandal in human history -- yet one which is for the most part completely unknown to the American people, the direct result of a criminal and treasonous conspiracy by our own federal government in which to obscure the NSA's abuse of its Signals Intelligence operations.

The bottom line here is that these agencies are attempting to make those of us who document their insidious crimes against humanity appear as being mentally unstable in efforts to discredit us, while they continue to blatantly sell their MEGA LIES to the American public.

This while we and our own families are being subjugated to constant psychological warfare designed to make us "snap" under the extreme pressure that we are forced to endure, while these Illuminati whores attempt to cover up their outrageous crimes through the use of such operations as well as numerous forms of calumny.

There is no due process of law in our situations because it is the U.S. Federal Government who is complicit in the most serious crimes against us, and now abusing their authority in outright forms of tyranny in which to obscure these crimes.

These so called officials are nothing but treasonous cowards who have absolutely no accountability for their crimes, while shamelessly covering up for a Nazi run Intelligence community that has become an egregious threat to the entire human race.

A government that tracks you by way of your own EMF field in violation of your 4TH Amendment rights, while using you for non consensual experimentation, is in and of itself a crime against humanity. And that is exactly what the U.S. Federal Government has become, shamelessly demonizing those whose inherent rights as citizens of this country it has wantonly violated in order to obscure its own treasonous crimes.

U.S. Intel is a blight on the human race. Moreover, it has the Department Of Justice and Congress, as well as the media system in this country obscuring its crimes from the public, which is only serving to fuel the PNAC-Bush Administrations' War On Terror MEGA LIE!

The PNAC/Bush Administrations' "War On Terror" is at the height of this treasonous campaign in which to disenfranchise the American middle class of their inherent rights as U.S. citizens.

We are no longer dealing with an honest government nor law enforcement. And this means that we are each on our own to learn about these treasonous crimes and to exercise our 1ST Amendment rights in which to expose them. Those who fail to do so must bear the responsibility for allowing these government traitors to get away with the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic.

What I am talking about here is class warfare occurring within the United States of America. This is the wealthy against the Proletariat. And when I say wealthy I am not talking about a multimillionaire here, who represents the upper middle class of this country. I am talking about the upper class. The super rich billionaires who spend more money in an afternoon shopping spree than most Americans will make in their entire lifetimes.

I am referring to those who decide what our country's economic and international policies will be. Those who control the military industrial intelligence media complex in the United States. Those whose lackeys include political families like Bush, Rockefeller and the Clintons.

These Illuminists believe in genocide, eugenics and that they are masters of the universe. They believe that it is within their purview to disenfranchise any American citizen of their Constitutional rights on a whim. However, our forefathers did not fight to establish the greatest government on this planet, so that some rich aristocrats could screw the rest of us out a country that was created for all people. The Illuminati want to turn America into another monarchy. And they are using ever dirty trick in the book in which to do so.

Don't let them get away it. Don't let them steal this country away from you. America belongs to us.

Over the past two years, former NSA agent Russell Tice was quoted as saying that he had information in regard to crimes committed by the NSA in regard to its spying of American citizens, which was going to shock the public. However, Tice never had the opportunity in which to tell us exactly what he knew, because he was quickly set upon by the FBI and its Nazi minded pit bulls, whom to my knowledge have been stalking and threatening him with legal action should he promulgate the specifics in regard to these crimes publicly.

I have a strong suspicion that what Russ Tice was referring to here was the same information that John St. Clair Akwei included in his lawsuit against the NSA back in the early 1990's. In particular the NSA's use of Signals Intelligence in which to electronically brand every American citizen by way of their own bio electromagnetic field, which it then uses as a tracking device. A situation in which the NSA completely circumvents our rights under the United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Any federal agent caught taking part in these crimes of satellite predation should be prosecuted and executed for their role in such crimes against humanity; sending a clear message to the Nazi contingent within U.S. Intel, that we are not going to watch them propagate another Holocaust in our country.

It is these so called federal agents who are the real terrorists here, while displaying a propensity for deception that is in itself without precedent.

And for those who believe that the NSA has for the most part been operating legally I refer to the UK/USA Treaty of 1948; an agreement which would ultimately give the 1952 created NSA and several other countries, including those within the United Kingdom, the ability to exchange intelligence information with one another on their own citizens. In this case the NSA would spy on the UK while UK Intel spied on Americans, and the two would then exchange information, while completely circumventing the constitutional rights of each of the citizens in their respective countries.

So there is no question that the NSA has been illegally spying on Americans since its inception.

As for James Bamford, in a recent interview his reticence in regard to discussing the NSA's Echelon satellite spy network (the real Big Brother of George Orwell's anti Utopian novel 1984) remains a contentious issue.

So I again ask, is James Bamford a legitimate NSA expositor, or like Bob Woodward and myriad other media posers, just a shill being used for the express purpose of circulating the U.S. Intel community's own black propaganda?

More commentary on this here:

Clinton White House Abuse Of U.S. Intel Spying


Also see the following article on the Clinton Administration's utilization of U.S. Intel to commit domestic espionage. Many people believe that the Clinton White House was responsible for American prosperity and that the only major incidents: White Water, Vince Foster, and Monica Lewinsky, were the only problems in an otherwise well run administration.

In reality, the Clinton White House was just as criminal as the Bush White House, which should furnish Americans serious cause for concern given President Elect Barack Obama's recent appointment of Hillary Clinton as his Secretary Of State. If Obama wanted an honest cabinet, he sure made a big "mistake" in choosing Hillary Clinton for this post -- one which he and unfortunately the rest of the American middle class will come to regret in time.

However, the following article blames Bill Clinton for all of the corruption and incompetence within the NSA and CIA, when in truth, these agencies have been Nazi driven from their inception, and completely treasonous in their function. And as long as they exist, the American middle class will be treated like dirt, while these agencies cater to the wealthy Illuminati run organizations; including the well heeled Federal Reserve System and the hierarchy which controls the banking industry within the United States.

It is these agents of the Illuminati who want to turn the Proletariat into slaves. They want you back in a feudal system where you are so indebted to them, that you literally end up as an indentured servant. And given the present economic woes in the United States most of the American middle class is nearly at that point now.

How Clinton Turned U.S. Intelligence Into a Cash Cow
Charles R. Smith
Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001
In 1993, terrorists linked to Osama bin Laden bombed the World Trade Center in New York City. In response, Bill Clinton turned the massive resources of the U.S. intelligence community away from national security and instead focused on commercial espionage.

The Clinton administration did not consider Russia, China or Osama bin Laden to be a threat against the United States. Instead, Bill Clinton considered the economic threat of losing global contracts to our allies in Europe to be the greatest evil.

The Clinton emphasis on commercial espionage became public in 1994 when then CIA Director John Deutch announced that electronic intercepts of a Saudi prince gave Boeing a major contract.

According to Deutch, the National Security Agency had recorded phone calls between a Saudi prince and European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The NSA intercepts suggested the Saudi prince was being bribed by Airbus over a multibillion-dollar airliner contract.

Deutch revealed to NBC news that the NSA recordings were provided to the Saudi government, which then promptly arrested the prince and awarded the billion-dollar contract to Boeing.

Boeing was not the only U.S. firm to take advantage of commercial espionage data provided by the Clinton administration. Another heavily documented case involves U.S. electronics maker Motorola and exports to China. This case, however, points directly at Bill Clinton.

USA v. UK -- The Battle of Bucks

In 1993, Motorola hired Clinton national security advisor Dr. Richard Barth to be a lobbyist inside Washington. Barth, who then worked alongside now CIA Director George Tenet, was a key member of the Clinton NSC White House staff. Barth was so important that Tenet wrote to him personally, trying to convince Barth to stay inside the White House.

"Barthman. Why are you leaving me?" asked Tenet in a 1993 White House e-mail. "Do you want my job? My wife? My 1974 Camaro? This place will suck eggs without you to keep me sane."

Despite the emotional appeal by George Tenet, Barth left the White House to take a six-figure job with Motorola. In 1994, Barth returned to the White House, this time as a Motorola employee. Interestingly, Barth now sought to export sophisticated electronic scrambling devices to China.

"European firms have for a number of months been able to market and sell encryption in China as a result of a decision taken by the UK intelligence agency, GCHQ," wrote Barth in a 1994 letter directed to the White House.

"I understand that our National Security Agency is aware of this change in GCHQ's position and would support our request for a change in US requirements for export licenses for China. The NSA has agreed that there should be a 'level playing field' in regard to China."

The Barth letter clearly illustrates that the Clinton administration was involved in an intelligence food fight with our allies in Europe. The UK intelligence agency GCHQ was now pitted against its U.S. counterpart, the NSA, in an export battle for bucks. Instead of cooperation in tracking known terrorists and global threats, the two agencies were now fighting each other at the behest of corporate profiteers.


Most Americans do not even know of the National Security Agency, much less the super-secret British GCHQ. I find it interesting indeed that the National Security Agency, well known for keeping its mouth shut, would spill its guts to an ex-NSC member employed in the commercial sector.

How did Barth know British GCHQ had changed its position? Who in the NSA told him there should be a "level playing field" for Motorola exports to China? How did Barth obtain this data for his company? No one in the NSA, GCHQ or Motorola will say, and Barth has so far declined to be interviewed.

The battle between Atlantic allies continued through 1994 and well into 1995. The documents from Barth clearly show that Motorola sought to export more than just scrambled radios to communist China. Barth's request included radiation-hardened electronics that are quite useful in nuclear combat.

Barth's correspondence also shows that President Clinton was directly involved.

"This is to request that your office initiate action to obtain a waiver from requirements for individual export license notifications to Congress for wireless mobile communications systems containing encryption for China," wrote Barth in a letter addressed to the State Department, dated Nov. 23, 1994.

"Such a waiver was issued by the President in September of this year for civilian satellite systems and encrypted products for use by American firms operating in China. Finally, while we now are not yet applying for licenses for encrypted systems for satellite positioning, we may within months be applying for such licenses for our IRIDIUM systems," noted Barth in his letter.

Barth's letter noteed that Motorola sought to export sophisticated scrambled satellite control systems to Beijing, the same kind of hardened electronics that are now installed inside Chinese nuclear bombs aimed at America.

Yet, Motorola had far more than Barth and the NSA inside the Clinton White House.

Motorola's CEO flew with Ron Brown on a Far East trade mission in 1994. Motorola's Hong Kong VP had coffee in the White House in 1996 with President Clinton.

In fact, Motorola's CEO had dinner with Chinese President Jiang Zemin and President Clinton inside the White House.

No small company could match the high-paying lobby jobs, the Commerce trips to China, the inside information from U.S. and British intelligence, the White House coffees or the state dinners.

Motorola played a game of musical chairs, with the players occasionally changing titles on six-figure jobs as they rotated from industry to bureaucracy to political staff and back again.

Presidential Waiver

Yet, there is final proof that corporate profits overrode global national security inside the previous administration. The Motorola story ends on a classic Clinton note, with a single letter written to Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.

"Dear Ron," wrote Motorola CEO Gary Tooker in July 1995. "I am writing to thank you and some key members of the Commerce Department for your assistance in obtaining the Presidential waiver for encryption export sales to China."

The 1995 Motorola letter is proof positive that Bill Clinton is directly responsible for the present-day U.S. intelligence disaster. Bill Clinton turned America's spy network into a personal cash cow, aimed at pleasing big-dollar contributors instead of protecting the free world.

If any single person is responsible for the sad state of our NSA and CIA today, it is Bill Clinton.
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